Bounce Fitness, Star Mall, Gurgaon

Bounce Fitness is a newly opened Indoor Trampoline Park in Gurgaon. With a bed of trampolines to jump, various pits full of foam blocks to jump in, walls to climb upon, and ropes to swing what else would you need for a day filled with fun and laughter.

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Details of Bounce Fitness, Gurgaon

Location 2nd Floor, DLF Star Mall, Sector 30, Gurugram, Haryana 122001
Contact 098182 70099
Google Location
Opening hours 11am–10pm
Price Call for further details

More about Bounce Fitness, Gurgaon

Bounce Fitness is the perfect place to have the perfect amount of fun in the summer heat. Gurgaon summers can be a nightmare and having fun in the outdoors can be something you really want but not something you can easily do.

Bounce fitness bridges this gap for the people of G-Town. Having some fun and doing some physical exercise as well. The jumping around with your loved ones in an air-conditioned mall is something you can look forward too.

This indoor trampoline park has a lot of fun things to do apart from just jumping around. There is a basketball hoop hung up on one corner of the park which makes it fun for the people coming around to have a friendly match with their loved ones and also practice their shots.

Bounce fitness also has a few zorb balls lying around for the people visiting to get into it and wrestle with their competition. These zorb balls are really fun to roll around, one moment you are one side of the trampoline and the next moment someone pushes you over and you roll over to the other side of the trampoline.

There are two pits full of foam blocks which are all pinks and blues. The larger pit has a big rope attached to the top of the wall. This rope allows the person to swing around and take a nice fall into the pit.

Bounce fitness also has a wall climbing section attached to the bigger pit of foams. This wall has false steps to climb upon and if they fall back they end up in the pit only. This is a really competitive place for the kids to have fun and race to the top of the wall.

The smaller pit has a bounce button on the floor which makes the kids bounce and then take a dive into the pit of foams. So you can bounce and fall without worrying about the consequences.

Bounce fitness is the best place to have a crazy birthday party for your kids and the babies of the house. They are serving the party with great food and drinks, and also what is better than jumping around all day long with your loved ones?

The party space here has ample space to accommodate your guests and give them space to dance around and groove to the peppy music. The background music here is also amazing and would add on to your energy to bounce around.

Bounce Fitness is open for all age groups and anyone can come around to bounce and have some fun.


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