Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale, Sec-56, Gurgaon

Muradabadi moong dal is a concept which has its roots in Muradabad. The owner is from Muradabad himself and he is hooked to the taste of this simple Moong Dal. The dal in itself is simple and has a really subtle flavour to it. The idea was to bring the taste of this Muradabadi special dal to the people of Gurgaon.

Video of Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale, Sector-56, Gurugram

Details of Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale, Gurgaon

Location Sec-56, Huda Market
Contact 8368420042
Google Location
Opening hours 08:00 AM- 12:00 PM & 5:00 PM- 11:00 PM
Price Rs 40

Menu Picture of Murdabadi Moong Dal Wale

Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale, Sec-56, Gurgaon

More about Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale, Sector-56, Gurgaon

This shop was opened with the aim of providing a healthy and nutritious eating option for all the health junkies in the city. The owner, when moved into the city of Gurgaon, faced the problem of not having a healthy and light breakfast option.

This is when he decided to provide the solution and open Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale. This stall serves the simple moong dal in a lot of unique variations.

The Muradabadi moong dal is a blend of 14 assorted spices which is then blended along with the simple moong dal and cooked for 4 hours on the flame.

Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale is a unique stall with a unique concept. The simple moong dal tasting so delicious is seriously something you all have got to try. The dal can be customized as per the taste of every individual customer.

Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale has various customization options available to please its customers. The most selling item from their list is the Moong Dal along with Jalebi.

I know a lot of you must be thinking what kind of a combination is that. But, believe us this is a heavenly combination, as soon as you have one bite of this you would be left wanting for more.

This unique combination at Muradabadi Moong Dal wale has a lot of fans for sure. People are bustling around this stall to have a taste of this delicious dal.

The variations here include- topping of papdi or dried chilli flakes or butter to make the whole dish a bit more flavourful. Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale is also open during the morning as its purpose of initiation was to provide the people of Gurgaon with a healthier breakfast option.

The people of Gurgaon love the inclusion of spices and tanginess in their dishes. Keeping this in mind Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale have curated a special dish for the people of Gurgaon. This dish is named as Moong Dal Muradabadi (Gurgaon Special). The plain moong dal is topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, green chillies, and samosa. This is a unique dish with a lot of spice and tang complimenting it to make a permanent mark in the heart of the people of Gurgaon.

This dish is supremely delicious and we can proudly say that we haven’t tasted anything like this ever before. The idea surely sounds vague when you read about it, but you will be absolutely amazed by the taste of this dish.

Another snacking option that Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale have is the Paneer Papdi Chat. Tiny portions of papdi topped with a whole lot of paneer, onions, tomatoes, and chutney will surely make your taste buds extremely happy.

This shop is extremely cautious about the hygiene and the quality of ingredients that they use. Their main focus is on providing the best quality food to its customers.

Muradabadi Moong Dal Wale has everything amazing taste, great quality, and a unique concept.



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