Molecule Air Bar, Gurgaon

Molecule Air Bar is not just another restaurant in Gurgaon but is a lot different from the others. Located in one of the poshest locations of Gurgaon, in Sector 29, Molecule is a bar and brewery as well. The concept, they say, which makes Molecule a marvel in its space, is derived from a ruined German Atomic lab combined with something as unique as molecular gastronomy.

The interesting thing about this place is that its theme and decor is based on the vintage German World War 2 era. This influences both the interiors and ambience of the bar and the food and drinks they serve.

This is woven in the brand to such a phenomenal extent that it is in perfect sync with its seemingly fascinating visual storytelling and its ground reality. The parent company of Molecule, Yuvi Brands, although fairly young has won many awards like Times Nightlife and Times Food Awards among others.

Molecule Air Bar Ambience

The ambience and decor of Molecule Air Bar teleport you back to Hitler’s Atomic lab of the 1930s. The 3D art installations, the flooring, the walls of the restaurant and even the combat-related artefacts and the classic rustic wooden interior is in perfect resonance with the theme it tries to portray.

Molecule comes among the most prestigious and upscale restaurants of Gurgaon where one can enjoy the dim lights and soothing music. It has a fantastic ambience both indoors and on the open terrace which is particularly good for dinner.

The crowd is good and classy and the service in Molecule is simply nonpareil. It is efficient, non-fussy and quick with the extraordinary dishes making it a gastronomic delight.

Molecule Air Bar Video

Molecule Air Bar Best Dishes

The food at molecule is simply exemplary. They offer an eclectic range of dishes in their menu, with each one as tempting as the next. The cocktails and beer are also available in a wide range from their well-stocked bar. Talking of dishes, Molecule’s mouth-watering offerings simply exceed expectations.

The menu includes a huge array of delicacies which can be broadly classified as North Indian, Mughlai, and Continental. To bring that World War 2 theme, some of the dishes’ and drinks’ names have been inspired by Hitler’s era like Nazi grenade and yeast infection.

Buffalo Chicken Wings – This is a popular cuisine from the United States. It comprises unbreaded chicken wings which are deep-fried and dipped in sauce. It is somewhat spicy and highly rich and feels better than anything due to its crispiness and taste.

Molecular Sangria – This is their quintessential summer drink to swear by. It is light and refreshing and also tastes amazing. Other than its taste, the Molecular Sangria appeases by its appearance and presentation more than anything else, which might qualify for your next Instagram story.

Dragon Smoke Popcorn – This not only tastes remarkable but also brings an entirely different feeling. Flavoured with the most unique mixture of spices and infused with liquid nitrogen, the Dragon Smoke Popcorn compliments its name in a literal sense. A couple of bites into it will have smoke coming out of one’s mouth and nose, thanks to the liquid nitrogen.

Antidote Tandoori Momos – These soft and tender vegetable momos, diligently fried and tossed in the tandoori marinade are skewered and then grilled to get the perfect taste. This is among the common liking of visitors and is always high on demand, given its exceptional relishable taste.

How to reach Molecule Air Bar/ Contact Details

The best way to reach Molecule Air Bar is to board a metro train for Huda City Center from where it is just 5 minutes away. One might prefer a direct cab as well.

Address: 4th SCO- 53, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122018

Phone No.: 076780 33212

Monday 12:00pm–1:00am
Tuesday 12:00pm–1:00am
Wednesday 12:00pm–1:00am
Thursday 12:00pm–1:00am
Friday 12:00pm–1:00am
Saturday 12:00pm–1:00am
Sunday 12:00pm–1:00am

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Molecule Air Bar FAQs

What are the cuisines they serve?
Indian, Mughlai, Continental

Is Online Order Delivery available?
Not Available

Is this cafe Veg or Non-Veg?

What is the approximate price for two?
Rs 1,600/-

Is online reservation available?

What seating options are available?
Indoor and Outdoor

Which is the nearest metro station?
Huda City Center

Written By: Shashwat Jaiswal


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