The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon

When it comes to luxurious 5-star hotels! There is no doubt that the list of these luxurious hotels will miss out the name of Hotel Bristol which is one among the most popular and highly 5-star hotels located in Gurgaon.

Not only in Gurgaon, instead, the hotel is also located in more than 200 other locations around the world and the whole team of these 200 hotels have been dedicating to provide the best luxurious experience for their guests.

Also, they have in all sectors which include their premium and high-grade European architecture based hotels like Hotel Le Bristol Paris and to budget hotels like Bristol hotels in San Francisco.

The whole team in the Bristol Hotel Gurgaon are committed to providing superlative standards of comforts and luxuriousness

With their efforts and dedication, the Bristol Hotel in Gurgaon became one of the favourite landmarks for the customers looking for elegance and comfort. Also, the hotel has made recognition for being one among the pioneers of luxurious hotels in one among the largest business cities in India, Gurgaon.

Bristol Hotel Gurgaon Main Services

One of the major reasons which made the organisation gain such a huge and positive exposure was the services they have provided which made The Bristol hotel Gurgaon to be different from other hospitality service providers! Here is a list of services provided by the organisation for their guests.

1. Swimming Pool

One of the major facilities loved by the guests of the hotel is the swimming pool and also you get the option for a swimming pool view from your room.

So, in case if you are looking to spend some time with some outdoor activities then having a swim activity will be the right choice for you.

2. Free Wi-Fi

If you are out of data or you are coming from any other country! Don’t worry you will be all covered in the hotel as the hotel is being surrounded by the Wi-Fi antennas which provide a free and fast internet connection to their guests without any obstacles.

3. Free Parking

The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon also provides its guests with free parking facilities where you as a guest can park your vehicle without any issues and guess what? The parking facilities provided in the hotel are completely free of cost.

Your vehicle will be kept under strict security surveillance to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Also, in case you are using an electric vehicle then, you can also make use of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station where you can charge your car completely for free!

4.Fitness Centre/Gym

If you are one among the people who are into fitness and gyming then you can have your daily gyming and fitness routines without any fail.

5. Spa And Wellness Centre

You can have your relaxing and massage times in the spa and wellness centre located in the premise of the hotel.

Here you can have massages and treatments and too for reasonable price tags.

6. Dining Services

You don’t need to worry much about your breakfast, launch and dinner as all these services have been provided in the premise of the hotel!

Also, it’s been ensured that you as guests have the taste of their awesome foods made by the magical hands of their 5-star chefs and also it’s been ensured that the food they take is accounted to be healthy for their guests.

7. Restaurant And Bar Services

The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon comes with many onsite restaurants who provide the best quality and hygienic food with a variety option of delectable cuisines of the world.

You can also make use of ordering food of popular and everyone’s favourite restaurants located in the premise of the hotel.

Also, for the people who love to have sips of alcohol can have their favourite drinks at the bar located in the premise of the hotel itself.

9. Business Services

The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon is loved by the majority of the business enthusiasts as the hotel provides a lot of services which are focussed extremely for Business enthusiasts only.

The service they provide for Business enthusiast comes in a different section namely, Business Services which includes

1. Fax/Photocopying
2. Business Centres With Computers and high-speed Internet
3. Dedicated Meeting Rooms
4. Dedicated Banquet Rooms

10. Laundry/Trouser Press/Shoeshine/Ironing/Dry Cleaning Service

The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon aims to cover all of your headaches so in case if you are in the necessity of having a Laundry/Trouser Press/Shoeshine/Ironing/Dry Cleaning Service for your clothes then, yes you can make use of the services provided in the premises of the hotel itself.

11. Baby Sitting

The hotel also provides babysitting service led by the staff who are highly experienced in the field of childcare! If in case you need someone to look after your baby you can make use of this service.

12. Accessibility for Disabled

No one is ignored when it comes to providing hospitality services! So, the officials of the hotel have taken the responsibility to take care of people who are disabled and help them in all aspects as possible and also they ensure that everyone has a great time in their hotel.

Also, the officials of the hotel make sure that everything including the essentials is accessible for the guests.

In the hotel you disabled can make sure of a lower bathroom sink, higher-level toilets, toilets with grab rails and a wheelchair! So, yes none of the guests in the hotel is being ignored when it comes to providing service and facilities.

Why To Choose The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon

As of now, you must have made your decision to choose The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon but even if you are confused then make sure to check out this section.

During this world pandemic, one of the main and also the important factors we factors required to all of us is SAFETY and as we are travelling, there are chances that we might get in affected with the virus.

And when it comes to staying in a hotel, the first thought which will come on every one of us is to choose the hotel which is safe to stay in! So, yes here we can definitely say that Bristol Hotel Gurgaon is safe to stay as the whole team of the hotel are being rigorously working on to provide the safest environment to their guests.

So, to provide such a safest environment to the guests, the hotel has launched a new cleaning program which is all about following the all the safety guidelines directed by the safety authorities of both Government bodies and WHO

The program consists of subparts which include Public Spaces, Guest Rooms, Hand Sanitizer, Social Distancing, and Food Safety.

— Public Spaces
As per safety norms, the spread of the virus is considered to have a higher risk in public spaces! So, to avoid the spread of the virus the staffs of the hotel have given the first priority of these public spaces where they ensure to keep touchable surfaces cleaned and sanitize it on increased frequency there is a dedicated number staff of the hotel who has been appointed for this work to ensure the complete safety of their guests.

— Guest Rooms
Another riskiest area for the spread of the virus could be the guest rooms where different check-in and checkout so as it found that the spread of the virus is possible in guest rooms, the officials of the hotel have also appointed few dedicated staffs who are into sanitizing all the surfaces as soon as the guest leaves and also you will provide with disinfecting wipes so that you can also have a double guarantee on your safety.

— Hand Sanitizer
One of the basic and most important protocols led by the safety bodies was to use hand sanitizers, which is also meant to be one among the safest techniques to avoid the spread of the virus! With this, the officials of the hotel have established a hand sanitizing station at the hotel entrance and at the front desk, elevator banks and meeting spaces so that you can sanitize your own hands as having contact with any of the surfaces.

— Social Distancing

Another basic and important protocol issued by the bodies was to maintain social distancing! Well, it’s quite natural that we all might forget about the social distancing thing as we have never done it before so just to remind you the staff of the hotel will be helping you out by reminding yourself to maintain an appropriate distance from the other person to avoid the spread of the virus.

Also, the officials have added partitions on the check-in to provide extra level precautions for their guests.

— Food Safety

There are many such directivities issued by the health bodies and WHO! So, the team working on the food and beverages section are being trained to cope up to provide and maintain all of the precautionary actions while cooking and serving food for their guests.
With this, it’s been highly put on a note that the food and beverages had by the guests are completely safe for them.

What Customers Says About The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon

The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon has been providing its services since a time period! With this, they have gained tons of positive reviews and exposure! However, the best possible insight into the hotel can only be acknowledged better through customer reviews!

We had a talk with the customers who have also had experience with the hotel! As per the customer and majority, other reviews the hotel was mainly appreciated for its ambience, rooms, facilities and services.

– Ambience
In terms of ambience both the customer we talked with and customer review section were appreciating about the ambience in the hotel.

They said that the ambience in the hotel was kept to its highest standards and the treatment they got from the staff just made them feel more like a king!

Also, many customers appreciated the transparency kept on safety and procedure followed by the staff of the hotel to keep their guests safe from the virus.

– Rooms
We got certain reviews and appreciation from customers on providing the most comfortable and spacious rooms for their customers.

Also, the customers were fully satisfied with the cleaning process followed in every room of the hotel after a guest departure and arrival of a new guest.

– Facilities and Services
At last, the most appreciation was given to facilities and services provided in the hotel!

Facilities and services like free parking, free Wi-Fi services and special room services were highly appreciated by the customers as all these facilities and services made their life much easier.

How To Reach The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon

As of now, you might have got the confidence to choose The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon as your choice! So, if you’re confused on how to reach the hotel, don’t worry here we will be helping you out on the different ways through which you can reach out of the place without any issues.

From Airport

The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon has been known for its ideal location which makes it easier for their guests to reach out.

If you come to Gurgaon through Air travel and you have chosen The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon as your staying place then to reach out the hotel from the airport you go with two ways, Cab/Car Rental or Air shuttle service provided by The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon.

–Cab/Car Rental service

If you are reaching out Gurgaon through air travel and you need to reach The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon, then one of the favourable options for you could be to go either with Cab or Car rental service.

From the airport your destination will be about 23 mins depending on the traffic, however, if you aren’t much confident about the directions then we would highly recommend you to go with cab services over car rentals.

— Air Shuttle Service

If you have a lot of luggage and you are quite tired from a long trip or you just need a luxurious approach to the hotel, then no doubt Air Shuttle Service is the right choice for you!

Here you will be picked up from the airport by the staff of the hotel in their luxurious vehicle and you will be dropped into the hotel like a king!

Also, you will drop into your room and with that, you don’t need to worry much about your luggage as everything will be taken care of by the staff of the hotel itself.

From Metro Station

Another best possible way for you to reach out of the hotel could be through Metro services! We would recommend you to use Metro service only if you are much aware of the location in Gurgaon and you don’t have a huge luggage pack as from the nearest station you may find it difficult for you to reach the hotel.

Keeping suggestions apart, if you are thinking of reaching out to the hotel through metro services then the nearest station for you will be the Sikanderpur Metro Station, from where the hotel is about 400 meters away so you can reach out the hotel by walk itself.

From Railway Station

If you are reaching out Gurgaon through Railway services then again the right choice for you will be going with a cab or car rental service to reach out your destination which is The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon.

From the station, the hotel is about 39 mins away depending on the traffic.

How To Contact The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon

If you have certain other queries regarding the hotel then feel free to contact the hotel through the contact information given down below:

Phone: +91 124 435 1111, +91 8882 130130, +91 8882 660 660.


Address: near Sikanderpur Metro Station, A Block, DLF Phase 1, Sector 28, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Google map location

FAQ On The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon

If you have queries anything else make sure to check out the FAQ section as here we have filtered out the queries which were commonly found on customers who have made their decision to reach out the place.

1. Does The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon have a Restaurant and bar on-site?
Yes, The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon has 2 restaurants and 1 bar onsite! Which are:

1. Shanghai Bar
2. DLF Outlab Enclave
3. Zaffran

2. What are the price ranges to staying in The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon?

The prices of the rooms depend on the rooms and the date you have slotted. The price might range from 8k to 11k for the stay of two people.

3. What’s there to do in The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon if you are free?

In case you are free and you looking to spend time on service provided in the premises of the hotel then you can go with services like (service charges may apply)

● Spa and wellness centre
● Fitness centre
● Full Body Massage
● Hot Tub/Jacuzzi
● Sauna
● Have gold matches in Golf Courses
● Spend time in Sun Terrace
● Spend time in Terrace
● Spend time in Garden
● Have snacks at the snack bar
● Hammam
● Foot Massage
● Neck Massage
● Head Massage
● Couple Massage
● Back Massage
● Hand Massage

4. What is the check-in and check-out time in The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon?

The Check-in time at The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon is from 2:00 PM and the check-out time is 12:00 PM.

5. What are the types of rooms can a customer choose off?

In The Bristol Hotel Gurgaon, the particular guest/customer can opt for rooms like

1. Standard Room with Free Wi-Fi Service.
2. Deluxe Room with Free Wi-Fi Service.
3. Premium Room with Free Wi-Fi Service.
4. Club Room with Free Wi-Fi Service.
5. Mexican Suite with Free Wi-Fi Service.
6. Business Suite Rooms with Free Wi-Fi Service.

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