About Us


  • The main aim of Vlogit can be defined as covering all the best places in Gurgaon that have some specialty or something different to offer to the audience. The best of all places are covered. The best of all places have been shortlisted by Vlogit.
  • Vlogit aims at covering the place, the food, the fun stuff and experience in the form of video. The video serves much better than the still photographs.
  • To boost the consumer experience on the whole: by letting the people know how would they get benefit from the place. There are so many hidden treasures in here that many of us are unable to know how much we are missing and how many facilities are actually there for our rescue.
  • Vlogit reviews the complete experience of the place. The entire ambiance and the food is covered in the review. Completely Authentic and unbiased reviews are written on the website.

Gurgaon (officially Gurugram), has been the leading financial and industrial hub that attracts lots of immigrants from all over the country. Since the recent past few years, Gurgaon has continued to amaze us with its unique ability to come up with something new every single time. Well, we definitely need a cover to keep the track of what the city is up to nowadays.

Our team at Vlogit has taken up an initiative to keep the track of Gurgaon. Vlogit believes that the era of still photography is past us. So for a better understanding, a 60-second video is a much better solution for the problem. In the video, we try to cover up everything the place has to offer and how exactly that place can add value to our lives.

Vlogit covers all the food joints, activities, events, segments of lifestyle and fashion. All of them have a huge impact on our lives.

To be explained the much simpler terms Vlogit takes up the information from the sellers and gives it away to the prospective buyers that are looking forward to the same exact information.

Food Joints in Gurgaon

Vlogit has started it’s journey by covering the eateries that have continued to steal our hearts for a very long time.  The old restaurants who have maintained their place via the quality of food and the mouth-watering taste of the same.

On the other hand, not only the old but we try to cover the new eateries which are still to be tested by the people of Gurgaon. In the video, we try to bring you as close as the actual experience of actually being at the restaurant.

The ambiance,  the locality, the arrangement everything is covered. Besides that, Vlogit aims at covering the main attraction and the specialty of the place. Our main focus is the best dish that the place has and what makes it actually stand out than others.

Discovering all the food starting from, street food to the high-end restaurants, from purely vegetarians to hardcore non-vegetarian dishes, from the open air barbeque to the barbeque on the wheels, we try to cover everything.

Activities in Gurgaon

Besides showcasing all the food in Gurgaon, Vlogit is trying to cover all the activities all over Gurgaon. all work, no play makes Jack a dull boy. So overall improvement is an important element to consider growing up.

There are plenty of options available but maybe we are unaware of some as well. Vlogit has tried to provide the information related to all the options available.

After a long week of work, everyone deserves some part of fun and enjoyment. We are here to bring you all the options that you would love to plan a weekend upon.

A fun outing like going off-roading, treasure hunt, trampoline jump or just visiting the library to feed mind the knowledge we got you all the options.

Just watch the 60 seconds video and decide for yourself how would you like to treat yourself.

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