DLX Laundry “Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Gurgaon”

The whole idea of making regular trips to a laundry for getting one’s apparel washed is rather a western concept. We from our childhood days are taught to do our laundry on our own. But let’s face it, doing laundry is one of the many things we used to despise as children and even adults are not a big fan of this.

But the city of Gurgaon has a wonderful alternative to tackle this problem. DLX Laundry and Services is one of the many laundry service providers in the city.

They are known for their commendable job and customer-friendly ways. This laundry provides good service at competitive prices and is a huge respite for the busy life of the city dwellers housed in Gurgaon.

An Overview of DLX Laundry and Services

DLX Laundry and Services is a prime online on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service in Gurgaon. They are mostly concentrated on laundering apparel. In case you have something really expensive and fragile like silk and are scared to wash it on your own, then DLX Laundry and Services will come to your rescue by their world-class laundering service for premium laundry.

They provide pick-up and delivery service for the whole of the city. The behavior of the staff concerned with this laundry service is very professional and courteous.

Services provided by DLX Laundry and Services

DLX Laundry and Services go by the tagline “wash, fold and press”. They do justice to this and very professionally wash, fold and press your apparel and other things. This laundry focusses on removing stains from the core. In the case of conventional laundry, they use water, detergent, and softener for cleaning when it comes to dry cleaning they use cleansing solvent without the use of water.

The fact that it is an online on-demand laundry service, makes it all the way more feasible and reachable to the public at large.
DLX Laundry and Services expertise in laundering and dry cleaning the following.

Woolen Clothes
Other Apparel

For getting clothes washed and folded one has to pay Rs. 55 per kg, washing, and ironing costs Rs. 85 per kg and premium laundry costs Rs. 145 per kg.

Where to find DLX Laundry and Services

DLX Laundry and Services located at Plot No. 50, Sector- 47, Gurgaon. It is open on all days of the week. One can make a call for pick-up and delivery from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
For contacting DLX Laundry and Services one can contact the same on the contact details given below.
0124- 2211122
One can send them a message on facebook messenger too.

Written by Vaagisha Singh


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