Car Cleanz, Gurgaon

Are you looking for the best car services and at your doorsteps also? Well, don’t worry. Car cleanz Provides every detailing services in Gurgaon. This is the finest place in Gurgaon and helps you maintain your car. Car cleanz is the best platform in the car washing field and has various technologies and techniques for their work. They have the best technicians in their department and are very good. They have very great car detailing services and have very great opportunities in their work.

Car Cleanz gives your car flawless and sparkling look with their unique and great treatments. They make it look again just like a brand new car just like when you first purchase your car. Based in Gurgaon, they provide the best services in the city and you’ll be surely satisfied.

Car Cleaning Services

Car Dry cleaning

They provide the best interior and exterior dry cleaning services and clean all the mud and dirt from the seats, dashboard, and everything and sanitize and deep clean your car and make it free from germs so you can roam without any bacteria and dust-free. Car cleanz is the idealistic place to clean your car.

Car Pressure washing

They provide doorstep car wash and they do it very great and finely. You will not suffer and give your time to them. They will do it very finely and with great respect. They have well-formed techniques and products and they will do their work.

Car rubbing polish

Car cleanz provides the best car rubbing polish in the city. The extra shine will make your car even look more beautiful. They use a 3 M compound and high-speed rotary machine for rubbing and make it look like a brand new car.

Car Cleanz Image Gallery

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Car Cleanz USPs

The car wash center has good facilities with all the necessary products and materials.

The pieces of equipment are well working and in fine condition.

The trainers are also well qualified professional people.

Car Cleanz provides a great car detailing service and you will be surely satisfied.

How to Reach Car Cleanz

Address: Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon

Phone Number: 073806 27781

Refer the website for booking the cleaning services.


Car Cleanz FAQs

How do cars get so shiny and look classy?

They have highly used products and professionals in their teams for maintaining it.

Does Car Cleanz provide all types of cleaning processes?

Yes, they do every car detailing and clean everything.

Does it have other outlets in Delhi?

Yes, they provide services in the Delhi/NCR region.

Is detailing is lifetime protection?

No, detailing is not lifetime protection. It needs servicing.


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