Guardini “Eco friendly garment Care” Gurgaon

Guardini values every customer’s treasured possessions, that’s why it made an eco-friendly garment care solution. Guardini garment care is one of the best dry cleaners to provide the highest quality care for every garment. They value every customer’s products and treats with intimate care.

Guardini Eco-friendly garment care services

  • Guardini provides a T-shirt color depthing and shirt whitening. Professionals take care of garments, handling time and temperature while cleaning.
  • Guardini provides stain removal, repairing and alteration of handbags, purses, shoes, boots curtains, rugs and carpets.
  • They provide customized dry cleaning of garments depending upon the physical condition of the item.
  • Leather jackets, suede, bridal lehenga are thoroughly inspected for any trims before cleaning which are handled by professionals.
  • Their vision is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, staff are very friendly and it is for sure, Guardini Eco-friendly garment care is a trust-worthy companion when it comes to cleaning your beloved garments.
  • They have outlets where a customer can put unused packages or polythene packages and are recycled.

Guardini Dru Cleaner USPs

  • Specialized care is taken by professionals for every special garment and is handled perfectly for the cleaning process.
  • Guardini uses eco-friendly sound techniques that keep the delicate fabrics protected even after cleaning.
  • Pick up and express delivery option is available to value the customer’s time.
  • Every garment and other items are handled by professionals and skilled technicians.
  • The packaging is done according to customer’s requirement.
  • Recycling of packages, hangers, suit covers, etc,. is done to lessen the wastage.

The locality of Guardini Eco-friendly garment care

Guardini Eco-friendly garment care is located in a residential area.
Venue location: DLF city center, LG-24, DLF phase-2, Next to appeal, Gurgaon.

Other branches: DLF Galleria, SF-25, First floor, Above guardian pharmacy, DLF phase-4, Gurgaon.

Guardini garment care is open 24hrs (all day).
To place your order contact 0124-468903.
For further information check out their website:

Guardini eco-friendly garment care FAQs

What is eco-friendly garment care?
Guardini eco-friendly garment care initiate cleaning using Perchloroethylene and the residue is evaporated by the environment, also we use biodegradable cleaning agents that ensure that garments remain in its actual size. So, this is an eco-friendly process.

Why are you using Polythene?
Polythene is used only as a packaging material, it is also recycled.

Is a one-day dry cleaning facility available?
Yes, they have express service.

Do you dry clean suede shoes?
Yes, they dry clean suede shoes, boots, bags, belts and wallets.

How are you different from others?
Guardini does customized cleaning, depending upon the condition of the item. Also, dry cleaning is smell free and harmless to skin.

Do stains are removed in washing the first time?
They handle stained garments with the utmost care, if the garment needs a second treatment, it is done only after the customer’s permission.

Do you have a recycling procedure in your organization?
Yes, they have recycling procedures for maximum products. Also, they pack items as per the customer’s requirement to lessen the wastage.

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