The Oberoi Hotel, Gurgaon

The Oberoi is a popular and trusted luxurious hotel which is located in the most popular business hub, Gurgaon.

The hotel has been in service since 2011 and has served many people and gained a positive response from them as well. The hotel is owned by Gurgaon based developers namely Orbit Resorts whose owner is Parkash Singh Badal and he also has the responsibility to manage in the Oberoi Hotels and Resorts groups which is one among the biggest hospitality organizations in service since 1934.

Also, in 2012; The Oberoi Hotel was the first luxurious hotel which was named as “One among the Leading Luxurious Hotels For 2011” at the annual world travel awards.

The hotel has also been in the list from CNNGO, which is an online streaming platform from CNN, preferred The Oberoi Hotel in the list for “11 Best Indian Hotels to Visit In 2012”

Their hotel was established for the aim of being one among the leading organizations in the field of hospitality. For that, they do is to take advice from their guest and implement it which makes the hotel to be loved by more people.

The Oberoi Hotel Main Services

The Oberoi Hotel is one among the most popular beloved luxurious hotels for many travel enthusiasts and business enthusiasts.

As being one among the leading luxurious hotels in Gurgaon, The Oberoi hotel provides many such services and facilities to their consumers which made them be one among the leading hotels in Gurgaon. Here are a few of them:

1. Swimming Pool
The main vision of the organization is to provide the best hospitality service to their customers! So, to provide the best chilling experience to its customers, the Oberoi hotel comes with a personalized swimming pool where you can chill out and have an overall swimming experience.

Also, the swimming pool is a Seasonal based swimming pool, which means you can use the swimming pool for activities like swimming, diving recreational wading, bathing including wading pools and hot tubs.

2. Spa Service
If you feel like having a personal care treatment then don’t worry again here the Oberoi hotel will fill up your needs as the hotel its own Spa centre where you can relax and have a good personal care treatment for your body.

3. Wi-Fi
If you are out of internet data, then again you shouldn’t have to worry much as the complete hotel is filled with Wi-Fi antennas.

With this, you can get access to high-speed internet for just Rs. 500 per night by using the Wi-Fi services from The Oberoi hotels Gurgaon.

4. Restaurant
Much like other premium luxurious hotels, even the Oberoi hotel has their personalized restaurants which cover almost all of the dishes you may need and also it’s checked that the dishes provided to you are healthy.

5. Bar
The Oberoi Hotel comes with its own personalized bar where you get all of the alcoholic drinks you may need.

6. Gyming Centers
If you are into Gyming field and all then don’t worry here in the Oberoi hotel you also get a premium air-conditioned gym where you can have your workout anytime you may want.
The gym will be open for 24 hours daily! So, you don’t have to worry much about the timing.

7. Room Service
It’s no doubt that a 5-star luxurious restaurant will provide room services or not! If you are comfortable to have your food at your room then you can just opt for room service and ask whatever you may like to have.

With no time, your food will be brought in front of you.

8. Airport Shuttle
If you are new to Gurgaon and you don’t have much idea regarding the direction to the hotel then, again you don’t have to worry as much as the hotel.
As the hotel provides their own Airport Shuttle service from which you will be picked from the airport and brought right back to the hotel and to your room.

9. Business Services
Majority of the business enthusiasts choose Oberoi as their choice as the hotel has also been providing many such facilities and services, especially focusing on businesses.

Facilities like conference room, desk room, conference centres, meeting rooms and a lot more facilities which are focused on business uses only.

10. Free Parking
If you are reaching out to the hotel with your own vehicle then you shouldn’t have to worry much about the parking facilities.

As the hotel comes with its own parking area and provides parking facilities for their customers completely for free!

Also, there are no such compromises made in terms of security! So, you don’t have to worry much about the safety of your vehicle.

Not only this! The Oberoi hotel is also into providing various other facilities and services like baby-sitting, housekeeping, rental car services, laundry services, Hair Salon, Touring Assistance, special care for disables, designated smoking areas and lot more.

Why to Choose Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon?

It’s quite sure that the hotel is into being one among the best luxurious hotels you may find in Gurgaon. Also, there are certain factors and facilities which make Oberoi hotel Gurgaon to be special from its competition.

First and foremost, the special thing that you will find in Oberoi hotel Gurgaon is the practices followed by the officials of the hotel.
All of the practices followed by the hotel is followed with the motto of “The Guest Is Everything” this practice was started by Mr M.S. Oberoi who is also the founder of the organization.

Also, the staff in the hotel ensure that each of their guests is valued as a person, a friend, a family member who has come to stay. With this, many of the customers arriving at the

All these aspects made the hotel stand alone and be at tops in the hospitality industry. Another reason why you should choose The Oberoi as your hotel to stay is for the safety precautions and measures taken up by the officials to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

The majority of the people who visit their hotels are from the other states and countries as the hotel is just 15 minutes away from Delhi’s international and domestic airports.

Another important factor which will definitely make you choose Oberoi hotel Gurgaon as your choice is because of the safe practices and measures they have been taking to keep you and your family, friends, to be safe from the virus.

However, they have already been committed to providing the best possible clean and hygienic environment to their consumers, but with the outbreak of this serious pandemic, it is quite essential for all us to stay in a safer environment.

So, now Oberoi hotel Gurgaon is also regularly working on precautionary measures and steps directed by the officials of health and safety and WHO as well.

Here are few of the safety which has been strictly followed in the hotels to provide the utmost safety to their guests aka family or friends who have been reaching out of their place.

1. Regular Cleaning and Sanitizing of touchpoints in Public Areas

Officials of Oberoi hotel Gurgaon have taken the Hygienist steps way further! So with this, they ensure that touchpoints like door handles, elevator buttons, countertops, tabletops, railings etc. are cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis with the help of sanitizer or disinfectant.

These practices are also followed in guest rooms during the morning housekeeping service and at turndown time in the evening.

2. Regular Sanitizing of Hotel Entrances, Employee Entrances and many other Public areas

To maintain the best possible Hygienist the officials of Oberoi hotel Gurgaon have directed to provide regular sanitizing of hotel entrances, employee entrances and various public areas as well.

3. Temperature Reading of Non-Resident Guests?

The officials of Oberoi Gurgaon are way more conservative in terms of health and safety of both their staff and guests as well.

Because at this point, it is important that everyone in the hotel should be healthy and free from the virus so as to ensure that they take regular temperature readings of their resident guests and staff as well.

4. If in case of emergency appropriate medical help is provided?

Even though the officials of the hotel are to provide the best possible safest environment to their customers but in the emergency of someone showing the symptoms of the virus it is assured by the officials that the particular person gets the appropriate medical help as quickly as possible.

Also, they have doctors and professional agencies on standby so that they tackle the situation if someone in their guest list or staff list gets a positive sign of coronavirus.

5. Using of Disposable Gloves and Mask

All the officials have been asked to use disposable masks and gloves and it’s been changed frequently! Also, the staff working under housekeeping service are asked to use a fresh pair of gloves for every room they go for the service.

6. Rooms Are Kept Vacant For 24 Hours after a Guest Leaves

Safety is the first priority! So, to ensure that the guest rooms in the hotel are sanitized as soon as the guests’ checkout the room and also the particular room is kept vacant for 24 hours and then it’s been allocated.

7. Following of Safety Protocols

As per the guidelines by the government, there are many such protocols which are about the regular sanitizing of kitchens, restaurants, in-room dining, business centres and Banquet Halls as well.

And all these protocols are being strictly followed in the hotel to provide the best safety to their customers.

8. Sanitizing the luggage and all other items entering into the premises

Well, it’s quite known to everyone that the virus is capable enough to stay on surfaces for hours! So, to ensure the safety of everyone the officials of the hotel have taken the initiative to sanitize the luggage packs of their guests and also sanitize all items entering in the premises of the hotel.

How to Reach Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon?

As of now, you must have made the decision to choose the Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon! So, if you are confused on the direction perspective don’t worry we have got a cover on this as well.

Just to let you know here is the address details of the hotel

Address: 443, Shankar Chowk Rd, opposite Metro Station, Phase V, Udyog Vihar, Sector 19, Gurgaon.

Google Map Location

If you are new to Gurgaon and you don’t have much idea about the direction then you don’t have to worry as you can take the help of a cab or shuttle service to reach out the hotel without any problems.

● From Airport
As we mentioned, the hotel is located in an ideal location and yes it is a good advantage mainly for the people who have been travelling into Gurgaon through Air travel as the hotel is just 16 min away from both International and Domestic airports.

To reach the hotel either you can go for an airport shuttle service which is provided by the Oberoi Hotels itself or you can take a cab.

In terms of the direction you just need to follow the roads over the most famous Gurgaon-Delhi Expressway and another diversion to Shankar Chowk road and there you have reached your destination which is the Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon.

However, if you make use of the Airport shuttle service from Oberoi Hotels Gurgaon you don’t have to worry much as everything will be taken care of by the staff of the hotel itself.

● From Railway Station
If you are travelling through the Railway service then just have to take a cab to the Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon! From the station, the hotel is around 37 min away.

From the Delhi railway station you just need to follow the roads as follows:
DB Gupta Road Then take a left diversion to Rani Jhansi Road and then take a diversion to Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Marg and then take a left diversion to Vandemataram Marg and straight you just need to ender Golden Quadrilateral Road also known as Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway and at last you just need to take a diversion to Shankar Chowk road and there you have reached our destination which is the Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon.

● From Metro Station
So if you are into using metro services then definitely you can make use of these metro services and from the hotel, the nearest metro station is Indusland Bank Cyber City Metro Station from which the hotel is just about 750m away so basically you are just walking distance from the station.

How To Contact With Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon

To know more you can contact them through the contact information given down below:

Phone: +91 1242451234, +91 1244831234

If you have to make room reservations then you can contact them through the contact information given down below:

Phone: +91 1123890606, +91 1242451234

FAQ About Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon

Here are few of the unanswered questions we have filtered out from the internet to make sure to checkout.

1. Does the Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon Have Their Own Restaurant On-Site?
Yes, they have their own personalized restaurants who provide food services for the guest reaching out of their place.

They have three restaurants in their site which are threesixtyone, Amaranta, Piano Bar and Cigar Lounge.

Also, all the protocols given by the government of India are strictly followed in all these restaurants as well.

2. Are there any parking services provided in the hotel?
Yes, you do get a parking service in the hotel and that for free of cost! So, you don’t have to worry much about the charging meters and the safety of your vehicle as your vehicle will be under strict security surveillance as well.

3. How much does it cost on an average to stay in the Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon?
The pricing of the hotel depends on the room and the time you reserve the rooms! In short, the rates for a room per night start from Rs. 11k and may go upto Rs. 2 lakh as well.

4. What are the types of rooms a customer opts for while booking a room in Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon?
You get two types of room option in the Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon which are:
1. Deluxe Rooms
2. Luxury Rooms with Garden View, Breakfast, Computer Wi-Fi and One-way shuttle service to Airport
3. Premier Rooms with Pool View, Breaking, Wi-Fi and Airport Shuttle Service
4. Deluxe Suits
5. Luxury Suites

And in all these types of rooms, you can also opt for options which are flexible for you to live in.

5. What are the check-in and check-out timings at Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon?
The check-in time at Oberoi Hotel Gurgaon is from 2:00 PM and checkout time is at 12:00 PM.

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