Leisure Inn West, Gurgaon

Looking for the best hotel for a friendly price in Gurgaon? Here we have brought a perfect suggestion for you, which is the Leisure Inn West Gurgaon.

If you are excited to know more about the hotel make sure to checkout as here we have brought a complete detailed article on one among the best 5-star hospitality provider, The Leisure Inn West Gurgaon.

The hotel brand is owned and operated by Stay Well Holdings whose parents company is Prince Hotels INC which is known for its popular international recognition for being the largest hospitality management group in Asia.

With the combination of Stay Well Holdings and Prince Hotels and Resorts, the company has made a diverse portfolio of properties across a combined network of 137 opened and under developing hotels worldwide.

The company offers many hospitality brands like The Prince Akatoki, The Prince, Grand Prince Hotel, Policy, Park Regis, Prince Hotel, Leisure Inn Plus, Prince Smart Inn, and Leisure Inn as well.

Each of these brands offers various other guests quality experiences ranging from luxury to lifestyle though to midscale level as well.

Talking about as mentioned Leisure Inn brand comes under Stay Well Holdings and Prince hotels INC, here the brand was established to focus mainly on “Midscale Industry”

Also, the brand focuses to provide unbeatable value-for-money accommodations both domestically in India and internationally as well.

Fortunately, the Leisure Inn West Gurgaon also comes under Leisure Inn brand only, the hotel has been into providing well-appointed comfortable rooms, modern facilities, plus friendly and welcoming staff, Leisure Inn is the ideal choice for business and leisure travellers alike.

 Leisure Inn West Gurgaon Main Services

All of their success only happened due to hardworking and passionate staff who are been working behind the scenes to provide their guests with luxurious quality services and facilities for their guests.

Talking about the services and facilities, here is a list of luxurious services and facilities available and provided in the hotel.

1. Free Internet

The entire hotel is been filled with Wi-Fi antennas that are capable of providing high-speed internet for the guests.

So, you as a guest can make use of this service provided in the hotel and guess what? It’s completely free of cost!

2. Free Parking and Transportation Facility

If you are reaching out to the hotel at your vehicle then, yes you can make use of the free parking facility availed in the hotel.

Also, if you are to travel someplace then, you can use the transportation facilities available in the hotel! This includes facilities like car hiring and airport shuttle service.

3. Terrace Chilling

If you feeling more congested just being inside a four-walled room then, you can make use of a terrace spot where you also get dedicated outdoor furniture as well.

With this, you can have some enriching new experience with your friends and family by getting in touch with nature.

4. Restaurant And Bar Services

When it comes to food and beverages, Leisure Inn West Gurgaon provides many services and facilities for their guests which includes:
1. On-site coffee house
2. Special diet menus
3. Snack bar
4. Special eat service on rooms
5. Bar
6. Restaurants
7. Coffee House and tea houses in a common area
8. Snack Bar
9. Business Services

Gurgaon is also a central place for all the business enthusiasts and the majority of the guest who usually visits the hotel are from business backgrounds only! So, to provide convenient experience, the hotel also provides certain business-based services and facilities for business enthusiasts, which include:

1. Fax/Photocopying
2. Business Centers With Computers and high-speed Internet
3. Dedicated Meeting Rooms
4. Dedicated Banquet Rooms

5. Laundry/Trouser Press/Shoeshine/Ironing/Dry Cleaning Service

The hotel aims to cover all of your headaches so in case if you are in the necessity of having a Laundry/Trouser Press/Shoeshine/Ironing/Dry Cleaning Service for your clothes then, yes you can make use of the services provided in the premises of the hotel itself.

6. Accessibility for Disabled

When it comes to providing the services and facilities to the guests, it’s been ensured that all the guests who approach the hotel get a chance to enjoy the services and facilities provided in the hotel.

So, for this the design of the hotel is also been designed to meet the requirement of disabled guests so, no one will be left behind and everyone in the hotel will get surely be enjoying the services and facilities provided in the hotel.

Not only these, but the hotel also provides various other services and facilities like health club, 24 hours front desk, Concierge Services, Daily Housekeeping, Luggage Storage, Tour/Ticket Assistance, Turndown Service and lot more services.

Why To Choose Leisure Inn West Gurgaon

In terms of services and facilities, without any doubts we can assure you that Leisure Inn West Gurgaon does take a cover on everything, however, if you are making up your mind to go with Leisure Inn West Gurgaon, definitely you won’t regret it!

But, before choosing the hotel make sure to check out this section as here we will be suggestions for three reasons why you should choose the Leisure Inn West Gurgaon

• Luxurious Services and Facilities for the price
• Ideal Location
• Safety Practices Performed To Avoid The Spread Of The Virus.

1. Luxurious Services and Facilities for the price

As mentioned above, the hotel comes under “Midscale Hotels Territory” Even being one among the mid-tier hotels, the hotel has been providing the best and luxurious services for their guests which also makes the guests become the regular customer

The price range in Leisure Inn West Gurgaon lies somewhere around Rs 3K to Rs 3.5K for the stay of three guests per night though, it depends on the type of room, slotting date but as compared to its competitors the pricing Leisure Inn West Gurgaon is way more aggressive.

To have a better idea make sure to contact the staff of the hotel from the contact information given down on the “How To Contact Leisure Inn West Gurgaon” section.

2. Ideal Location

Another factor which made the hotel stand out to be one among the best hotel is due to its ideal location! The hotel is located near to the airport which is about 25 minutes drive.

Gurgaon is also a hub for business and travellers as well! So, keeping that in mind the hotel is also been located to many popular landmarks in Gurgaon as well.

3. Safety Practices Performed To Avoid The Spread Of The Virus

While choosing a hotel, the first thought which will come to our minds is whether the hotel is safe to stay or not, right?

So, to ensure the safety of the guests, now the brand owner of the hotel, Prince Hotels and Stay Well Holdings has come up with a new scheme namely, Stay Well Program.

The program also focuses on providing complete safety for guests and employees as minimum standards at each hotel.

The measures include regular cleaning of the front office, guestrooms, and housekeeping, public areas, back of house, restaurants and food outlets, functions, and events as well.

All of the measures and practices will be trained to the staff as per the guidelines advised by health bodies from the government of India and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Also, the staff of the hotel are been advised to use hospital-grade chemicals approved by the TGA to kill COVID-19.

The property is also installed with sensors and hand sanitizers within all public spaces including lifts and will undertake the management of social distancing across public spaces.

In addition, the hotel has also introduced various other innovative measures that include the installation of shoe sanitizer mats at hotel entrances, immunity-boosting menus, and the introduction of QR code mobile ordering systems at all hotel restaurants.

Also, there are many such objectives made by the company and all of the objectives are also been advised to make sure that all of their objectives are been followed strictly.

Here are the objectives given by the company:

● Elevated importance of health & safety in the workplace
● Elevated importance of health & safety to all guests
● The importance of “places” with generous space distancing
● Creating a “clean and safe environment” for our employees and guests
● Use of personal protective equipment (PPE), along with frequent testing and monitoring areas
● Germ mitigation – where possible, replacing hotel items to focus on ‘easy-clean’, easily disposable materials
● Providing Stay Well kits – sanitizer, alcohol wipes, and tissues to all guests
● Low Touch High Impact solutions and Zero Touch solutions
● Investment in training and health and safety education with measurable results

What Customers Say About Leisure Inn West Gurgaon?

Leisure Inn West Gurgaon has been loved by many guests who appeared in the hotel before! Although, thinking that you will be new to the Leisure Inn family then for you it’s quite important to know about the hotel! And, for that, the best way is to go with customer reviews only.

While going with customers’ reviews, we found that the hotel was highly appreciated for providing the best ambience, food, amenities, and location.
– Ambience

In the reviews, we found that many of the customers were completely satisfied with the luxurious and positive ambience provided in the hotel.

Many appreciated the staff experience they had and also they were happy that the ambience of the hotel was designed to be friendly for everyone.

– Food

With the ambience, we also found that many of the customers who approached the hotel also liked the food services provided to them and they were fully satisfied with the safety procedures followed on cooking and then serving the food right in front of them at their table.

– Amenities

Usually, it’s found that midscale hotels often missout certain amenities to justify the cost but, this is not happening n Leisure Inn West Gurgaon as here you will be availed with many such luxurious amenities which are often found in expensive luxurious hotels.

Also, many customers loved the way they were treated in the hotel and the way they got to use all of the luxurious amenities, services, and facilities.

– Location

As mentioned above, location is one among the most appreciated especially by the customers who approached with their family and friends in the hotel.

Also, the customers who have business backgrounds and travellers who came to Gurgaon to explore Gurgaon loved the idealist location nature of Leisure Inn West Gurgaon.

Also, in case of any complaints from the customers, it was ensured that the complaints were taken seriously and were sorted which was also appreciated by the customers.

How To Reach Leisure Inn West Gurgaon

For now, you must have got immense confidence to go with Leisure Inn West Gurgaon! So, if you’re confused about how to reach the hotel, don’t worry here we will be helping you out on the different ways through which you can reach out to the place without any issues.

• From Airport

If you come to Gurgaon through Air travel and you have chosen Leisure Inn West Gurgaon then to reach out to the hotel from the airport you go in two ways, Cab/Car Rental or Air shuttle service provided by Leisure Inn West Gurgaon.

1. Cab/Car Rental Service

Going with a cab or car rental service to reach out to the hotel will be one of the best choices for you!

From the airport, your destination will be about 25 minutes depending on the traffic.

2. Air Shuttle Service

If you are looking for some luxury or just you want to get rid of bearing your heft luggage then no doubt, Air Shuttle Service will be the right choice for you!

Here you will be picked on the luxurious vehicles from the staff of the hotel and you will be dropped right into the hotel and then into your room.

• From Metro Station

Another best possible way for you to reach out to the hotel could be through Metro services! So, if you are thinking of reaching out to the hotel through metro services then the nearest station for you will be the Huda City Center Metro Station from where the hotel is about 3.5 KM Meter away so you can reach out to the hotel by taking a cab from the station.

• From Railway Station

If you are reaching out Gurgaon through Railway services then again the right choice for you will be going with a cab or car rental service to reach out to your destination which is Leisure Inn West Gurgaon.

From New Delhi railway station the hotel is about 49 minutes away depending on the traffic.

How to Contact Leisure Inn West Gurgaon

If you have any queries to be asked! Feel free to contact the officials of the hotel from the contact information given down below:

Phone: +911244931100.

Address: 17, 6, Old Delhi Gurgaon Rd, Anamika Enclave, Sector 14, Gurgaon.
Google map location

FAQ On Leisure Inn West Gurgaon

If you have queries anything else make sure to check out the FAQ section as here we have filtered out the queries which were commonly found on customers who have made their decision to reach out to the place.

1. Does Leisure Inn West Gurgaon has a Restaurant on-site?

Yes, Leisure Inn West Gurgaon has 2 restaurants on-site, which are:

1. Bites
2. outback

2. What are the price ranges for staying in Leisure Inn West Gurgaon?

The prices of the rooms depend on the rooms and the date you have slotted. The price might range from 3k to 4.5k for the stay of three people.

3. What is the check-in and check-out time in Leisure Inn West Gurgaon?

The Check-in time at Leisure Inn West Gurgaon is from 2:00 PM and the check-out time is 12:00 PM.

4. What is there to do at Leisure Inn West Gurgaon?

There are many such services and facilities which you can utilize during your free period in Leisure Inn West Gurgaon, which includes:

1. Fitness Centre
2. Fitness/Spa Locker Rooms
3. Fitness

5. Does Leisure Inn West Gurgaon provide Free Parking?

There are many types of parking available in Leisure Inn West Gurgaon and too for free, which includes:

1. Free Parking
2. Onsite Parking
3. Private Parking
4. Secure Parking

Parking facilities will be availed to the guests subject to availability.

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