Cyan Melon School of Music, Sector 47, Gurgaon

Cyan Melon School of Music is one of the leading music conservatories in Gurgaon. It is one of the very few formal music education schools in Gurgaon that provides a great deal of all-round exposure and development to its students.

Cyan Melon School of Music Main Services

Cyan Melon School of Music is one of the very few academies located in Gurgaon that is working diligently towards the motive of developing skills and imparting musical knowledge amongst its students. Courses offered by Cyan Melon School of Music are as under:-

Guitar: Each and every one of us might have wished to learn and play guitar at a certain point of time in our lives. They provide customised guitar lessons to fulfil everyone’s needs. The customised guitar lessons include lead, bass, jazz, blues and many more.

Drums and Percussion: Some foot-tapping beats of drums, djembe, banjo and cajon make the band more lively and fun. If an individual has a keen interest in funky drum beats or compositions, he/she would love the environment here. The students will also be able to gather an opportunity to interact with like-minded enthusiasts.

Piano/Keyboard: Be it, Debussy or Beethoven, they all did miraculous wonders for the world of piano playing. If you love piano and have an immense passion for legendary compositions like Symphony No.25, you will surely have an out of the world experience here.

Violin: It’s one of the most important instruments in the world of music. You will not give yourself a second thought for this place if you have a thing for strings and the bow.

Ukulele: It is a cute little Hawaiian 4 stringed instrument which allures everyone with its spellbound sound. The nylon strings make it easier to play and its small size makes it handy to carry.

Western Vocal Training: The place is totally suitable for you if you have a passion for western singing. The qualified trainers will help you to find the hidden rockstar in you.

Western Music Theory: They provide well-defined music theory and also conduct written exams. This includes the following:-
Music theory and foundation crash course for musicians.
Grade Exam preparation for the theory of Music Written Examinations
Music Writing Training for an Individual Instrument
Music Writing Training for an ensemble/orchestra

Cyan Melon School of Music USPs

They also provide a special facility for working professionals. They have developed a fast track and flexible curriculum, keeping in mind the busy schedule of the executives

They provide facilities for preparation for Music Grade Examinations for world-famous colleges like Trinity College London and Rock School London

They own a Jampad studio too! What else can you dream of? You can come with your friends and colleagues, bring your own equipment or can use their equipment to jam your recordings.

The idea of having a YouTube channel sounds amazing to all of us. Considering this, the academy has a YouTube studio too. The studio is like no other. It is the first of its kind for music enthusiasts who love to record and share videos of them playing musical instruments or singing their hearts out. The students can record, edit and publish using their equipment and expert guidance.

The faculty is highly qualified, talented and experienced. They have a perfect match to meet the needs of the students.

They also upload online lessons for easy learning of the students.

They also render home-based and classroom coaching to suit the needs of each and every student.

They also update ‘Video of the Month’ to maintain the competitive spirit amongst the students and provide a platform for them to showcase their talents.

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Cyan Melon School of Music Locality

925-P, Netaji Subhash Marg, Sector-47, Gurugram, Haryana

Cyan Melon School of Music Contact

Phone number: 7678552478

Cyan Melon School of Music FAQs

Are enrolled students supposed to pay for the YouTube studio facility?
No, the facility is free of cost for the enrolled students.

What instruments do they expertise in?
Drums and percussion

What are the famous music grade colleges for which they provide Music Grade Exam preparations?
Trinity College London
Rock School London

What are the timings of the academy?
Monday – Thursday : 2:00pm to 8:00pm
Friday: By appointment
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 8:00pm


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