The Metropolitan School of Music

Life puts you to varied trials at times but makes sure to catch the beats or how else will you define your existence’s unique rhythm?
Music and Life hold hands together when it comes to experimenting and self-growth. Well, at least that’s what “The Metropolitan School of Music” is all about.

The Metropolitan School of Music Main Services

1) Learn to play
The Metropolitan School of Music covers all the grassroots touch that music academies nowadays don’t bother assimilating in their students which are:
Performance Techniques
Music in Theory
Acoustical Training
General music genre information is provided as well.

2.) Grade program
Let us crack the nut of its importance :
Helps you get a better understanding of your skills processed into scores so helps in self-growth under the supervision of professionals.
The Metropolitan School of Music follows the ABRSM curriculum of grading for Brass, Cello, Piano, Flute, Viola, Violin and Classical Guitar.
The recognised degree will help you gain rack up points for college admissions in the UK and USA.

The Metropolitan School of Music USPs

1) Premier classes 
Usually, you being flocked amongst other beginner and hobbying learners won’t come as a surprise but serious and advanced enthusiasts grab this perk and much on it while:
Being assessed by a higher grade ABRSM curriculum.
The holistic learning experience on a one to one basis.
2) Harmony classes
For learners who want to follow the same stepping stones like those of the great musicians. It has:
Easy Group Lessons
Building Skills and Confidence
How-To Classes of the perfect amalgamation of music notes.
3) Music diploma
Provides ARSM diploma by ABRSM
Lessons offered-Piano, Violin and Classical Guitar.
4) Easy access
When someone talks about easy access it might be just location or directional based but they :
Provide outreach partners so sit back and chill while they turn your home into a top-notch music academy itself.
Provide an independent instructor network flee to the digital world and take classes online.
Academy branches in Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad and Kolkata.
5) Outreach
You might have hardly heard of some music academy that gives so varied options and accessibility. The Metropolitan School of Music provides qualified instructors in school campuses and other music academies as well.

The Metropolitan School of Music Gallery

The Metropolitan School of Music Locality

Hunt down the academy: Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana 122018 or
Give a call/Drop a message: +91 (124) 420-0203, +91 92053-43512
Email at:,,

The Metropolitan School of Music FAQs

How to apply for admission?
1) Print the admission form on both sides of the paper if possible.
2) Type/Write down the necessary details in uppercase and ONLY use a black inked pen.
3) Submit the form at the Admissions Office with a requisite application processing fee or you can scan and email a filled in application at and pay the application fee to Conservatory within 48 hours of your submission.
4) Pay options: Cash, Credit/Debit Card. For cheque payments contact with the admissions office for bank details.

What is ABRSM exam?
ABRSM exams are music exams rather than instrumental or singing exams. Examiners are assessing the quality of the music-making, not how it is achieved. For this reason, examiners are not restricted to assessing only their own instrument but require them to examine all instruments.

The graded music exams to motivate instrumental and singing students of all ages and a wide range of abilities. They are available at eight levels – Grades 1 to 8 – and provide:

a) progressive goals to aim for;

b) recognition for achievement;

c) carefully structured syllabus requirements;

d) one-to-one assessment by an expert professional;

e) an objective guide to a candidate’s skills and progress.

There are no age restrictions and students can start with any grade or skip grades if they want to.

How would ABRSM assess?
To fetch better marks it’s important for the learner to have polished and refined skills and grasp of minute knowledge about music.
a) performance skills through pieces or songs;
b) technical skills through scales and arpeggios;
c) notation skills through a sight-reading test;
d) and listening skills and musical perception through acoustical tests.

Learners have to be particular about the musical outcome which will be an all-rounder assessment of :

The learner will be graded on a total scale of 150.
Minimum 100 to Pass
120 for a Merit
130 for a Distinction

Can ABRSM qualification help when studying in other countries?
The ABRSM qualification substantially improves your chances to study in countries like:
New Zealand
Australia(Queensland and Western Australia)
United Kingdom
All thanks to the UCAS Tariff which provides allocating points after 16 successful qualifications. So that means when you keep qualifying an ABRSM exam you get points on the basis of your performance range which opens the door for higher education.


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