Top Badminton Academies In Gurgaon

To find the best badminton academy in Gurgaon is a little tough task for you, this we understand very well. But unlike the other sports badminton too needs special attention & focus to excel the art.

Badminton was invented during the British India era but other European nations like Denmark & Spain also entered in the sports & made a dominating presence of their own.

However later the Asian countries like China dominated the game & it’s still very dominated by them.

Badminton is very popular in the Asian region. And it has become popular in India too all thanks to champs like Sania Nehwal, PV Sindhu.

Since 1992, badminton has been a Summer Olympic sport with four events: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles, with mixed doubles, added four years later.

To idolise the best in the game is superb but with that one has to be very determined & focus to reach the level of their stars and that’s why we have covered the finest badminton academy in Gurgaon.

To choose the best badminton academy in Gurgaon there can be several aspects such as what kind of services they have, how many coaches are present, what is the location etc. But we have covered it all, so sit back and make the best of this list.

1. Flow Sports Life

flow life sportsWhen finding the top badminton academy in Gurgaon, you’ll always see the name of flow badminton academy in the list.

Why? Well, it’s simple, the number of elements they give to their students set them apart from the others in the town.

The academy offers a lot of facilities to their students such as the experienced coaches, with that they have various levels for the kids like level 1, level 2 & advanced level, then they have 6 indoor courts which are badminton world federation certified wooden floorings. These floorings are injury-free!

Besides this, the academy has the standard ceiling height for major tournaments. More details about Flow Sports Life

2. Spuddy Badminton Academy

spuddy badminton academySpuddy Badminton Academy is in sector 48 of Gurgaon & this academy has got 3 badminton courts for a different game of singles & doubles. The floor is slip-resistant, so chances of injuries are less. 

There will be no interruption in the game as the courts are indoors and there’s no chance of wind coming in. Since it makes a cut in our list so you can rely on the coaching experience of this academy. 

Besides everything they provide overall CCTV cameras for security, gives locker rooms, shower facility is available too at Spuddy Badminton Academy. Get to know about Spuddy Badminton Academy

3. Play All Badminton Academy

play all badminton academyPlay All Badminton Academy is deeply focused to give their students the best of the badminton sports. The academy has got wooden courts, proper lighting, changing rooms & good ventilation space.

You can get national-level coaches with NIS certification along with nutrition experts. The arena has LED lighting to give you a proper view of the indoor courts.

You can either take full proper coaching or you can even play hourly there. One more good point about this academy is the membership point. In this, you can get a fixed slot throughout the month and much more!! More details of Play All Badminton Academy

4. Surjit Singh Badminton Academy

surjit singh badminton academySurjit Singh Badminton Academy has been a major name in Delhi. They have been ranked as 2nd as best badminton academy in Delhi by The academy aims at developing trained and healthy badminton players with a healthy lifestyle.

The coaches are very qualified 7 are located their various branches so that they can pass their skills to every student in the geographical area. The academy also facilitates foreign student interaction for better exposure.

The academy has produced some quality players for national, district & state level. Get full details of Surjit Singh Badminton Academy

5. JNS Sports Academy

jns sports academySports should be an integral part of our life to keep the fitness level up & high. JNS Sports Academy. This academy has been providing services to children & even adults for several sports & badminton is one of them.

Besides badminton, they provide coaching in other sports as well such as football, skating, cricket. In badminton, the academy provides 6 wooden courts along with coaches who are well dedicated to passing on the skills to young guns.

There’s another factor which makes it in or list was the availability of physio exercise like aerobics. Find more on JNS Sports Academy

Who can join the best badminton academy in Gurgaon?

When it comes to deciding factor for who can join the top badminton academy in Gurgaon, the answer is simply that of course anyone.

But academies are mainly important for those who love badminton to death & want to make the country feel proud. It is meant for young guns if they want to make a career in badminton. It’s for those who love the sport but want to stay fit & active.

Benefits of joining the best badminton academy in Gurgaon

There are various benefits of joining the best badminton academy in Gurgaon. One major benefit is the polishing of the skills to match the level of the professional ones.

If you will be guided under the trained coaches the outcome will be more productive for you. Trained coaches not only will guide to the technical process but will also help in those techniques which will able you to absorb the pressure.

FAQs for the best badminton academy in Gurgaon

Is the height required in badminton?

Being tall has definitely some advantage over shorter people, but if you believe that you can pull it off then there’s no stopping you.

How to choose the best badminton academy in Gurgaon?

Well, it all depends on the factor to which you want to give priority to. For some location might be the major factor. It could be fees, experience as well. So you as an end-user have to choose the academy from the list wisely.

What is the ideal age for learning badminton?

The minimum age should be 6-7 years for learning sports.

What kind of facilities does the best badminton academy in Gurgaon provide? 

Any well-reputed badminton academy will all sorts of facilities such as a proper court, shuttles, coaches etc.