DogSpa & Pet Shop, Galleria Market, Gurgaon

In Gurgaon, if you are searching for a pet store which has got all (except vaccination) the facilities for your munchkin then DogSpa & Pet Shop in Galleria Market is your one-stop solution. There are very few pet shops in Gurgaon which are reliable & this pet shop is one of them.

We know how it feels exactly the same when you become a PAWrent which is not very different from taking care of your actual kids. Being an owner of a pet means a lot of responsibilities such as from to giving proper grooming & healthy diet to your pet.

Your pet needs extra attention & overall nourishment during the time of growing up & to get all the supplements, vitamins etc DogSpa & Pet Shop is the finest place where you can avail everything related to your pet with a safe and loving environment.

About DogSpa & Pet Shop

DogSpa & Pet Shop started in 2013 which was the first only pet grooming  place with one aim that is to provide all services with love & care. The place is very safe & secured for your pets so that they can easily enjoy the fun of services.

They maintain high standards of cleanliness & hygiene and their types of equipment which are used while services are very modern ones & are all pet-friendly. These tools are sanitized after every session which also reduces the risk of getting an infection from other animals.

Their dog grooming products & other products are personally handpicked & sourced after checking their quality & usage. The groomers are pet lovers who know their job very well. DogSpa & Pet Shop trainers can pretty much handle every personality of the dog.

The groomers are selected very carefully. Mostly they have examined for their patience & gentleness towards a dog that they will groom.

DogSpa & Pet Shop Services

The services for your pet, the DogSpa & Pet offers:

1) Squeaky Clean Package 

This package contains necessary elements like:

Bathing with all-natural shampoo
Nail Trimming of your pet
Ears and eyes cleaning of your pet
Dental Checkup
Perfume spray included

*Prices vary with size and breed*

2) Haircutting and styling

Baths with all-natural shampoo
Nail Trimming
Ears and eyes cleaning
Dental Check
Perfume spray included

*Prices vary with size and breed*

3) Dry Bath Package

An alternative to traditional ”wet” shampoo cleaning is your dry bath and this includes deodorizing for dogs

A few of many helpful uses include during bad weather, between bathing, to spot clean and caring for puppies and kittens

4) De-shedding Treatment

Removal of the loose, dead undercoating without damaging the topcoat arid which reduces shedding is important for your furball.

*Prices vary with size arid breed Rs.200,250,300,350 (Small to Large)*

5) Remoisturrisinig Treatment

Deep conditioning massage arid luxurious coat conditioning wash
Works exceptionally well with pets that have dry, damaged or long coats.
Will moisturize and add incredible shine arid softness.

*Prices vary with size arid breed: Rs.20,250,300,350 (Small to Large)*

6) Aromatherapy Massage

Massage is done Special homemade blend of Aroma Oil which is good for the fur quality & relaxes the pet.

7) Tick and Flea Treatment

Safe and effective treatment which will help with Flea, Tick and biting insect control

8) Excess Matt Removal

*Rs.25O (Variable as per job)*

Besides these all listed services, the DogSpa & Pet Shop has important vitamins/supplements. They also have dog clothes, beds, collars, biscuits & much more.

DogSpa & Pet Shop Image Gallery

What we loved the most

When we checked into DogSpa & Pet Shop, the one noticeable thing which fetched our attention was the grooming area. The area was covered with transparent glass. There were two separate bathing areas were present which had proper bathing facilities.

Then after the bath, the dogs were taken to the grooming table where types of equipment are used to dry them. This section is used for drying, combing, cutting the nails of the pets.

Important details of DogSpa & Pet Shop

Name: Dogspa & Pet Shop

Address: SF 104, 1st floor,  Galleria Market, Gurgaon, DLF Ph-4 Ist Floor, Opp. Lazeez Foods near Khan Chacha

Phone: 9810620933, 0124 4264660,


Timings: Monday-11:00am-08:00pm


Google map location:



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