Baljee Restaurant Sadar Bazar Gurgaon

Feel like having something extra fried and Indian dish? Baljee restaurant Sadar Bazar Gurgaon is here to satiate the carvings once and for all. Chole Bhature the authentic Punjabi dish has now made space in almost every Indian’s heart.

The antiquated restaurant in the heart of Gurugram/Gurgaon has come a long way to color our taste buds.

Video of Baljee Restaurant Sadar Bazar Gurgaon:

Details of Baljee Restaurant Sadar Bazar Gurgaon:

Location Sadar Market Gurgaon, Near Sohna Chowk
Contact 9810004500
Google location
Speciality Chole Bhature
Opening hours 8:00AM to 10:00PM
Home delivery Not available
Price     Approx. ₹ 200 for Two People

Baljee Restaurant Menu Pictures:

Baljee Restaurant, Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon

More About Baljee Restaurant

Serving since 1973, Baljee has gained mastery in the case of deeply fried bhature and loaded with different spices cooked in Indian way chole. The pure vegetarian, inexpensive restaurant in Gurgaon gives you an option of dining in or takeaway.

Baljee Restaurant has continued to amaze us by the quality that has been maintained ever since its creation. The specialty never fails to amaze us at all usually from wheat flour or soft flour (maida). 

Vlogit Gurgaon took an initiative to take the matter into their own hands and get a better idea of what Baljee Joint at Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon is all about. The experience was very well defined and added to the glories of the joint when the owner extended a very warm welcome to the guests.

The humble down to earth person extends salutation to everyone wholeheartedly. The staff in this place is not any less of a benevolent. Applauds and complaints both are accepted in a very candid manner at Baljee Restaurant in Gurgaon. The sitting area is a very regular sized and one can sit and have a decent meal.

The main attraction in Gurgaon of this place is Chole Bhature. The dish is the combination of boiled white chickpeas along with the combination of deep fried bread.

The dish is prepared by soaking chickpeas overnight and then roasting them in the Indian seasoning. No matter what the seasoning in the chole is, it is full of spices and brings out the authenticity of Indian culture. On the other hand, Bhatures are made the same as regular.

The Chole Bhature were cooked moderately up to the extent where one can taste all the flavours without overpowering one over the other. But the outstanding point at Baljee at Sadar Bazar is the quality and the taste is as good as the day of its inauguration.

The skill of preparation of Chole Bhature has passed on from generation to generation.

However, the location i.e in Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon has definitely done more harm than benefit to the marketing component of the eating joint. Maybe the branding part wasn’t given enough of the weight and thus it may have been considered as a disadvantage.

Notwithstanding the taste never fails to attract a major segment of the population. Other items to try out are samosa, Dahi Bhalla, bread pakora, gulab jamun, aloo tikki, rasmalai and sweet lassi.



  1. aakriti Reply

    Craving some delicious chole bhature then this is your place to go. Vlogit has really dug out this gem of a place for me to devour some very tasty chole bhature. I have been to this place and its absolutely marvelous would definitely recommend everyone to go here at least once.

  2. tripti varun Reply

    Baljee-”chole bhature” looks so delicious & yummy and mouth watering because of its plating style… i will definitely visit there and taste baljee – “chole bhature”. I am a big lover of chole bhatura’s and after watching this video rats are running in my stomach to eat chole bhature of baljee and mouth is craving to have a bite of this tasty looking chole bhatura’s. As baljee is the most famous shop for their unique taste of chole bhatura’s and it is a blessing for a chole bhatura”s lover to go and lick their fingers after having an amazing dish of baljee with the match of laasi in punjabi chole bhatura style… i am just hoping that it will be more delicious than i supposing it is to be. A very big thanks to vlogit you are here for us to taking out the best from the huge.

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