Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon

If you are here! It’s quite sure that you have been looking for the best hotel to stay in Gurgaon! Yes, you are in the right place as here will be covering everything about one among the most popular, trusted hotels in Gurgaon which is Lemon Tree Hotels.

The hotel is based in India and also Lemon Tree Hotels have one among the largest hotel chains in the mid-priced hotel sector in India and also it has the 3rd largest hotel chain overall.

Lemon Tree Hotels are famously known for the upscale segment for the mispriced sector, consisting of the upper-midscale and midscale and economy segment. The company has been operating about 80 hotels in 48 different cities which are under various brands like Aurika Hotels & Resorts, Lemon Tree Premier, Lemon Tree Hotels, Red Fox Hotels, Keys Prima, Keys Select and Keys Lite.

As of now, Lemon Scale Hotels is not only one of the best hotels in Gurgaon but it’s also known for one among the best and price aggressive hotels in India.

The reason behind their huge success was the mission that the whole team of Lemon Tree Hotel were committed, which includes:

• Ensuring of the wellbeing and self-worth of colleagues.
• Contribution to the communities in India
• Giving the main focus on comfort, safety, security and well-being of all the guests reaching out of their hotel.
• Maximization of the efficiency of the processes which enables us to be the brand to be the most cost-effective brand offering the greatest value for their customers.

Lemon Tree Hotel Main Services

Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon offers an extensive array of facilities and personalized services and this the reason behind their huge success was by the services, facilities and aggressive pricing which eventually made the hotel to be more attractive for customers to arrive in their hotel, here are few of them:

1. Swimming Pool

Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon does come with their own personalized swimming pool where you have some swimming activities or you can relax and
have a good time.

NOTE: As per the instruction given from the Government authorities regarding the containment of the coronavirus, currently, the swimming pool in the hotel is temporarily closed.

2. Free Wi-Fi

In case if you are out of internet data or you are no getting the appropriate internet or if you are coming from another country then yes, you can make use of the Free Wi-Fi series provided in Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon.

You as a guest can also make use of the Wi-Fi service provided in the hotel and also you don’t need to worry about the location and signals as the Wi-Fi antennas in the hotel have tested out to ensure full Wi-Fi network coverage around their hotel.

Also, you can enjoy this free Wi-Fi service outside your room and in public areas as well.

3. Parking Facilities

Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon also provided parking facilities for their guest so, if you are visiting at your private vehicle then, you won’t facing such issues as you can park your vehicle at their parking lot and also you don’t worry about the safety of your vehicle as the whole parking area is kept under strict security surveillance.

4.Fitness Centre/Gym

For all fitness enthusiasts out there! You won’t be required to skip any of your Gyming routines as Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon also includes a fitness/ Gym centre where you can have your regular workout at any time you like.

5. Spa and Wellness Centre

After a long trip! It’s quite natural that all of us need someplace to chill and relax! So, here you make use of the Spa and Wellness centre located in the premises of Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon where you have all of the therapies and massages and yes, you will get rid of all of your stress and feel relaxed.

6. Dining Services

You don’t need to worry much about your breakfast, lunch and dinner as all these services have been provided in the hotel and also they make sure that their guests have the taste of their awesome foods made by the magical hands of their 5-star chefs and also it’s been ensured that the food they take is accounted to be healthy for their guest.

7. Restaurant Services

Lemon Tree Hotels also included a few of the restaurants on their premises who are dedicating their work and passion for their guests so, if you need you can order food from the restaurants as well.

9. Business Services

Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon is also loved and trusted by the majority of the business enthusiasts as the hotel provides a lot of services which are focused only for Business enthusiasts.

The services they provide for business enthusiasts include:
1. Fax/Photocopying
2. Business Centre
3. Dedicated Meeting Rooms
4. Dedicated Banquet Rooms

10. Accessibility for Disabled

The whole team of Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon always makes sure that all of their guests have an awesome time with their services and go back with a smile on their face.

There are certain times when guests with certain disabilities visit their hotel so for them also it will take care that they can have and enjoy all of the facilities and services provided in the hotel.

Not only these, but there are other facilities and services like billiards games, lockers, Luggage Storage, Currency Exchange, Shoeshine Service, Laundry Service, Dry Cleaning Service, Room Series and lot more!

Why To Choose Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon

It’s quite sure that in terms of main services and facilities you will be completely satisfied with it! But, when it comes to choosing a hotel it’s quite natural everyone thinks why they should choose the appropriate hotel, in this case why you as a guest should choose Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon.

Well, there are two reasons for which you should go with the Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon, which are:

1. Best Experience for the Aggressive Pricing
2. Steps and Precautions Taken During This World Pandemic Period

1. Best Experience for the Aggressive Pricing

Lemon Tree Hotel is known for the best hospitality providers in the mid-priced hotel sector.

For providing the best experience for aggressive pricing the company owns many brands which work focused on certain markets, here are the list of brands from Lemon Tree with their focusing markets.

1. Aurika Hotels and Resorts – Upscale segment
2. Lemon Tree Premier – Upper Midscale segment
3. Lemon Tree Hotels – Midscale segment
4. Red Fox Hotels – Economy segment
5. Keys Prima – Upper Midscale segment
6. Keys Select – Midscale segment
7. Keys Lite – Economy segment

1. Aurika Hotels and Resorts
Aurika Hotels and Resorts is the upscale brand of Lemon Tree Hotels! The brand is been working on to provide extraordinary experiences in the stunning ambience.

The hotel features some new-age dining and innovative entertainment options, complemented by invigorating fitness and wellness facilities that add a sparkle to your stay.
The main focus of the brand is to provide
Inspiring spaces, flawless delivery and cutting edge technological solutions ensure that you can work, play and relax effortlessly.

2. Lemon Tree Premier
Lemon Tree Premier is a brand for Lemon Tree Hotels who is more focused on upper midscale business and leisure hotels.
The hotels in this brand include premium amenities.

3. Lemon Tree Hotels
Lemon Tree Hotels are focused more on midscale based business and leisure hotels. The hotels in this brand are designed in a stylish way with fresh and bright interiors.

The hotels in this brand include amenities like vibrant café, recreation bar, pool and fitness centre. All this, at an unbeatable value.

4. Red Fox Hotels
The hotel is filled with bold interiors as well as crisp and clean rooms. The amenities included in the hotel under this brand include hi-speed Wi-Fi, Cyber Kiosk, Clever Fox Café, an efficient meeting room, a well-equipped gym and laundry service.

5. Keys Prima
Keys Prima is one among the premium brands which offers stylish features and excellent services for their guests.

The hotels under Keys Prima brand includes amenities like spa, salon, swimming pool and an array of cuisines.

6. Keys Select
Keys Select is one among the most popular brands which offers comforts and convenience for both business and leisure travellers.

7. Keys Lite
Keys Lite is another brand coming Lemon Tree Hotels which offers budget based hygienic rooms, multiple selections of delicious food, safety and security for the price of a conscious traveller.

2. Steps and Precautions Taken During This World Pandemic Period

One of the main factors that you might be looking at this COVID pandemic time will surely be the SAFETY PRACTICES followed in the hotel which is quite natural to think and consider during this world pandemic.

Their practices include certain practices under Safety Features, Physical Distancing, Cleanliness and Disinfecting, Food and Drink safety which are further classified into several other steps.

1. Safety Features
– The staff in the hotel are being directed and advised to follow all the safety protocols directed by the authorities of the health bodies of the government and WHO.
– There are chances that there could be a spread of virus due to the sharing of stationeries such as printed menus, magazines, pens, and paper, so sharing all of these amenities is removed.
– Availability of Hand sanitizers in guest accommodation and key areas which will be used to avoid the spread of the virus.
– Process in place to check the health of guests

2. Physical Distancing
– Following Contactless check-in and check- out.
– Cashless Payments
– Strict following of Physical Distancing

2. Cleanliness and Disinfecting
– Usage of cleaning chemical which is effective against Coronavirus
– Regular cleaning of high touch areas like Towels and linens.
– Regular Sanitizing of Guest accommodation between stays.

3. Food and Drink Safety
– Strict following of Physical Distancing in Dining Areas
– Delivery of food to guest accommodation with proper practice on food and safety directed by the healthy bodies of the government.
– Regular sanitizing of plates, cutlery, glasses and other tableware.

What Customers Says About Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon

As mentioned, Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon is known for its best high-quality services for aggressive pricing. Most of the customers who reached out the hotel previously have given certain reviews on Rooms, Location, Services and facilities provided in the hotel.

– Rooms
For the rooms, many of the guests were happy and were quite satisfied with the rooms provided to the guest who reached out of the hotel previously.

Customers stated that they got spacious clean rooms which were dated and maintained very well and also customers were happy for providing other amenities like attached large bathrooms which were thoroughly cleaned.

– Location
Many of the customers loved the location of the hotel in Gurgaon. The hotel is also located near to the Airport which was easier for the customers to reach out of the hotel without any issues.

– Service & Facilities
Guests appreciated the friendly and professional staff who are providing the best services and facilities for their guests/customers.

How to Reach Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon?

For now, you must have made your decision to try out Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon, yes you won’t be disappointed with the decision.

So, if you’re confused about how to reach the hotel, don’t worry here we will be helping you out on the different ways through which you can reach out of the place without any issues.

From Airport

Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon has been known for its ideal location and also many customers appreciated the location of the hotel which made it easier to reach out to the hotel.

If you coming to Gurgaon through Air travel and you have chosen Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon then you have two ways to reach out to the hotel from the airport which are:

1. Cab/Car Rental Service
2. Air Shuttle Service provided by Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon.

1. Cab/Car Rental service

Going with Cab/Car Rental service could be a better and favourable option for you to reach out to the hotel.
From the airport, your destination will be about 25 minutes depending on the traffic however, if you are not confident with directions then we would highly recommend you to go with Cab services.

2. Air Shuttle Service
If you have a lot of luggage and you are quite tired with long travelling or you just want a luxurious driveway to the hotel then no doubt Air Shuttle Service will be the right choice for you!

Here you will be picked up from the airport by the staff of the hotel in their luxurious vehicle and you will be dropped into the hotel and then into your room and with that, you don’t need to worry much about your luggage as everything will take care by the staff of the hotel itself.

In short, you will be brought from the airport to the hotel in a luxurious way and you need not to worry about anything if you go with this service.

From Metro Station

Another best possible way for you to reach out of the hotel could be through Metro services! We would recommend you to use Metro service only if you are much aware of the location in Gurgaon and you don’t have a huge luggage pack as from the nearest station you may find it difficult for you to reach the hotel.

Keeping suggestions apart, if you thinking to reach out of the hotel through metro services then the best way will be to reach out of the nearest metro station.

From Railway Station
If you are reaching out Gurgaon through Railway services then again the right choice for you will be going with a cab service to reach out your destination which is Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon.

From New Delhi railway station the hotel is about 35 minutes away depending on the traffic.

How To Contact Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon

If you have any queries to be asked! Feel free to contact the officials of the hotel from the contact information given down below:

Phone: 011 46050101 (office).

Email: hi@lemontreehotels.com

Address: 48, Near Leisure Valley Huda Market, 52, Leisure Valley Rd, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Google map location

FAQ On Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon

If you have queries anything else make sure to check out the FAQ section as here we have filtered out the queries which were commonly found on customers who have made their decision to reach out the place.

1. Does Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon have a Restaurant and Bar onsite?

Yes, Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon comes with their onsite restaurant and bar which are only for providing food service for their guests of the hotel.

2. What are the price ranges to staying in Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon?
The prices of the rooms depend on the rooms and the date you have slotted. The price might range from 4k to 5k for the stay of two people.

3. What are the check-in and check-out time in Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon?

The Check-in time at Lemon Tree Hotel is from 2:00 PM and the check-out time is 12:00 PM.

4. What type of room can guest book at Lemon Tree Hotel?
Well, there are many types of hotels under Lemon Tree Hotel but in general, you will get two options to opt for! Which are:

1. Godzilla
2. Superior Room
3. Executive Suite
4. Superior Room Corp

5. What kind of breakfast is served at Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon?
Guests staying at Lemon Tree Hotel Gurgaon can enjoy a highly-rated breakfast during their stay (guest review score: 7.1).
Breakfast option(s) include:
1. Continental
2. Vegetarian
3. Asian
4. American
5. Buffet

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