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Music is enlightening they say and so is learning this art. Singing is revered as the art of gods and goddesses. We always say that a good voice is a blessing. A pleasant voice is a gift. But gifts turn into assets only when we polish them.

The same goes with music and singing. If one does not practice singing then he or she will observe their voice getting all corroded. Not everyone can polish this gift. One needs to practice and nurture this gift under the able guidance of a teacher. This is when the role of a college of music or an institution dedicated to teaching music comes into play.

The city of Gurgaon hosts several music schools or institutions and One World College of Music is one of the prime music schools in the city. It is very much popular amongst the singing folks in the city. This institution is highly functional and has professional teachers for teaching music.

One World College of Music Overview

One World College of Music is a performing arts school. It was founded in the year 2012. The aim of this art school is to provide progressive and holistic training in music and performance. In addition to this, it also provides high-quality senior-level training to aspiring performers and accomplished musicians. The ambiance of this place is very soothing and ideal for learning the art of music and drama.

More information on One World College of Music

The beauty of this performing arts school is that it understands the fact that every student is unique and has unique interests and demands. Thus, this music school provides personalized lessons each and every student studying in here.

It gives room to teach first time singing enthusiasts too. One can expect high-quality guidance from experienced people in the field of music and drama in here. After completion of the course from here, one will emerge as confident artists.

Programs offered by One World College of Music

One World College of Music offers a plethora of interesting intermediate programs for students interested in music and performance and it is mentioned below.

These programs are segregated into three major categories or levels namely beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

  • 8-hour program in music
  • 16-hour program in music
  • Performance program

After the completion of the due course of the programs offered here one will find oneself really pumped up for doing any kind of recital or theatre performance.

Where to find One World College of Music and other information

One World College of Music is located in 3807, DLF Phase-4, Gurgaon. It is open on all days of the week except on Tuesdays.

Opening Time of One World College of Music throughout the week

On Mondays, this music school is open from 12 pm till 8 pm.
On Wednesdays, it is open from 12 pm till 8 pm.
On Thursdays, it is open from 12 pm till 8 pm.
On Fridays, it is open from 12 pm till 8 pm.
On Saturdays, it is open from 10 am to 6 pm.
On Sundays, it is open from 10 pm till 6 pm.

Contact details of One World College of Music

On can contact this music school by mailing any queries or any other information via e-mail, phone call or by sending messages on Facebook Messenger too.
The e-mail address and contact number of One World College of Music are given below.

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