Funky Island: Powered by Cartoon Network

“All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, nowadays the schedule of our children are very busy, so they definitely need some quality time to refresh their mind and body.

The best way to spend that quality time is to play. Play allows children to develop their imagination power, physical, mental and cognitive development.

Not only the children even the adults also need some quality time for their refreshment. If you are looking for a place to spend some quality time with your family, then FUNKY ISLAND Powered by Cartoon Network is the best place to head out for a day full of fun and excitement.

It is the funkiest, budget-friendly & decent place to hang out with kids over a weekend.

Funky Island Activities

No matter what your age is, FUNKY ISLAND will never disappoint you, it provides activities for people of all ages. There are lots of gaming options from 7D to Bumping cars, from Virtual racing bikes to air hockey, from basketball to soft play area for toddlers.

Not only that it is the ideal place for a family date, birthday party, play date and much more.

• VR (virtual reality): This one is the most interesting one.VR is a simulated experience which is completely different from the real world, which u can enjoy in the FUNKY ISLAND.

• Bumper cars: This one is the exciting one, Bumper cars are designed in a way that they can collide without any danger to the rider. You can spin them, bump them. Children love to play with it.

• Video games: Video games are electronic games played on a video screen and a specialised device is used to play a video game. FUNKY ISLAND provides you with the most thrilling as well as stimulating and most importantly the exclusive video games. What more! It is always nicer to get a reward for having fun. The FUNKY ISLAND’s redemption counter has all the goodies that a kid loves.

• 7D MOVIE: A 7D cinema includes a 3D movie supplemented by a stimulated 4D environment (4-dimensional space) that being added all together to provide a 7D. Here, in FUNKY ISLAND you will definitely have an awesome experience by enjoying 7D movies and moreover it’s budget-friendly also. So, why are you waiting for?? Just go and grab your seats.

• BIRTHDAY PARTY: As we all know that Birthdays are the most special days for everyone and to make it a memorable one you should ditch the ordinary places and get your family, friends along to FUNKY ISLAND. They have a vast, bright and colourful area and surely an entertaining zone which makes sure to keep you entertained and happy. They also provide special packages for Birthday parties. So, book your date soon and make it a memorable one.

• SOFT PLAY ZONE: It is the most cutest place where the tiny tots enjoy their happy hours by scrawling, climbing up, moving around the area with different toys. You don’t need to worry about your child as they have female attendants who will take care of your child.

• OTHERS: You get a good parking space in the basement area and eating options just next to it.
So, why are you waiting for?? Go and visit the funkiest place in the town, not only for children but also for the adults. I’m sure that it will bring out the child in you.

Funky Island Image Gallery

• Address: It is a vast 7000 square feet fun yet stimulating zone, situated atM3M, Urbana, Golf Course Ext Rd, Sector 67, Gurugram, Haryana 122001.

Written By: Diya Dasgupta


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