Captain’s Table Bakery, Gurgaon

Are you one of the hundreds and thousands of people who, at the end of the day, just long for good food? Do you think Gurgaon is in the scarcity of places where you can just chill and hang out with your friends? Well, do not worry! Captain’s Table Bakery is the place of your needs.

Delicious food, as well as beverages, and an awesome ambiance without a fault, every time. From Profound rates and unbelievable discounts to astonishing new flavors, Captain Bakery place has it all. Go visit the diner to try these amazing but rare dishes which you haven’t seen before.

Captain’s Table bakery Ambience

Captain’s Table bakery is a bakery After entering the place there is a counter in the front where you can see all the bakery items like sweet dishes, Pasteries and whatever is on their menu. They have tables, chairs in their bakery.

Captain’s Table Bakery have a casual and cool environment and have everything of your choice. The lightning, the music everything is up to their mark. The texture was so smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. We recommend heading over to Captain Table Bakery’s place to try some!

Captain’s Table Bakery Image Gallery

captain table bakery gurgaon

Captain’s Table Bakery best dishes

Vanilla muffins

Are you a muffins fan? Go and try it. Captain’s Table Bakery had the best muffin in Gurgaon. With so much cream, these are very tasty and delicious. These are some of the best restaurants you can go to and give it a try.

Cake rusk cookies

Rusk is the favorite kind of snacks in India enjoyed by everyone. Dipping a rusk in tea and it was very tasty and enjoyed by everyone. These are the cheapest and tasty kind of snacks. Rusk cookies are all-time favorite snacks and is loved by everyone. A definite try in Captain Table Bakery!

Garlic rusk

Garlic rusk is the best rusk to be known. These are the best kind of rusk everyone should try. Perfectly made by their experts and it is very tasty. The essence of the rusk is very favorable. It is so tasty and delicious that it will make your order again.

Soup sticks

Are you like having soups before heavy meals? They have the best soup in Gurgaon. It’s very tasty and delicious in Gurgaon. From freshly baked from wheat flour, yeast, ginger, milk healthy soup sticks will make your day even more delightful.

How to reach Captain Table bakery

Address: SCO 96, Main Market, Sector 14, Gurgaon

Phone no.: +91 8595231194

Opening hours: 9:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Google Map Location

You can come from the metro up to Huda city center and take a cab and taxi up to sector 14 of Gurgaon.

Captain Table bakery FAQs

What is the price of meals for two people?

250 for two people(approx).

Does Captain’s Table Bakery deliver the food?

Yes, they deliver the food through zomato.

Is there wifi access?

Yes, Captain’s table bakery provide free wifi access.

Is there parking?

yes, they provide parking.

Is there a wheelchair available?

Yes, there is a wheelchair at the backside.

Wheather reservation of the table is available?

Yes, reservation of tables available.


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