Footprints Play School and Day Care Creche, Gurgaon

Footprint Play School and Day Care is among the best playschools and daycare centres located in Gurgaon! Also, the playschool isn’t only placed in a single place at Gurgaon they have spread their wings at DLF Phase 3, DLF Phase 2, DLF Phase 4, Palam Vihar, Sohna Road Gurgaon, Sector 14, Sector 4, Mayfield Garden and Sector 84.

The childcare cum pre-school centre was first founded by Purvesh Sharma, Raj Singhal, and Ashish Aggarwal back in 2013.

Footprints Play School and Day Care: How it started?

As we mentioned above, Footprints Playschool and Daycare centre was founded by Purvesh Sharma, Raj Singhal, Ashish Aggarwal.

These trio owners of the Play School cum Daycare were the batchmates in IIT Delhi.

However, while studying in IIT Delhi itself the trio people thought of a new business idea when Purvesh was checking for daycare centres for his son and was not satisfied with the options available.

So, with Purvesh and his duo friends, they started a Play School cum Daycare centre namely “Footprint”

Footprints Play School and Day Care Main Services

A lot of reviews from consumers were saying that Footprints follows the new early childhood education system approach which is developed by Michigan based non-profit organization HighScope Educational Research Foundation.

They have different curriculum structures for different age groups of children! These curriculum structures are divided into; Toddlers program which is for 9-18 months, Playgroup program which is for 19-30 months, Pre-Nursery program which is for 31-42 months and Nursery program which is for 42 months and above.

The management officials say that they believe in having the assurance that you every child should have access to a scientific curriculum, a nurturing environment and an ideal adult-child ratio that will go a long way in laying the right foundation for the child.

Additionally, the Footprints educators across the country have a common mission, that of helping each child develop to their fullest potential.

They also provide Meals and Snacks to their students but these meals and snacks are provided considering the utmost high quality and healthy food.

Footprints Play School and Day Care USP’s

You should know that Footprints have an all-female staff who are given 21 days training and also they are screened for criminal and medical backgrounds and follow an adult to infant ratio of 1:8.

They have developed a new technology solution using a Reado stick which is capable of providing pre-programmed voice output. Also, this solution acts as an automated teaching assistant as well.

They have been maintaining an ideal adult-child ratio which will help to go a long way for laying such a strong and right foundation for the child.

There is a new program approach by Footprints which is called “After School program”

This offers opportunities to the children for exploring and learning new sets of skills post their school hours.

This program was introduced to ensure that children develop knowledge and skills, our after school program offers homework support and skillfully curated activities to enhance their language skills, writing as well as reading skills.

They also provide a few other services like Live CCTV footage, age-appropriate activities. Also, they have qualified caregivers who work with them to ensure the best childcare facilities in Gurgaon.

Footprints Play School and Day Care Image Gallery

Footprints Play School and Day Care activity outdoor

Footprints Play School and Day Care Achievements

Also, the Footprints Playschool and Daycare have been featured on popular sites like:
The Times of India
The Economics Times
The Indian Express
Pioneer and
Monospresso as well
For being one among the best service provider playschool and daycare centres in Gurgaon!

FACT: Footprints raised over $2 million through angel investments and venture funding.

Which as mentioned above has many centres all across Gurgaon! Also, they have spread their wings to other parts of Delhi like Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad.

Also, the founders of the place have said that they have spread over 100+ centres in 12 different cities overall.

For future achievements, the organization believe that they will be working on for opening about 40 more childcare centres in whole Delhi, NCR, and then hit all the metros over the next few months,”

The statement was given up by Purvesh! He also added and said that they will be working on coming with new centres outside Delhi like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad as well.

Footprints Play School and Day Care Locality and Contact Details

Footprints Playschool and Daycare centre is located in various locations in Gurgaon. Here are the address and contact details of the new preschool but you need not go from different centre to centre of the preschool!

Instead, you can reach out to the main corporate office of Footprints Playschool and Daycare centre for more information about the organization.

Phone: +919643187117.

Address: Multiple Locations in Gurgaon

If you are looking to reach out of the place then we would suggest you use Metro service as your primary transport! As this way, you will be able to make an easier approach to the place.

Getting to the nearest station Hua City Centre is the nearest station from Leens Nestling Pre School.

Footprints Play School and Day Care FAQ

What are the timings of Footprints Playschool and Daycare?
The organization will be on working from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 06:30 PM (the above mentioned is the staff’s working hour so you can contact them any time you need between these working hours).

For how many days Footprints Playschool and Daycare?
As mentioned above the organization will be on working from Monday to Saturdays and on all Saturdays the working timings will be different.

Which is the nearest metro station from the place?
However, as mentioned above Hua City Centre is the nearest metro station from the centre.

From the station, you won’t be required to travel more like the preschool. As if you take a cab and follow the route Netaji Subhash Marg Road and then take the last diversion to Sohna-Gurgaon road and straight up will be your destination which is Footprints Playschool and Day Care Gurgaon.

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