Gurugram Cricket Academy, Rajiv Nagar Gurgaon

Being Indian we are crazy fans of the particular game. Yes, today Vlogit Gurgaon is here to talk about the only and only crazy fan sport, Cricket. Since little kids, we have been following or made to follow one sport that fills up all our media channels and newspapers.

Gurugram cricket academy is here for all the passionate cricketers who really want to pursue the dream and get through the state selections. Highly experienced coaches who have been playing at the Ranji level are here to train the cricket all-rounders from all over the city of Gurugram.

Gurugram Cricket Academy, Gurugram Video:


Details of Gurugram Cricket Academy, Gurgaon:

Location 1901, New Mata Mandir Rd, Rajiv Nagar, Sector 13, Gurugram,
Contact 090697 12504
Google location
Facility Cricket
Equipment Not Provided
Opening hours 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Saturdays off)
Price To Know The Price Contact 097178 00777

More About Gurugram Cricket Academy:

Gurugram Cricket Academy is here to train you in every aspect of the cricket right from the bowling, batting, wicket keeping, and fielding. The academy aims at making the all-round cricketers.

Cricket is a game that everyone knows if you are Indian. The game was introduced by the British in the early 1700s whilst the first ever match was played in the 1800s between Madras and Calcutta.

Slowly and gradually cricket took its form as it is today. The craze of the game for Indian fans is not going anywhere even in the long run. We are certainly mind washed to think that cricket is our national sport. Oops did we break the bubble for some?

From a very young age, many kids dream of being a cricketer. Gurugram cricket academy is helping the passionate cricketers of Gurgaon to come forward and pursue their dream.

Gurugram cricket academy entertains all the age groups and helps to get through the state selection. Well, let us remind you that this game is no longer dominated by males. Both the genders have equal rights to dominate this game.

The academy runs on the same lines. Open for both boys and girls. The extensive training is provided with hard work and sweat. Gurugram cricket academy really is more than just a summer camp or an activity to do over the holidays. They take your career seriously and focus on your overall improvement in the game.

The trainers and the coaches provided at the Gurugram Cricket Academy are highly qualified and experienced in their field of expertise. The trainers have made to the Ranji level in the mastery of the game of the cricket.

For those unaware, this is the match between the 29 states of our country and it’s really big in the field of achievements in the grounds of cricket.

The equipment is not provided in the academy so one has to grab his/her own bat to throw out some sixes.

As per said that you are never too old to dream a new dream. Thought about playing all your life but never really got a hang of it, this is your time to get ahead of your dream. Already a pro at playing cricket? Just need to brush up some skills? This is the place for you. Just take up your bat and get on the ground.


As per rightly said that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, such lets just gear up for some fours and sixes on the ground.


  1. saurav gupta Reply

    I was really passionate about cricket in my school days but really never go the right guidance and i saw the same spark in my younger brother and i was determined to find the best academy for him in gurgaon such that he can train well and have a shot at his aspirations. I saw this post and was very much moved by the 60 seconds video shared and the player’s interview in that. I instantly made my parents watch this video and they were also convinced with me to send him there. He is very much looking forward to joining this academy from the next saturday. Thankyou vlogit for this amazing recommendation.

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