For Old Times Sake, Rodeo Drive || Gurgaon

For Old Times Sake is so much more than your regular coffee shop. It is a place where you find some time for yourself in this busy life. You get to spend some quality time with yourself or a companion over a cup of coffee and books and board games.

With a great collection of books and board games, you would end up remembering your childhood days. You would suddenly be care-free and would end up being happier than you anticipated.

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Details of For Old Times Sake, Rodeo Drive Complex, Gurgaon

Location Unit No DG 56 Rodeo Drive Complex, Sector 49, Gurugram, Haryana 122018
Contact 088002 12442
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Opening hours 11:30 am–8:30 pm
Price ₹400 for two people (approx.)

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More About For Old Times Sake, Gurgaon

For Old Times Sake is a cute little place to enjoy and unwind. This cafe has a different sitting arrangement all around the place. You have cute colourful tables and chairs where you can sit and chat and munch upon some snacks.

Then you have big cushions at every corner such that you can curl up with your work or possibly a book and keep yourself entertained without keeping any sort of contact with the world.

The owners of For old times sake wanted to create a place where people could simply disconnect with the current ambiguities of life and just spend time with themselves or the people they have come with.

After a lot of deliberation and research and also interviewing a lot of people, they decided to give their dreams some form and shape and the result was For Old Times Sake.

The book collection at For old times sake is massive and they have something in every genre. There are books you might have read and then there are books you might have not read.

You will find something new every time you go through the collection. Coming here and reading a great book in peace with corn puffs to munch upon seems like a dream. But, don’t worry For old times sake would surely turn this dream into a reality.

If books aren’t something that excites you to go to this amazing place then we bet the old school board games would surely do. Yes, you heard it right, this place has an exquisite collection of board games to keep you entertained throughout the time you spend here. From snakes and ladders to ludo to Cluedo and much more. Already up to challenge your friends for a game?

The menu at For old times sake is quite interesting. On one side of the page, they have written a few questions that would surely make you evaluate how well you are living your life.

These questions will ask you to evaluate whether you need this break or not. These breaks are truly essential for you to survive in this fast-paced world. The other side of the menu consists of the food items that they serve. From corn puffs to masala maggie they will provide you with the small munchies you require to stay energetic.

Apart from this, you would also be surprised to know that they allow you to get food from outside as well. Yes, we are not kidding, you can get whatever you would want to eat. As they quote “your stomach is none of our business”. So, you can get your favourite food and have it alone here without sharing as well.

For Old Times Sake has everything to attract you towards itself in today’s life. Great books, extremely pretty decor and atmosphere, and obviously the get your own food clause really tempts you to come to this place once in a while.  


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