The Amazing “Koolchas” Gurgaon

Are you looking for the best and innovative kulcha in Gurgaon, and finding it difficult to find the best kulcha in Gurgaon. Well, not to worry we have to find the best kind of place for you. Koolchas is a place that serves many kinds of recipes.

You can have the best kind of meal in a day without any regret. The staff is also very polite and courteous. The prices are nominal also.

They have so many varieties of Koolchas on their menu. Kulcha is considered as the best kind of recipe. You can find this place very great. This place has the best kulcha and worth try it for!

Koolchas ambiance

Koolchas is a profound place in Sushant Lok. Gurgaon. They had North Indian cuisine on their menu. This place is very funky and cool and it is quite attractive. At night it looks quite beautiful and attractive.

They have a sitting area outside the restaurant. You can enjoy your meal in open also. The music, the vibes in this place gives you a peaceful set of mind.

The indoor seating area in Koolchas is also very positive and beautiful. Food also there is amazing and makes the place more special and it is worth visiting for.

Koolchas Image Gallery

koolchas image

Koolchas best dishes

Chocolate koolcha

If you are craving chocolate kulcha then you must try this in Koolchas. It is very tasty and stuffed with warm and rich chocolates which are melted in room temperatures. It is wonderful and it’s very delicious. Also, they have raisins, almonds and everything they contain in it.

Vada Pav koolcha

This vada pav is very delightful. The filling in vada pav kulcha is very tasty and delicious. You can feel like you are eating in Mumbai. This is the best kind of Vada Pav in Gurgaon. They had a lot of veggies and this kulcha is everyone’s favorite.

Masala Fries

Who doesn’t love fries? Well, everyone loves masala fries. The fries in Koolchas are very crispy, tasty, delicious and filled with creme. Masala fries are one of the most lovable dishes. These are made from potato and they fry them in oil.

Chicken keema

Chicken keema is the most delicious dish in their restaurant. The spices are very authentic. They have put the chicken and it was very tasty. The masala they use in a chicken kebab is very authentic and precise. Chicken keema is very spicy and hot.

How to reach Koolchas

Address 1: Shop 99, Ground Floor, Main Market, Sector 14, Gurgaon

Google Map Location

Address 2: 15, Ground Floor, Bestech Chambers, Block B, Sushant Lok Phase I, Gurugram, Haryana 122009

Google Map Location

Phone no.: +91 9999455554

Opening Hours: The restaurant is open 24 Hours

Koolchas FAQs

What is the price of meals for two people?
500 for two people(approx).

Do you deliver the food?
Yes, they deliver the food through zomato and swiggy.

Do Koolchas provide home delivery?
Yes, they provide home delivery.

Is there parking?
yes, they provide parking.

Is there a Catering available?
Yes, they provide catering?

Do they provide outdoor seating?
Yes, they provide outdoor seating.

Do they have breakfast on their menu?
Ys, Koolchas have breakfast on their menu.


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