Aunty Ki Rasoi, Sector 56, Huda Market, Gurgaon

Aunty Ki Rasoi, Gurgaon also recognized as Aunty ki Chicken epitomizes the home cooked food that you can have when away from home.

There are not a lot of places in Gurgaon that serve home cooked non-vegetarian dishes, this place feeds the appetite that Gurgaon people have after staying away from home for quite a while period of time.

The food cooked here has a very homely feel you get the flavors you’d get from home cooked food along with the lots of love.

Video of Aunty Ki Rasoi, Sector 56, Gurugram:

Details about Aunty ka Chicken, Sector 56, Gurgaon:

Location Huda Market, Sector 56, Gurgaon
Contact 8287618246
Google location
Specialty Mutton Curry
Opening Hours  05:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Home Delivery  Not Available
Price  Approx. ₹300 for two people


Aunty Ki Rasoi Menu Pictures:

Aunty ka Chicken, Sector 56, Huda Market, Gurgaon

More about Aunty Ki Rasoi

Aunty ki Rasoi has all the elements of the small simple business that provides the taste of home cooked meal away from home. The non-vegetarian dishes prepared here are wholesome and served with Tawa Rotis.

This eating spot in HUDA market, sector 56 is a great spot for working individuals in Gurgaon who are really craving home-cooked mutton curry or chicken curry.

Aunty Ki Rasoi is situated among other eateries but still has a different charm of its own. A motherly figure cooking meals for you are surely going to bring out the love factor of the dishes.

This Eatery symbolizes that a meal is never exceptional until it’s cooked with love and Aunty Ki Rasoi sure does the justice with Gurgaon on this.

The recipes and method of cooking are simple and subtle. The bread (Tawa Rotis) offered along with the curries is simple too. Although, the warmth of ‘Aunty’ would certainly make you affectionate towards this special eatery and you’d definitely be dragged by your heart to visit here again.

The meals at Aunty Ki Rasoi are cooked in basic spices and thus are not that heavy on your stomach but are surely going to give you a burst of flavors on your tongue.

The menu is also short and concise and consists of the famous Mutton Curry and Chicken Curry accompanied by Tawa Rotis. The menu caters only to the non-vegetarians.

It’s a must for all the non-vegetarian lovers in Gurgaon. It falls into the category of those food items that one can eat on a daily basis but never be bored by the taste of it.

This small eatery is not only serving food but memories on a plate reminding you of your younger yourself fooling around in the kitchen while mom used to prepare her special mutton/chicken curry.

Vlogit Gurgaon has been to many restaurants that serve a multitude of non-vegetarian main courses but nothing makes a cut to the home cooked styled mutton/chicken curry that Aunty makes here.

Along with all of her motherly care and love in these simple dishes, the dishes come out to be extraordinary.

The people we met at the spot our Hard Working Gurgaon Executives also had high words in praise for Aunty Ki Rasoi or Aunty ka Chicken whatever you feel like calling.

As inviting and invigorating the name Aunty ki Rasoi is the meals offered here pass that name and can be called near to ‘Maa ka Chicken’.



  1. deepika chandela Reply

    one of the best non- veg like home. I have had every week I go there when I got sudden cravings for non- veg and delicious food perfect spice awesome flavor…nice rasoi 😋

  2. srasti gupta Reply

    Staying away from home here in gurgaon is really difficult at times. I feel homesick quite often and especially miss the homemade food. I was really not feeling good one day and wanted to have some comfort food to cheer up my mood. My friend uses this page quite often to find out some amazing restaurants in gurgaon and he asked me to browse through this page to find out some place which might cheer me up. After noticing the name of this place i was keen to know more about it as it had a homely feel to it. I opened the video posted along with the address and was really happy to see that this place makes food just like home. I was instantly hungry and knew what i wanted to have for dinner that night. The taste really lived upto my expectations and i was more than happy and thankful to vlogit for finding this gem of a place and sharing it with everyone.

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