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Obstacle Park is the new outdoor adventure zone for the people of G-Town. With over 30 rides and activities, this place is the new hotspot location for the people of all ages to go and have fun. The rides are safe and secure and you really don’t need to worry about anything other than having some fun.

Video of Obstacle Park Gurugram

Details of Obstacle Park, Subhash Chowk, Gurgaon

Location Behind celebration mall Subhash chowk, Sohna Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122002
Contact 098990 77066
Google Location https://goo.gl/maps/Mi6EqRL1ujkKxzMA6
Obstacle Park timings 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Weekends)
Obstacle Park entry fee Starting from Rs. 170

Note: Open all days for event bookings 

More About Obstacle Park, Gurgaon

Obstacle park is your new destination in town to spend quality time with your loved ones. This outdoor adventure park is designed in a very unique way which helps you have fun in a creative way.

This obstacle park is perfect for families to come out here and have an enjoyable time. With different rides and activities for every age, this place is truly turning out to be more and more fun for everyone.

A bouncy bed of crazy and fun obstacles allows you to jump and bounce around all day. This place is full of jumping around and falling from one place to another. You can try out your summersaults, and backflips.

The obstacle park for the adults is designed in a closed S-shape. The course is adventurous and has a variety of different courses one needs to get over to move into the next course.

The course is full of high walls, spiked wheels, and whatnot. You can free-fall from a height of 7 feet and land on a bouncy bed of inflated trampoline. Then you can swing around and land onto the other side and go over the next course of the obstacle.

The obstacle park is divided into 4 parts, the first being the toddler ride. The toddler ride has all the types of safety equipment and trained staff around the ride such that there are no mishaps and the parents can also enjoy guilt-free.

The second is the adult ride section. As described above the adult ride is full of adventures and difficult terrains. The adults can challenge themselves and finish the closed S-structure with full enthusiasm and excitement.

The third is the family ride. This ride is perfectly curated for the family to have fun together. You can head out there with your family and complete this course together with brainstorming different strategies and techniques to move forward towards the end.

The Fourth is the picnic section. If you aren’t in the mood of going out somewhere to sweat and beat yourself up with all these challenges, then this picnic spot is the ideal place for you. You can chill outspread a sheet on the ground and enjoy the fresh air with some overly delicious food.

At the Obstacle park, you are served with a variety of cuisine that is both beautifully crafted and presented. The food tastes amazing and makes your day a whole lot better. Obviously, everyone needs food to keep going and that is exactly what you get here.

You get the delicious noodles, pizzas, and much more to munch upon till the time you are here.

If that’s not enough reason to head out to Obstacle park right now, well, they also organise special parties such as a birthday party. You can take your kids to this amazing place and celebrate their birthday here amidst all the fun. We bet that it would be there most favourite birthday ever.

The birthday parties here are conducted with utmost precision and care. All the kids are monitored closely so that they have fun without adhering to any kind of injury. The staff at Obstacle park is extremely courteous and would go to any sort of extent to make your child feel special on his birthday.

For the invites of the party Obstacle park also ensures that you get the most personalised and funkiest invite to send to your friends. The invites are all different and have a whole lot of creative such that there is no stone left unturned.

The kids would be treated to mouth-watering food and unlimited bouncing and goofing around. Obstacle park is here to fulfil all your needs at the very same time. A place where you can have so much fun at such a reasonable price truly blows our mind away. There’s just so much to do within the day that by the end of it you are completely exhausted and already planning your day as to when should you be coming back for more.

With food, fun, and laughter you actually don’t need to go anywhere else. A fun place with a unique concept and absolutely marvellous engineering Team Vlogit has to say that they were quite impressed and content with the Obstacle Park.


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