Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, Sector 62, Gurgaon

Gurgaon international tennis academy is a premier tennis academy with astounding experience expanding over the time span of 9 years.

The academy was established in the year 2010 and from then on has been laboriously working in the field of customer satisfaction.

They plan on expanding their endeavours in future with already initiating football coaching, badminton classes and lawn tennis coaching too.

They consider more of themselves as an establishment who believe primarily on client satisfaction with their services and products in the field of sports.

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, Main services

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy has an extensive range of services to provide keeping in mind the requirements of its clients.

Discourtesy is unspeakably ugly to me and the authorities here have straightened their staff out in order that they treat you with utmost courtesy and respect and that is why they not only train you but treat you right.

They provide a prompt response from the very beginning till the late end.

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, USP’S

They provide coaching with recommendable coaches who belong to the vast niche of physical education and have been stranded on podiums heights above what some covet.

Their coaching services are not only confined to limited sports. Though they deem to be a tennis academy but they have a football ground, badminton and long tennis court.

The ground area be it for any sports is enormous so that the students can experience an open environment in a swarming city such as gurgaon.

One of the thing that makes them stand out is their timings. This academy starts functioning from 6:00 a:m in the morning to 9:00 p:m on the night, Mondays being just the one day off.

They have world-class equipment and you can also buy it from them if you wish.

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, Image gallery

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, Locality

The Gurgaon international tennis academy is situated in Sector 62 Nangli Umarpur, golf course road near JMD umpire  Gurugram, Haryana.

Well, sector 62 is a  developed area and not swarming compared to other parts. It has more of a flat habitat meaning that more people live there in flats. The roads are nice and this means that you can enjoy a smooth ride while bringing their child for.

It is situated on the golf course road so yes greenery is what you will experience in most sector 62.

The nearest metro station to the destination is an at a distance of 9 km named the Huda city metro station.

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, FAQ

What are the timings of the academy?

The academy remains open from 6:00 a:m to 9:00 p:m

What are the favourable methods in which the academy accepts their fees?

They accept all forms of payments both in cheque as well as cash.

Does the Gurgaon international tennis academy remain open for 7 days of the week?

No, they take Mondays off

How much time does one have to invest in order to reach from Huda city metro station to sector 62?

It would take a time of about 10 minutes to cover that distance through the metro.

Does the academy only coach tennis students?

No, they have football, badminton and long tennis coaching as well.

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, Achievements

They have won prodigious acclaims in state-level competitions and national level competitions

Gurgaon International Tennis Academy, Contact details

Call the number 09811957939 anytime between 6:00 a:m to 9:00 p:m and they would be ready to solve your queries. The starting fees is 260 so be ready for a ride of joy and experience.

Currently, the facility is under construction and will reopen in a period of 2 to 3 months.


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