Top Cricket Academies in Gurgaon

Hey, you all cricket freaks, we know that cricket means a lot to you & this is why we have curated the list of best cricket academies in Gurgaon. Most of you even worship the legends of cricket such as Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli.

Dreaming of becoming like your cricket gods need a lot of determination, patience, focus & right types of equipment that will help you in letting you know where you stand as an athlete overall.

We have looked upon all the important criteria’s such as services, achievements, USP, locality etc in cricket academy of Gurgaon that will help you make the decision regarding which academy to go for.

Who can join the cricket academy in Gurgaon

These best cricket academies in Gurgaon are meant for those budding children who want to make a career in the field of cricket. One can start taking practice at the age of 6 years.

There are various categories in which a student can take admission such as under 12, under 16, under 19 etc but every academy which has been listed down below has its own segments, that you can check by going through it.

Other than those who are hardcore serious for the game, those people who just love the game but want to stay fit & active can also join these academies.

People who are looking for corporate team building can have team bonding matches at the club or academies.

Benefits of joining the best cricket academy in Gurgaon

The major benefit of joining the best cricket academy in Gurgaon would be the overall enhancement of all skills related to the field of cricket. These skills can be fielding, taking sharp catches, batting techniques & right strides, bowling ( in swing & outswing), wicketkeeping etc.

Being in a good academy means getting the training under an experienced coach who himself has got the vast experience of playing either, Ranji level, national level, or international level.

A nice known cricket academy in Gurgaon will not only teach you good techniques under an expert but will also give you exposure to meeting with various players who might have played for the country.

Also, you might get to tour other places which will help you to understand all elements which are required for cricket such as emotions, mental pressure etc & even increase personality development.

1. Sehwag Cricket Academy

SEHWAG CRICKET ACADEMYSehwag Cricket Academy is one of the famous cricket academy running under the name of the Multan Ka Sultan, Mr Virendra Sehwag. There’s no introduction needed when it comes to the stats of the champ. Sehwag Cricket Academy has collaborated with Apeejay School which is at Sector 15 Faridabad, Haryana.
This academy has a lot of plus points such as exposure of international & Ranji players, also they take their students to international destinations to enhance the more cricketing experience.

The academy is affiliated with DDCA. For the junior level, they have a league named junior pitched cricket league. With this, the coaches are mostly Ranji level players. Sehwag Cricket Academy also organises the summer cricket camps in their other sports academy camp. See more about Sehwag Cricket academy

2. Leap Cricket Academy

leap cricket academyLeap Cricket Academy is the place where professionals help you in your passion for the cricket. It is a place from which players like Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan & Varon Aaron has moulded their skills. Their coaches like Kiran more, T A Sekar, Apurva Desai have played for India on an international level.

Besides this, they do CSR activities which include giving training to 100 players who don’t get the privilege to play their favourite sports due to finances.

To give better feedback to their students they use an analytical approach via video analysis, which will increase the technical skills of the students. Besides this, they have 10 clinics & scouting camps & international exchange programs. Get more on Leap Cricket Academy

3. NCR Cricket Academy

ncr sports academyNCR Cricket academy has been providing cricket coaching for more than 2 years & since then it has made a special place in Gurgaon’s heart.

Nurtured by Mr Vinay Yadav who himself played for the Haryana state in 1988 is the owner & senior coach of this academy which has been enhancing the talents of their cricket lover students.

NCR Cricket Academy provides coaching at various levels such as under 10, 12, 14 & to the girls as well. This academy has got all equipment & more importantly it has got the turf wicket. The students in this academy get to face trials for the admission process. A couple of kids played in SGFI & BCCI tournaments. Find more about NCR Cricket Academy

3. Florence Cricket Academy

Florence cricket academyFlorence cricket academy has been in the cricket training field for over 24 years. It has got a vast experience when it comes to teaching young talents. The academy gives coaching to under 10, 12, 14 & 16. 

The academy’s achievements speak for itself, around 10 to 20 people have played for Ranji level, 50 to 60 students have cracked state level. Cricketers like Siddharth Kaul & Ishwar Pandey has played for the club. Get more details about Florence Cricket Academy

4. Guru Dronacharya Sports Academy

Guru Dronacharya Sports AcademyGuru Dronacharya Sports Academy helps students to reach high levels when it comes to cricket. This academy offers not only to practice in the cricket section but also gives lessons in football.

They have licensed coaches in the academy. They have a huge ground which fits for both the sports. The academy has light facility which helps them to organise night matches as well.

The academy has achieved success as few students reached under-19 India, UP Ranji trophy level. With this, the academy also keeps the tournament along with prizes.

Its located in sector 82 which is quite a distance from the metro but for people who might be living nearby who want to join a cricket academy can have access to it. Find more about Guru Dronacharya Sports Academy

5. Eden Cricket Academy

eden cricket academyAt Eden Cricket Academy, you will meet professional players & coaches who will guide you better while the journey of becoming a cricketer.

The cricket academy puts up regular matches & tournaments for their students. But more importantly the academy is run by the national level players Vijay Dahiya & Manvinder Bisla.

Both the pillars has got more exposure in the game which will help young kids even more effective way.

The academy has got fine grounds as well as the types of equipments. The academy has tied up with school in sector 57, so near by people can check it out. See more: Eden Cricket Academy

6. Gurugram Cricket Academy

gurugram cricket academyGurugram Cricket Academy provides extensive trainings when it comes to cricket to both boys & girls.

The academy has got highly qualified & experienced coaches who have played at Ranji Level.

The equipments are in well condition. Check for details on Gurugram Cricket Academy

7. Rooter Sports Academy

rooters academyRooter Sports Academy is a well-known academy for multiple sports.

Started their journey in 2011 rooter sports academy has made a mark while providing best facilities to their students. And because of their hard work rooter sports academy is majorly known for its excellence in the skating department. 

Some of the fields the academy covers is skating, badminton, basketball, football & cricket. The infrastructure is quite good with all the basic facilities.

The coach student ratio is fine in every sector but if one wants to take private classes then they can have that. See more about Rooter Sports Academy

8. JNS Sports Academy

JNS Sports AcademyJNS Sports Academy is the holistic sports academy which gives coaching in a lot of areas such as football, skating, cricket, & badminton.

There are proper facilities present in the academy such as comfortable space for each & every game.

The coach ratio is fine, for night games the lightings are fine.
This academy gives personal coaching to their students as well. There are special packages available for the students. They provide summer camps, free trial classes as well.

The academy has a decent cricket ground with basic amenities like free parking & locker rooms. Moreover, the academy gives separate physio classes which include activities like aerobics etc. Get more info on JNS Sports Academy

9. Rkade Cricket Academy

Rkade cricket academySpread in a huge area of 5 acres & having multiple centres in Gurgaon, Rkade Cricket Academy certainly makes a cut in our list of best cricket academies in Gurgaon.

The academy started in 2016 with only one centre & now it has spread its wing to 11 centres in Gurgaon.

The academy keeps tournaments like Rkade Premier Leauge for their students & have emerged as winner in some of them. Coaches are well qualified as well as the dieticians.

From various options to choose across the Gurgaon City, this academy has got suitable amount of facilities that would be needed in the nurturing of the aspiring cricketers. More about – Rkade Cricket Academy

FAQs regarding best cricket academy in Gurgaon

Which is the best cricket academy in Gurgaon?
It depends totally on the aspects by which you might want to pick any cricket academy. You might be searching for the best cricket academy near you or depending upon coaches experience etc.

What is generally the fees of the cricket academies in Gurgaon?
Fee totally depends on how better an academy is, what is their coaching expertise level is and how many players they have converted to either state, national or international level.

What kind of facilities are available in cricket academies?
Generally, good cricket academies have all sort of facilities like stretching equipment, cricket related items like nets, stump, balls. Etc. If you join a good academy then you just relax & enjoy.

Does all cricket academy have their own grounds?
Yes, all cricket academies have their own grounds but sometimes academies tie-up with schools as well so they might be using their cricket ground.