Gau Dugdham, Gurgaon

Are you searching for the best and pure organic food or dairy products? Well, Gau Dugdham brings all types of fresh dairy products made from their own cows. They take care of and provide the best fodder to the cows. They have different kinds of milk like skimmed and double skimmed milk and many others. The milk is properly tested by various laboratories on the basis of fat, solids not fat, and by other parameters.

Gau Dugdham products

Gau Dugdham Ghee

Gaudugdham ghee is one the purest and tasty. It is made from their own farm fresh cow’s milk. It is antibiotic-free, pesticide-free, and other chemicals that are preservative-free. You’ll surely love Ghee of this place as every spoon of ghee is very pure.

Gau Dugdham Panner

Paneer is everyone’s favorite so it should be pure and fat-free as it is consumed by kids also. They have panner which is made on their own farm without bacteria and by maintaining hygiene.
They do not add any preservatives and other supplements. It is very healthy and amazing just like milk and other products. It can be consumed by every age group.

Gau Dugdham Milk

As milk is the necessity of life so it should be pure. As this dairy doesn’t sell mixed milk of buffalo or other types. They provide skimmed milk, toned milk, double toned milk, full cream milk. It is free from antibiotics and bacteria and they make on their own.

Gau Dugdham Image Gallery

gau dugdham guragon

Gau Dugdham USPs

They grow fodder inside the farm by the best experts in their teams.

The cows roam outside in the sunlight and in the fresh air.

This dairy place has good dairy facilities without chemicals.

The dairy products are antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides, and preservative-free.

It has the best quality and experts in their teams.

How to reach Gau Dugdham

Address: Office: Nirvana Country, South City II, Sector 50, Gurgaon

Phone Number: +91 8800 121 178

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Opening Hours: 7:30 AM-11:30 PM

You can come through the metro through the yellow line up to the last station which is Huda city center and take a cab or taxi through Nirvana road in south city 2 which is in sector 50 of Gurgaon. If you live in the city it is very easy to reach. You can take an auto and go through nirvana road sector 50 and you’ll reach Gau Dugdham.

Gau Dugdham FAQs

Is the milk Pasteurized?

Yes, the milk is purely pasteurized.

How many days do dairy open?

From Monday to Sunday his diary is open.

What is the opening time of Gau Dugdham?

The Opening hours are 7:30 AM- 11:30 PM

Do we need to boil the milk?

No, since the milk is pasteurized there is no need.


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