Naturals Ice Cream Gurgaon

Who doesn’t love ice cream and who doesn’t love natural flavors, now imagine both of them together? Delicious isn’t it? Well if you are a fan of exuberant flavors in your ice cream then Naturals Ice cream is the right place for you. Established by Mr. R S Kamath in 1984 in Mumbai. Natural Ice cream has been a pioneer in making artisan ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates and milk and the secret ingredient which is Sugar.

Naturals Ice Cream Gurgaon Ambience

Talking about the ambiance we have a spacious and neatly done parlor with seating space as well as standing space for the people in the queue. The staff is courteous and very patient they’ll help you taste as many flavors as you want to and gets your order ready at flash’s speed.

Naturals Ice Cream uses environment-friendly wooden spoons and paper cups with their eye-catching doodles. The place has posters up on its wall and modern infrastructure making it worthy to be on your Instagram story.

Naturals Ice Cream can accommodate 20-30 at most once at a time. The place can be a good break in between office hours or after a long tiresome day. The place, however, is filled with people of all age groups. You can enjoy your delicious ice cream at the parlor or you can take away or you can even sit back home and order online. You can totally and absolutely vouch for this place in case of quality, flavors, and price. The approximate cost per head is around 150 INR and less.

On top of that, It’s in the Galleria market so even you don’t have to sit inside to have your ice cream you can just collect your icecream and hang around over the place, it’s one of the most popular places in Gurgaon to hang around.

Best Ice Cream at Naturals Gurgaon

Recommending an absolute robust flavor from the place when you visit it can be a difficult task to do since all the flavors are all so different and unique on their own but we can help you out here.

Tender Coconut Ice Cream- As the name suggests this perfect scoop of ice cream is going to magically teleport you to your favorite beach with a coconut in your hand as it is no less than that. The exotic flavor and creamy consistency is a wonderful and mouth-watering combination.

Sitafhal Ice Cream– Sitafhal is the Indian name for the fruit apple sugar or custard apple. This ice cream tastes like you’re biting down on the original fruit only that right now it is smooth, cold ice cream in a cone. If you are looking down to satisfy your fruit apple craving in the offseason then Naturals can be your savior.

Papaya- pineapple ice cream-This ice cream is the perfect fusion of two flavors, the name might seem intriguing to some people but it is definitely not a disappointment. Although the name comes in combination the flavors certainly don’t. Each spoon is slightly different than previous in taste.

Naturals Ice Cream Gurgaon Location

The nearest metro station to the place is Iffico Chowk after which there is a 15-minute walk to the parlor or you can take an auto from there.

Shop No SG- 104 Galleria tower, Hamilton Ct Road, Galleria market. Gurugram DLF phase 4
Phone: 0124 460 1774
Google Maps: Google Map Location

2nd Location

Address: Ground Floor, G-7 Baani Square, Block A, Sector 51, Gurugram, Haryana 122018
Hours: Open 11 AM Closes 12 AM
Phone: 0124 400 1189

FAQ’s about Naturals Ice Cream Gurgaon

Ques-Does the place has sugar free ice cream?
Ans- Yes the place serves sugar free ice cream but it is limited to certain flavors.

Written by Ananya Srivastava


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