Leap Cricket Academy, Sector 58, Gurgaon

We’re slaving amidst slouch on the couch era. Since times millennial, India hasn’t failed in embossing a golden print amongst the world’s high-end sports personalities.

When we talk about cricket in India it’s not only about the bat and the ball rather an embracement of a long history with a flair for this sport that runs in our veins.

At Leap Cricket Academy you’ll find professionals who with determination and consistency, diamond-cut players. Their belief is to seed the sports culture in every common man’s life.

The utopian vision of the academy is to help the rookie players get the knack of practical knowledge and its application on the field out there. The advanced infrastructure and credibility of the coaches get you there.

Leap Cricket Academy Main Services

1.End to End service company for anything related to sports and fitness.
2.Provision of high-quality sports.
3. Professional Tournaments
4.Corporate Events
5.After-School Activities
6.Virtual Reality Gaming

Leap Cricket Academy USPs

1. T. A Sekar – Principal Coach (One of the first fast bowlers of India)

2. Kiran More – Associate Coach (Former Chairman of the Selection Committee for BCCI, former Vice-Captain of the Indian Team.)

3. Apurva Desai- Associate Coach (BCCI Level C coach, and a batting consultant to Kolkata KnightRiders.)

4. On-Ground coaches who will chisel each and every aspect of you with multi-beneficiary techniques and knowledge.

5. CSR Initiative – A noble cause to train 100 players from the lower economic strata because talent should never be weighed with the bank balance.

6. Student coach ratio ( All BCCI accredited) is 20:1 respectively

7. Video analysis (4 cameras, all angles) for the technical improvement of the kid.

8. 10+ specialised clinic & scouting camps

9. 10+ national/international exchange programs

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Leap Cricket Academy Locality

Address: Opposite Ireo Grand Arch, Sports Maidan, Archview Dr, Sector 58, Gurugram, Haryana 122105

If the metro is your ride then take DLF Phase-II Metro switch to Rapid Metro then exit via Gate no 1. from Sector 55-56 then take a bus to Good Earth Business Bay Sec 58 Gurgaon an approx 12mins to the Academy with Puneet Hotel and Royal Riders Equestrian Academy being your landmarks.

Leap Cricket Academy Achievements

They surely have a feather in their cap when you realise that the coaches in this academy have moulded the international players like Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan and Varon Aron to their zenith.

Don’t get surprised if they ever make a visit, their wise words and lessons might shape the next player latent within you!

Leap Cricket Academy Contact

Give a Ring: +919205322113
Timings: Tue-Sat 4 PM – 7 PM
Sun 8 AM – 10:30 AM
(Mon Closed)

Leap Cricket Academy FAQS

What are the various methods used with rookie cricketers to hone their skills?
Leap Cricket Academy holds practice matches in the form of T20s, Bowling/Batting Tactics, Outsmarting the opponent, Performing in the Death Overs and Specialised Tips from Experts.

They also focus on one on one sessions and video analyses. The coaching is all about finding faults and correcting it. You can check the uploaded scores of practice matches online as well.

What is the fees, opening time and do they hold trial matches as well?
The academy opens at 7 am. Their fees (without a stay) is 10,000 and (with stay) is 11,000. The Leap Cricket Camp does hold trial matches if you plan to join the academy just to measure your abilities.


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