Open String Music Works, Sec-56, Guragaon

This music studio offers nothing but the best for its students. They teach you to play the drums, the guitar, piano, art of singing and what not.

They have professional instruments and dedicated rooms for people to learn in solace. Also, the teachers here are highly skilled and provide great guidance to the students.

Open String Music Works, Sector-56, Gurugram

Details of Open String Music Works, Gurgaon

Location 185 plot, Huda, Sector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122011
Contact 098108 93993
Google Location
Opening hours 4:00 pm- 7:30 pm
Price Call for further details

More about Open String Music Class, Sector-56, Gurgaon

This music school was started by a group of people who have a band of their own with a vision of providing high-class knowledge of music to the ones who want it.

Open string music class was started by re-decorating the basement and turning it into a fully functioning music class.

This basement is further divided into chambers for different kinds of apparatus. These rooms are fully soundproof so as to not cause any kind of hindrance to the other students who might be doing something else.

Each room has a separate sound box which amplifies the sound and allows the student to get a better understanding of the music.

There are various apparatus at Open String Music class such as drum set, guitars, pianos, soundbox and more. They do not teach a lot of students at a single time.

They focus on taking in a limited number of students for a certain time so that they can completely concentrate on them for the time being.

This approach of teaching is truly great as they get one on one time with every student. With this, the students also get to enjoy one on one time with the teachers and learn better.

Open string music also has a recording studio which is not only available to the staff or students but also the various kinds of artists out there who are looking for a place to perform and record their music.

This recording studio is equipped with all the professional apparatus to give them a great experience while recording.

The core members who started this also have created a song of their own. They have recorded this song and composed it on their own as well.

The Open string music class has a great atmosphere and aura around it which gives it highly positive vibes.

If you are looking to learn music or to play any music then this is your place to be.

With the great faculty, instruments, and atmosphere you would be highly pleased and encouraged to learn.


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