The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon

When it comes to the luxurious 5-star hotel there is no doubt that the list will include The Leela Hotel which is also known for the name The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon.

The people don’t know the hotel is located just near to a popular shopping mall in Gurgaon namely, The Ambiance Mall which makes the hotel named The Leela Ambience Hotel.

The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon has established one among the most popular hospitality based companies, The Leela Places, Hotels, and Resorts.

The company has been known for having one among the biggest hotel chains in India and also the company is based in India. It was found C.P. Krishnan who is also the owner of the company.

From 1986, now the hospitality group has established so many of their 5-star hotels and now it’s become one of the eight luxurious places and hotels ever and the company has been providing its hospitality services for about 65 long years!

All of their success in India gained a healthy positive exposure in the international market as well, so with that, they established their hotels on international destinations as well.

The group which owns the hotel has also won some awards for providing the best hospitality services for the guests, the awards include:

Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2020 – World’s No.1 Hotel Brand

Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards – The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts ranked in Top 10 best hotels Brands in the world, July 2019

Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards – The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts ranked the fifth-best hospitality brand in the world, July 2016.

Experiential Venue Awards 2017- The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts wins the ‘India’s Favorite Hospitality Group For MICE & Weddings’, July 2017.

Also, the hotel in Gurgaon the Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon has got appreciation from Hollywood stars, singers, directors like Mahima Chaudhary, Zayed Khan, Sophie Choudary, Dia Mirza, Roop Kumar Rathore, and Lisa Haydon.

The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon Main Services

All of this success only happened due to the luxurious services, facilities which were provided by them for their guests, here are few of them:

1. Swimming Pool

A luxurious 5-star hotel without a swimming pool is not possible and yes, The Leela Hotel Gurgaon comes with its own swimming pool where you as a guest can have some relaxation times.

2. Outdoor Furniture At Terrace and Garden

There might be times when you as guests won’t be liking much to stay inside four walls! So, in case if you wanna get some relaxation then, the best way could be to go to the terrace or garden and get in touch with the beauty of nature.

Yes, many of the guests actually do that, so the officials of the hotel have provided a few outdoor furniture where you can sit and let go of all of your stress caused due to your hectic routines.

Also, if you are with your family or friends you can even make use of BBQ facilities and have great family or friends time as well.

3. Fitness Centre/Gym

Health is Wealth! So, if you like having some healthy workouts, then yes you can make use of the fitness centre/Gym which is just located in the premises of the hotel itself and you can have your fitness workout anytime you need.

4. Special Room Service

If you are too tired and you don’t wanna go out of your room then, the right choice for you will be the special room service where everything will be brought right in front of you in your room and you won’t be required to step out of your room.

7. Laundry, Ironing and Dry Cleaning Service

If in need you need a clean up for your dress then here in the hotel premises itself you can use the Laundry/Ironing/Dry Cleaning service.

8. Spa And Wellness Centre

To remove all of your hepatic stress, you can also make use of the Spa and Wellness Centre located in the premises of the hotel.

Here you will be availed for many such treatments like Massaging, wellness packaging, steam room, body treatments, head treatments, and lot more.

9. Accessibility for Disabled

Everyone who visits the hotel should be ensured to enjoy all of their facilities and services provided in the hotel and this also includes the guest who is disabled for them, the whole of the hotel will be taking care of their guest and ensure that even they get to use of the facilities and services provided in the hotel with other guests.

10. Business Facilities

In Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon has become one of the best choices for business enthusiasts as the hotel provides certain special business-related services like Fax/photocopying, Business Center, Meeting Room, Banquet facilities for special business dinings.

11. Free-Wifi

On the hotel premises, you also get to use Free and fast 24*7 working Internet and yes, it’s complete for free.

12. Free Parking

If you are reaching out to the hotel at your own private vehicle then again you don’t need much about the safety concern about your vehicle as you will get a Free Parking area on the premises of the hotel where you can park your vehicle.

Also, to ensure the security of your vehicle the parking area will be under strict surveillance to avoid theft or any kind of damage to your vehicle and guess what! All these parking services will be done completely free of cost!

No matter how many days you stay! You won’t be charged anything for the parking of your vehicle and it will be under strict security surveillance as well.

13. Family Services

Family services include babysitting/childcare services and these services are provided to a dedicated staff who have tons of experience in the field of babysitting and childcare.

Not only these, but there are many such other services facilities like daily housekeeping, transportation, Barber Services, Salon Services, Newspaper Services, Lunch Packing Services, Car Hiring Services, and lot more!

Who To Choose The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon

By looking at the services and facilities, it’s quite sure that you won’t be disappointed after your stay in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon.

While choosing a hotel, it becomes important to know why you should choose the appropriate hotel and is it safe to stay or not, in this case, it will why you should choose The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon and is The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon safe to stay or not.

Yes, we can assure you that The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon will be completely a safe stay for you! As at the current scenario of a worldwide pandemic, the whole team of the hotel didn’t give up on anything and now, they have trained and acknowledged the safety practices which are said to be effective against the spread of the coronavirus.

So, to stop the spread of the virus, the whole team of The Leela Ambience Hotel has committed to working on “safety Practices” to provide the best possible and hygienic services for their guests.

Their Safety Practices include certain practices under Safety Features, Physical Distancing, Cleanliness and Disinfecting, Food and Drink safety which is further classified into several other steps.

1. Safety Features

– The staff in the hotel are advised and trained on how to follow all the safety protocols directed by the authorities of the health bodies of the government and WHO.

– Also, the staff of the hotel are trained on what to do when a positive case appears on or any other emergency case scenario.

– As per studies on the spread of the virus, it was found that there are certain chances that there could be a spread of virus due to the sharing of stationeries such as printed menus, magazines, pens, and paper! so, sharing all of these amenities has been removed.

– The staff of the hotel have been advised to ensure that there is full stock and availability of Hand sanitizers in guest accommodation and key areas which can be quite effective to avoid the spread of the virus.

– Before the entry of the guest in the hotel, the particular have to go through certain processes in place on which it will be checked whether the guest is affected by the virus or not.

2. Physical Distancing

– Following Contactless check-in and check-out to avoid the high touches and with this, it was found to be effective against the spread of the virus as well.

– Usage of cashless payments.

– Strict following of Physical Distancing on public areas, lounge, dining.

3. Cleanliness And Disinfecting

– Usage of cleaning chemical which is hospital graded and is effective against Coronavirus

– Regular cleaning of high touch areas like towels and linens in guest rooms.

– Regular Sanitising of Guest accommodation between stays.

4. Food And Drink Safety

– Strict following of Physical Distancing in Dining Areas

– Delivery of food to guest accommodation with proper practice on food and safety directed by the healthy bodies of the government.

– Regular sanitizing of plates, cutlery, glasses, and other tableware.

What Customers Say About The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon?

For now, you must have got quite comfortable and confident about choosing The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon for your stay! But, just to bring more confidence in you here, you can have a look at what customers actually say about the hotel.

Also, the best way to get a complete and genuine insight into a hotel or any place is customer reviews only.

In the customer reviews area, we found that majority of the customers were happy and specifically many of them appreciated on Rooms, Location, Services, and Facilities provided in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon.

– Rooms

In the reviews, many of the guests who have stayed in the hotel said that the rooms they got were spacious and thoroughly cleaned though, few of the customers suggested that maintenance of the rooms can be improved! But, in general, many of the guests did like the Room which was attached with large cleaned bathrooms.

– Locations

In terms of location, many of the customers were happy about the ideal location chosen for the hotel through which they didn’t find any difficulties in reaching out to the hotel.

Also, few said that the shopping and sightseeing places were quite near to the hotel which was easily accessible by car.

– Services and Facilities

Many customers gave a big thumbs up on services and facilities provided in the hotel! Also, they appreciated the friendly and professional nature of the staff in the hotel, though there were certain suggestions saying that experience in the reception area could be improved.

Another two things for which the customers were highly affected was the consideration of their complaints and transparency shown on safety procedures during this worldwide pandemic.

1. Consideration of their complaints

Many of the guests/customers were satisfied when they complained about something the staff of the hotel took a sudden action against it, which was really appreciated by a lot of guests/customers.

2. Transparency is shown on safety procedures during this worldwide pandemic.

Also, many of the guests/customers were highly satisfied with providing transparency when it comes to safety procedures followed in the hotel during this worldwide pandemic.

How to Reach The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon

As of now, you might be confident to choose the suggestion given The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon as your choice! So, if you’re confused about how to reach the hotel, don’t worry here we will be helping you out on the different ways through which you can reach out to the place.

• From Airport

If you come to Gurgaon through Air travel and you have chosen The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon as your staying place then to reach out to the hotel from the airport you go in two ways, Cab/Car Rental or Air transfer service provided by The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon.

1. Cab/Car Rental Service

With Cab/Car Rental service you can quickly reach out to the hotel.

Although, if you aren’t much aware of directions then we would highly recommend you to go either cab service or air shuttle service.

From the airport, it will take about 17 minutes for you to reach the hotel.

2. Air Shuttle Service

If you have a lot of luggage or you just want to reach out to the hotel in a luxurious way then, no doubt Air Shuttle Service is the correct choice for you!

Here you will be picked up from the airport by the staff of the hotel in their luxurious vehicle and you will be dropped into the hotel and then into your room and with that, you don’t need to worry about luggage as everything will be taken care of by the staff of the hotel itself.

• From Metro Station

Another best possible way for you to reach out to the hotel could be through Metro services! We would recommend you use Metro service only if you are much aware of the location and that too Metro locations in Gurgaon and if you don’t have a huge luggage pack then again Metro service could be the right choice for you.

Keeping suggestions apart, if you are thinking of reaching out to the hotel through metro services then the nearest station for you will be the Moulsari Avenue Metro Station, from where the hotel is about 13 minutes away and from here you can reach out to the hotel by your footsteps itself.

From Railway Station

If you are reaching out to Gurgaon through Railway services then again the right choice for you will be to go with a cab/ car rental service.

From the railway station, the hotel is about 35 minutes away depending on the traffic.

How To Contact With The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon

If you have certain other queries regarding the hotel then feel free to contact the hotel through the contact information given down below:

Phone: +91 124 4771234.


Address: National Highway 8, Ambience Island, DLF Phase 3, Sector 24, Gurgaon.

Google map location

FAQ The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon

If you have queries anything else make sure to check out the FAQ section as here we have filtered out the queries which were commonly found on customers who have made their decision to reach out the place.

1. Does it have a Restaurant and bar onsite, and what all restaurants do they have on-site?

Yes, The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon has 3 onsite restaurants, which are:

1. Spectra
2. Diya
3. Zanotta

2. Are there any parking facilities available in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon?

Yes, there two types of parking facilities available in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon, which are:

1. Secure Parking
2. Accessible Parking

3. What is there to do at The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon?

The Leela Ambience Gurgaon Hotel & Residences offers the following activities /services (charges may apply):

● Spa and wellness centre
● Hot tub/jacuzzi
● Fitness centre
● Sauna
● Massage
● Library
● Golf course (within 3 km)
● Beauty Services
● Facial treatments
● Waxing services
● Makeup services
● Hair treatments
● Manicure
● Pedicure
● Hair cut
● Hair colouring
● Hairstyling
● Body Treatments
● Body scrub
● Body wrap
● Spa Facilities
● Steam room
● Spa lounge/relaxation area
● Spa/wellness packages
● Back massage
● Neck massage
● Foot massage
● Couples massage
● Head massage
● Hand massage
● Full body massage
● Fitness
● Fitness/spa locker rooms
● Happy hour

4. What type of rooms can a customer book in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon?

There are several types of room option available in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon, which includes options like:

1. Deluxe Rooms
2. Premier Rooms
3. Deluxe Rooms with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
4. Royal Club Room
5. One-Bedroom Apartment
6. Executive Suite

5. What are the price ranges for rooms in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon?

The price ranges for booking rooms in The Leela Ambience Hotel Gurgaon depending on the booking date, time and type of room you are choosing for!

However, the price ranges will be around Rs. 7k to 14K depending on the rooms and services for two people.

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