Madhavgarh Farms, Tikli Village || Gurgaon

Madhavgarh Farms Gurgaon is the one-stop destination for a fun weekend getaway. With the authentic Haryanvi feel the whole place would simply light up your mood and help you relax.

The warm welcome and the authentic decor really gives you the feel of being in Rajasthan. The whole place is situated on a rural farm which gives it the country feel.

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Details of Madhavgarh Farms, Badshahpur, Gurgaon

Location tikli, Near Badshapur, Gurugram, Haryana 122101
Contact 093554 14555
Google Location
Opening hours 4:00 pm –11:00 pm
Price Starting from Rs. 690

Madhavgarh Farms Ticket Price

Madhavgarh farm ticket price break up is very simple. They have categorised it into four major types and people can choose accordingly to their comfort.

And Madhavgarh Farms Bookings are very easy, you either book online or even visit their office to know more about everything in detail.

1. Regular Package 

This is the baisc package which includes all the amenitites for one single person.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Full day snacks
  • All the activities

Price: Rs 1250/person

2. Child 

For the childrens the entry at Madhavgarh farmhouse is on the basis of the height. It ranges from 2ft to 4ft and it includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Full day snacks
  • All the activities

Price: Rs 690/person

3. Corporate Group Bookings

If you are planning to take your corporate team for team bonding then Madhavgarh in Gurgaon is the perfect place to be at. With all the various activities it will surely help the team to release the stress. 

The package includes the usuals:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Full day snacks
  • All the activities

Price: Rs 990/person

4. Students Group Bookings

If you want to take out the students for a picnic spot then Madhavgarh in Gurugram is the ultimate place for the young guns to enjoy.

The package includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Full day snacks
  • All the activities

Price: Rs 890/person

Besides all the elements you will get to enjoy the live Dj and traditional dancing too. If you are planning for a long weekend, then Madhavgarh farms night stays are the best.

Madhavgarh farms rooms will evoke your memories of being in your own village. The smell and aura of the room will surely bring back all the childhood memories of yours.

More About Madhavgarh Farm, Gurgaon

Madhavgarh farmhouse allow you to relax and rejuvenate away from the hustle-bustle of daily life. The whole place is filled with warm and positive vibes that make it more welcoming and amazing for people who come there.

At madhav garh farms, you have a lot of different things to do and various activities to try out. The stay here is comfy and cosy. People can sit back and relax. There are two sitting areas inside the farms which are covered with sheds. Underneath the sheds, there are several tables and chairs placed for people to sit down and chat.

There are certain swings hanging around the corner. Madhavgarh farms being on the outskirts of the city is extremely windy and allows people to sit out in the open air. In the evening sitting around in the open under the starry night is something you can experience here.

As soon as you enter Madhavgarh farms you are greeted with the traditional “Teeka ceremony” and the dhol playing. A woman and man dressed in the traditional outfit, the woman does the welcome ceremony and the man plays the dhol in the background. While getting in you can dance with them as well.

Madhavgarh Farms activities has quite a few interesting ones to entertain the people and make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable. This place has a fun mud pool where you can take a dip or cover your loved ones in the mud.

Get your hands and body dirty in the mud, and just roll around. Once you are done with getting dirty you can always take a swim in the normal pool. The sprinklers around the pools will help you clean up before you take a dip in the normal pool.

And let’s face it what is more relaxing than floating around in the cold water. Madhavgarh farms have two different water-filled pools, one which is for the kids and has a subsequent lower depth than the main pool which is for the adults.

Let us now come to the food here at Madhavgarh farms, the traditional Haryanvi cuisine along with a number of vegetarian assortments.

You are welcomed with delicious and refreshing drinks such as lemonade, chaas, raabri, tea, and green tea.

For breakfast, you are served with Aloo-puri, Pethe ki sabzi, parantha, poha, achar, chutney, dahi, and Makhan, so that you are full and energetic for an adventurous day ahead.

For lunch and dinner at Madhavgarh farms, you are served with shahi paneer, dum aloo, rajma, Chole, palak corn, dal, mix veg., kadhi, rice, bread, salad, raita, and noodles. You can finish up your palate with delectable desserts such as Kheer, Sooji Halwa, and Malpude.

In the evening you get assorted pakodas and tea. Madhavgarh farms have a special kitchen known as the “Radha Rasoi” serving authentic Haryanvi food such as Hara Saag, Khadi, Khicdi, Gehu roti, and much more.

You are always stuffed at Madhavgarh farms so that you have the energy to keep up with the physical activities and nothing comes in your way of fun.

Apart from this, there is also an obstacle course around one corner of the farm for people to have fun. You can reach to the top of that course, swing around, and of course play with your friends and family.

This obstacle course is situated within a large field. In the evening one can simply gather around and enjoy a friendly game of cricket. At one corner of Madhavgarh farms are the rope climbing and zip line course.

You have to go through the rope climbing stature and climb till the top from where you are buckled up and a carabiner is attached to the safety belt after which you can swing down and enjoy the feeling of being in the air.

Madhavgarh farms also have a couple of activities on can indulge in such as magic show, pottery making, traditional dance show, fire show and much more. These activities will keep you entertained throughout the day.

The pottery making is done within the supervision of an expert who allows you to mould the wet clay in whichever form you want. Once it is all dried up you can take it back with yourself as a souvenir.

Madhavgarh organises a special traditional dance performance in the evening to allow people to get the rich culture of Rajasthan. During this performance, the guy also puts up a fire show where he is spitting fire from his mouth.

The Games section here includes Archery, Darts, an air-gun. The visitors can come here and enjoy these games which they might have seen in the carnivals of the older days.

Madhavgarh farms food products are from their own poultry farm. They do not indulge in any kind of sourcing of the products required in their meals. They have chicken, turkey, cows, rabbits and much more.

Certain animals from their farms are for the enjoyment of the visitors they let them roam around in open for sometime in the evening and people can play with the rabbits and the pigeons.

Another speciality of Madhavgarh farms is the fact that they provide animal rides such as camel, elephant, bullock-cart, and tractor ride. You can enjoy a lovely ride alongside the outline of this farm under the sky, don’t believe us?! Then Madhvagarh Farms reviews will make you believe so!

*this surely is something that you will not get everywhere*


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