FarmVille Direct, Gurgaon

Searching for the best and freshly prepared dairy products just a few miles away. Well, we have come across the Farm Ville Direct. This place provides pure milk for buffalo or cows. They provide milk at a very fast rate. In today’s world, adulterated milk is highly used as it had a great impact on your health also.

So, people are seeking for fresh and pure milk. They surely will serve you Real Milk. The milk comes directly from the FarmVille Direct. So, grab your keys and move towards Farm Ville directly and experience the best thing.

Benefits of FarmVille Milk

Cure Ailments

Milk is important for our body and bones. So, Raw milk can cure ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, kidney, prevent cancer and other kinds of disease. They also provide nutrition to our bodies like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Stress Buster

In today’s world stress is one of the most dangerous things, So Farmville Direct Milk has Vitamin D which helps to reduce stress. So, if you take milk as a De-stress it will surely help. So, go and try their milk and find the best thing for your family.

Lose Weight

Obesity is one the cause of major illness. So FarmVille Direct provides milk that helps you lose weight. The enzymes in the milk digest itself. And as a result, it will help you lose weight. It will also help you to increase your metabolism and immune system.

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FarmVille Direct USPs

FarmVille direct was made by Sundar Selvaraj, who is a founder and director of this.

FarmVille Direct provides 100% natural milk with any adulteration.

They don’t use any pesticides and chemicals.

This dairy place has good dairy facilities without chemicals.

The dairy products are antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides, and preservative-free.

It has the best quality and experts in their teams.

How to Reach FarmVille Direct

Address: Opposite WIT college Gate, Village Bhirawati, 8 KM Milestone, Sohna Palwal Road, NH-71B, Haryana 122103

Phone Number: 0800737001


Google Map Location

You can come through the metro through the yellow line up to the last station which is Huda city center and take a cab or taxi and from Sohna Palwal road you can go through. It is 8KM away and you’ll find it in Village Bhirawati and it is opposite WIT college.

FarmVille Direct FAQs

What is the opening time of FarmVille Direct?

The Opening hours are 7:00 AM- 7:00 PM

Do we need to boil the milk?

No, since the milk is pasteurized.

What do they feed to the cows?

They feed green grass and fodder to the cows

Is the milk unadulterated?

Yes, there is no adulteration or preservatives added.


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