Al Matam Al Iraqui Lalamshuyyat “Afghani Restaurant” Gurgaon

Are you looking for an authentic place to eat Afghani food? Are you a bonafide fan of Non-Vegetarian and think Gurgaon is the death of places where you can just chill and hang out with your friends? Well, do not worry! Afghani Shawarma is the place of your needs. Delicious food, as well as beverages, and an astonishing ambience feels like you are at a home, without a fault every time that too at a very reasonable price. They have an open kitchen and make in front of you. It’s extremely subtle and rich in taste. This place also serves up a variety of vegetarian delicacies cooked to perfection.

  The actual name of the restaurant is Al Matam Al Iraqui Lalamshuyya which means” What Iraqi did for life”.

Afghani Restaurant Ambience

The ambience of the restaurant is mellow and cozy. when you enter the restaurant you can smell the aroma of roasted chicken. They grill all the dishes on the charcoal. They have an open
Air the kitchen outside the restaurant and make food in front of your eyes. You can also take away or either they can accommodate ten to fifteen people. We would suggest it for small families and’s homey ambience adds to the comfort the moment you step in.
The flavor of the food remains intact. The Mutton Kebab and chicken korma are to die for.

Afghani Restaurant Video

Afghani Restaurant Best Dishes

Chicken Korma

Chicken Korma is a traditional dish that is made with tomato paste and lots of spices and cream that is completely delicious. They first cooked briskly, or seared, using high heat and then they do slow cooking using moist heat. Afghani Shawarma presents you with the best afghani food in Gurgaon.

Mutton Tikka

Are you even an Indian if you don’t purge on non-veg from street vendors? Afghani shawarma has one of the best mutton tikkas than those from expensive ones sold on high-end restaurants.

Tandoori Chicken

You don’t love chicken if you don’t embrace tandoori chicken. They finely grill it on the stove with charcoal in it. They were definitely hot and tasty and tasted so well with the condiments delivered with it.

Egg Plant

Afghani Shawarma has a combination of deeply flavored, roasted eggplant slices, tomato slices to create a delicious plate of eggplant. It is the only foremost dish for the people who are vegetarians.
It is a large, firm eggplant with smooth skin.

Afghani Restaurant Location

If you want to locate the afghani shawarma place let me help you with that it is not available on google. It is near to the gurudwara and in the range of 150 meters away. It is just near to the shwarma cafe. The board there is written in the Afghani language.

It is located opposite Medanta, Near SBI city, Medicity, Jharsa Road, Gurugram, Haryana 122003.
Contact Details: 7289015104


Can we take away the food?

Yes, you can take away the food.

Is vegetarian food available?

Yes, they provide vegetarian food.

Are they use Indian spices?

Yes, they use Indian spices.

Is the food freshly prepared?

Yes, they make fresh food.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is parking outside the alley.


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