Hawker Street, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

Hawker Street is a unique destination which caters to the needs and wants of all the foodies at the same place. Hawker Street hosts numerous food serving joints such that the customers get world-class food along with great variety. This place has everything from sushi to momos. Everything that you can think of is here at Hawker Street.

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Details of Hawker Street, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

open sitting, Ambience mall ground floor Gate no 5 adjacent to Starbucks, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Contact 097171 31415
Google Location https://bit.ly/2TtTwhj
Timings 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Speciality Street Food

More About Hawker Street, Gurgaon

Hawker Street caters to a number of food brands such as Wow Momos, Black Brown Coffee, Nirulas and many more. The idea behind this is to create a platform wherein foodies can get different varieties of food at the very same place.

The whole seating arrangement is in the open which allows the customers to linger around and order food from different outlets. There is a wide line of wooden chairs and tables spread along in a long vertical line. The furniture gives the whole atmosphere a rustic yet modern look.

Beautiful lights and banners are hung up with the help of long threads that lights up the whole area in a cinematographic manner. Hawker street has a really magnificent ambience and decor that makes people attracted towards it.

As this is the generation of Instagram, Hawker Street allows the foodies to get picture perfect clicks for their Instagram handles. The vibes of this place is extremely positive, warm, and welcoming. One really feels relaxed alone by the soothing, calm, and suave environment.

The food here is delicious as well. The various food joints here takes into account to prepare the best food using the best ingredient for the customers. All the food here is prepared with full hygiene and only the best of the best ingredients is used.

A person can get every kind of cuisine that they can think of here at Hawker Street. From Indian, Mughlai to Japanese, everything is here. The people coming here always leave with a smile on their face which determines their satisfaction level and contentment.

The restaurants here are extravagant and spares no pain in getting the best food out of their kitchens. Some of the restaurants that caught our attention were Wow Momos, Nirulas, Black Brown Coffee, Moets, Emoi, Game of Grills, and Belgium Fries.

The delicious sliders from Black Brown Coffee and the freshly brewed Mocha truly stole our hearts. The food here is freshly prepared on order and not pre-heated. Thus, it takes some time to get your food, but, the end product you get makes you truly happy.

All the restaurants here have some great food items on their itinerary, that makes the belly very happy.

Great food, great ambience, and a great setting make the whole dining experience worthwhile.


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