Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, Sector 4, Gurgaon

When it comes to one of the best of Mumbai, Pav Bhaji tops the list. Not only Mumbaikars love it but Pav bhaji has been the all-time favourite food among the north Indians as well. 

But just imagine the same taste in Gurgaon city? Yes, you guessed it, correct!.

So we got our hands on the Bombay Best Pav Bhaji stall which is in sector 4 of Gurgaon. This small stall is already winning the hearts of thousands of locals in Gurgaon. 

Pav bhaji usually consists of fresh pavs & bhaji is made up of a mixture of vegetables which are eventually mashed to give a gravy kind of look.

The dish originated in the 1850s as a fast lunchtime dish for textile mill workers in Mumbai.

Video of Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, Sector 4, Gurgaon

Details of Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, Sector 4, Gurgaon

Location Near Sector 4 Market, Sector 4, Gurugram, Haryana 122006
Contact 098103 92495
Google Location
Opening hours 2:45 pm-11:00 pm
Price ₹80

More About Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, Sector 4, Gurgaon

The Bombay Best Pav Bhaji stall is situated in sector 4 of Gurgaon for nearly 15 years. It has got a vast experience when it comes to cooking the dishes as well as serving them at a quick rate. 

Their Bhaji is topped with oodles of butter which is spicy and smooth yet you can experience the tanginess of ingredients on your taste buds. 

Bombay Best Pav Bhaji use the fresh pavs for their Pav Bhaji and serve with hot and spicy sabzi. A must try to all street food lovers. 

The preparations were also done in a different manner since they prepare the bhaji for their large customers base, they used all types of spices like the garam masala, pav bhaji masala etc in one go. The bhaji gets prepared delicious creamy butter.

Even the pavs get treatment, not only bhaji gets prepared in butter but pavs also get indulged in butter also pavs get stuffed with bhaji masala, giving it a different taste. 

The serving is done in a usual manner, the quantity of bhaji was more than sufficient topped with a slice of butter. With this, they provide onion salad & lemon to increase the bitterness of bhaji. 

Drooling already? Wait Bombay Best Pav Bhaji stall also serves Maharashtra’s famous bhelpuri, all garnished with veggies & spices. Another go-to snack they offer is Bengals famous jhalmuri.

Bombay Best Pav Bhaji set up the stall in open ground and the place has a proper sitting arrangement for people to gorge on their delicacies comfortably. The spot has a really nice ambience to it, not only friends but families also visit the stall. 

Parking is not an issue at Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, but if you’re planning on paying them a visit during the weekends please make sure to go there a little early because they’re usually out of stock out by 8 pm, they also start packing by 9 pm. So expect a crowd if you’re there in the evening. 

This is where you need to be if you simply can’t do without good street food.


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