Farzi café, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram

Farzi refers to an illusion and Farzi café justifies its name by creating an illusion of delicacies. Farzi café aims to present a blend of traditional with the latest cuisines and create an illusion of modern and stylish cuisine.

The Farzi café encompasses a plethora of flavours and dishes render the customers spellbound. There remains a constant confusion in the air, whether to eat the food or just feast the eyes because the presentation is speechlessly beautiful.

The Farzi café opened in September 2014, and since the chefs have brought us to a new world of tastes and fusion. The restaurant is quite famous in Gurgaon and attracts a good number of people in a day.

Farzi Café Ambience

The entire café has splendid wood and glasswork. To add to the chic and quirky ambience, live music performances are set up in the middle of the café. A bar with seating is also a part of this café. The tablemats are also engrossed with interesting writings that add to the uniqueness of this café. The delectable food, intoxicating drinks, soothing music and extravagant interiors add to a perfect dining experience. The staff is also very polite and welcoming.

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Farzi Café Best Dishes

Dal Chawal Arancini

Pickles are love for Indians. We include pickles in everything. To pay tribute to such a love, Farzi café brings to you Italian-Indian fusion – dal chawal arancini. It is a mixture of dal, chawal, pickle and papad. It is beyond imagination that a simple and basic dal chawal can be turned into something so tasty. It is served with mayo, tomato onion sauce and papad pieces.

Gupta Ji Burger

It is another fusion delicacy at Farzi café worth trying. We all love street style burgers. At Farzi café, they created a majestic art in the form of a burger. It is a rendition of a modern burger with barbeque sauce and yet not missing the street feel. The burger is presented in a tin box with fries.

Sarson ki Gilawat with Corn Tostadas

We all love having sarson da saag with makki ki roti. Farzi café has put in a lot of effort in creating this unique dish. The contemporary flavours of the saag in the form of galawti kabab are still preserved with a modern blend of corn-filled rotis. In a nutshell, the dish was a beauty of chhach, saag and makki di roti on one plate.

Parle G Cheesecake

Parle G cheesecake is the best way, to sum up, the meal. It carries a reminiscence of the childhood days of savouring parle G and milk as a snack. The biscuits are stuffed with cheese filling and garnished using gems. As soon as we take a bite of this wondrous cheesecake, euphoria fills inside us. So this flawless taste makes it a must recommendation as a dessert.

How to reach Farzi Café

You can take a metro and get off at the Belvedere tower station. From there the café is eight minutes away on foot.

Address: Ground Cyber Hub, 7-8, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram, Haryana 122016

Phone No.: 088006 90419

Timings: 12:00 PM to 01:00 AM

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The Farzi Café FAQs

Is it a party location? Yes

Does the place have an online reservation? Yes

What is the online delivery status of the Farzi Café? Available on Zomato

What is the food status of the Farzi café? The food available is veg, non-veg and the gluten-free option is also available.

What is the price for two people? ₹2000

What is the nearest metro station? Belvedere Tower

Written By: Ayushi Attri


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