The Danceworx Academy, Sector 43, Gurgaon

The Danceworx comprises of the Danceworx Academy and The Danceworx Students Repertory Company.
The Danceworx Academy was set up by Indian-Australian choreographer Ashley Lobo in November 1998 to teach dance along the lines of dance institute overseas.

The Danceworx Academy Students Repertory Company was set up with senior students hand-picked by the artistic director Ashley Lobo. These budding artists are given opportunities to perform, teach as well as choreography. They have a special curriculum set up by one and only Ashley Lobo.

Danceworx Academy Main Services

Today the Danceworx Academy has a huge student database all over New Delhi, NCR and Mumbai.
Currently, it’s curriculum consists of styles such as:
Classical Ballet
Contemporary Dance
Some programmes of Danceworx Academy are:-

Dance-in-education Program: It is specially geared to reach out for the students in their schools and institutions. They expose students to western forms of dance. They also educate about the various career opportunities in this field.

They emphasize the overall physical development of a child. The program also emphasizes boosting self-confidence and helping individuals get in touch with their emotions and expressing them through dance moves and expressions. The program includes exercises that help individuals to lead on a path of self-discovery. They also help to instil social graces and etiquette.

Professional Dance Certificate Programs: It is a 2-year intensive course which helps young aspirants to establish dance as a feasible and sustainable career choice. It is a highly technical program assisted by professionals.

Theses students have a distinctive edge over others in terms of talent, creativity and performance. They provide a deep understanding of the dance techniques and performances and also provide a holistic knowledge of dance and leadership. The program helps to develop skills of leadership among students for the future and help to give them an insight that acts as a doorway to the world of dance.

Danceworx Academy USPs

The aim of the Danceworx Academy is to develop the student’s creative potential up to highest possible level and to train and channelise young talent under the able guidance of well-trained teachers in an atmosphere of love and values.

The Academy’s Founder, Ashley Lobo, is one more special reason to join this academy. His involvement in theatre and dance goes back over 30 years. He has been a part of several renowned musical and theatre experiences, films, television, advertisements and other special events.

Danceworx academy has a well maintained and highly experienced international faculty who act as a pillar for the academy. They nurture their students and help to bring the best out of them in every possible way.

They also have a senior team that is a group of selected students that play an integral role in shaping the future of the academy. They are involved in forwarding the vision of spreading awareness of international dance through dedication and selfless service.

For those who have unpredictable schedules, they also offer an Open Class option also. It is tailor-made for those who have fixed schedule problems and may find it difficult to attend at a fixed timetable.

Danceworx Academy Image Gallery

Danceworx Academy Locality

Address: 1090F, Block C2, DLF Garden Villas, Sector 43, Gurugram, Haryana

Google Map Location:

Danceworx Academy Contact Details

Contact Number: 0124-4090135; 0124-4090137
Facebook Handle: The Danceworx
Instagram Handle: thedanceworx_official

Danceworx Academy FAQs

What dance styles danceworx academy teach?
Contemporary Dance
Classical Ballet Styles

Is there online registration?
As of now, there is no online registration. It is only possible on the phone or going to the venue.

What are we supposed to bring for the admission procedure?
2 passport size photographs
Fees (in cash or by cheque)
An application form will be available at the venue
Applicants under 18 will need their parents’/ guardian’s signature.

Is it possible for more than one select batch per month?
Yes, it is possible to do so.

What is the mode of payment?
As of now, they only accept fees in cash or by cheque.

Danceworx Academy Admission Procedure

Enrollments are held 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each batch. Interested ones can enrol at the office (during regular office hours) or at the venue where classes are conducted (during class hours only).
However, calling at the office and confirming the days and timings for enrollments before going to the danceworx academy is advisable.



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