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The Awadhi cuisine has been greatly influenced by Mughal cooking techniques and there’s one place which inherits the privilege of providing it and that is Lucknow but we are not traveling to Lucknow to satisfy our Mughlai food cravings, so here we are at Kitchen of Awadh which is a celebration of all things nawabi. From melt in mouth kebabs to the famous Lucknow’s biryani, they’re recreating time cherished recipes inside a regal, authentic-looking space.

Kitchen of Awadh Ambience

The intriguing combination of art deco and Persian styles of architecture is grand, to say the least. Soon as you enter, you’re transported to the times of the glorious, harmonious and brass cutlery, where modernization hasn’t left the table. The décor has a Mughlai filigree style detailing on the windows, side panels and on few other places.

Once you’ve soaked in all the finery, you can comfortably surrender into the hands of the kitchen staff. The waiting staff is nice and well behaved. The menu card is worth a mention definitely since it is so beautifully designed, it not only serves its basic purpose of dishes and prices but also carry short prompts of how they prepare their food and hospitality.

The kitchen of Awadh although it is more focused on the Mughlai cuisines which are primarily nonvegetarian they bring equal cuisines for the vegetarian population. It costs almost around 800 INR for two people and is suitable for large family gatherings or parties. It can accommodate around 30-40 people at once. It also accepts orders online.

Kitchen of Awadh Best Dishes to Try Out

MUTTON GALOUTI KEBAB- It is the super soft melt in the mouth, as expected. Spices made their presence felt. The kebab was not overloaded with oil but was quite tasty in spite of that. Really nice. Although the kebabs are so soft that it’s quite a task to transfer the kebab from the tray to the plate.

VEG GALOUTI KEBAB- the vegetarian galouti kebab made from raw jackfruit is quite outstanding. Very close to the original galouti. This kebab retained the flavors and taste of jackfruit while giving a feel of the meat kebab. It’s really fragile and breaks off at the slightest provocation.

ULTE TAWA KA PARATHA- This paratha is going to be the second favorite paratha of yours after your mom’s made paratha. Made with desi ghee this paratha is a treat to your mouth. Flavors of the ghee were prominent and enjoyable but still, the paratha was not oily at all. A mild sweetness defined the taste. It’s soft within and has a crisp, flaky outside layer.

MUTTON DUM BIRYANI- the next dish to hit you with its mind-blowing taste is the mutton dum biryani itself. it is served in an earthen Matka, authentic style. Wrapped neatly in the foil they seal the mouth of the pot with dough. The biryani has long aromatic grains of rice with subtle 3-4 pieces of the meat.

How to Reach Kitchen of Awadh

The nearest metro station to the place is Huda City Centre from where there is a 10 minutes walk or you can simply take an auto.
Address: A-208, Supermart-1, DLF Phase IV, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Hours Open: Closes 4 PM ⋅ Reopens 6:30 PM
Phone: 099100 35805
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