Hameed Food Corner, sec- 56, Gurgaon

Hameed food corner is the perfect place to have a scrumptious meal at a highly affordable rate. The food here is tasty, well cooked and full of flavours. This little roadside eating point dishes out biryani, tasty kebabs and mouth-watering kebabs.

The food served here is rich in flavours, spices, and texture, the beautiful aroma around this food joint is enough to make you drool and attract you towards it.

Video of Hameed Food Corner Gurugram

Details of Hameed Food Corner, Sec-56, Gurgaon

Location Sec-56 , Huda Market
Contact 98214 65474
Google Location https://bit.ly/2RSGEQu
Opening hours 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Price Rs. 200 for two ( approx )

More About Hameed Food Corner, Gurgaon

Hameed food corner is the perfect destination for a filling scrumptious meal at some unbelievable prices. This food joint serves delicious non-vegetarian food items that can surely satisfy your hunger.

This food corner is located in sec- 56 and is operated by only one person on a roadside stall, but this doesn’t stop him from making delicious food and catering to his customers. This stall is particularly famous among the people because of its taste, quality, and unbelievable pricing.

Although Hameed food corner serves only a limited variety of food, those few dishes are nothing but perfection. The dishes taste heavenly and are perfectly balanced with flavors. Quality over Quantity right?

Hameed food corner serves out the biryani for a traditional handi which is on the stove to keep the food warm. This biryani is the perfect blend of flavours and has everything added to it in the perfectly right quantity.

The rice is well cooked and well seasoned with the right amount of spices and has a great texture to it as well. The rice compliments the chicken pieces perfectly and creates a burst of flavors into the mouth of the customers.

Another dish that is served at Hameed food corner is the Tunday Kebab, the kebab melts in as soon as you put it in your mouth. The meat is cooked exquisitely and has the perfect blend of spices and flavors into it.

Hameed food corner also makes delicious chicken korma, which is very spicy and has a really flavorsome gravy which elevates its taste. The chicken is cooked excellently and is really tender and juicy.

Alongside these dishes, the chicken nihari is also a dish that truly stands out. Chicken nihari is a spicy dish which is cooked for hours on the slow flame such that the flavors can penetrate through the chicken perfectly.

Broke or not broke. Hameed food corner is truly a gem of a place dishing out some great food at highly affordable prices.

This little eatery would surely surprise you with its exquisite taste, texture, and quality.      


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