Oysters The Water Planet, Sec-29, Gurgaon

Oysters The Water Planet earlier known as Oysters Water Park, Appu Ghar Oysters beach water park and much more is a beach themed water park in Gurgaon. This water park is particularly famous for the amazing slides they have and the uniquely designed wave pool.

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Details of Oysters The Water Planet, Sec-29, Gurgaon

Location Leisure Valley Rd, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122022
Contact 098118 36454
Google Location http://bit.ly/2GFBZcL
Opening hours 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Oyster Water Park Ticket Price   Starting from Rs. 799

More About Oysters Water Park Gurgaon

Oysters The Water Planet is the only water park in Gurgaon. This waterpark is famous for its deadly long slides and the hygiene that they maintain.

The slides at oysters are utterly amazing and too much fun to ride upon. Oysters slides are designed to give visitors a sense of thrill and amusement. The water park is covered with numerous slides and pools for the complete enjoyment of the visitors.

These slides are properly tested for the safety of the visitors and there are professionals present at the start and the end point of these slides to give you a stress-free experience.

The poolside is extremely relaxing and the chairs put up on the side with the big umbrellas would really give you the feel of lying on the beach. *Instagram Alert! You will get some really picturesque pictures for your feed*

Sunbathing by sitting on the beach chairs and flaunting your summer body is really something you can do. Put on some sunscreen and get into the pool to beat the heat this summer.

Float around in the cold water and bask in the sun at the same time. The feeling of cold water along your body would really soothe you down and allow you to relax and enjoy.

The various attractions of Oysters Water Park Gurgaon include the water slides, the lazy river, rain dance and much more.

The slides at this best water park in Gurgaon are particularly famous because of their unique construction and the fact that you wouldn’t find it anywhere else nearby.

The Skyfall in Oysters Water Park Gurgaon is a 90 meters i.e equivalent to the height of an 8-floor tall building. After climbing up approximately 8 floors you would reach a point wherein you will get the best view of the waterpark and you could see each and every attraction from there.

With the adrenaline rush the pounding heart you would lay down on the starting point of the slide and as soon as the instructor lets go you would be racing down and reach the end point in merely 3 seconds.

You will feel a sudden drop in your stomach and it would feel as if you have been literally dropped from the top floor of a building. *Fun fact- This is registered in the Limca Book of records for the height of the slide*

One really needs a lot of guts to get on the slide and go along with it. Because it is as scary as it gets. But once you are on the slide you are never going to forget the experience.

Another really unique and fun slide at Oysters The Water Planet is the Oh My Gurgaon slide. This is a tube-shaped slide and you are required to stand inside of it on a temporary platform which is opened on the count of three and you are sent rushing down through it directly into the pool* One..Two..Three..Splash!*

Oh My Gurgaon is a slide you wouldn’t find everywhere and is one of the main attractions of this water park. You will simply feel you are inside of a vacuum cleaner because of the strong gravitational force and would be going up and down because of the high speed.

Then you have a collection of slides initiating from the same floor. You have the rapid racer wherein 4 of you guys go down the same slide at the same time and you can figure out who reaches the end first *Challenge your friends or strangers and get onto this crazy fun ride*.

Beat The Heat And Have Fun In The Sun!

You have the floating slides at Oyster beach water park. These rides are taken in pair and you have to sit inside a floater and this floater is then pushed down the slide and you go swinging down it from left to right directly into the pool.

There are two variations of this slide one is the open slide and the other is the enclosed tube slide. Once you are down the enclosed one you would be welcomed with absolute darkness and your shouts would be echoing all through it. But, once you reach the pool you would be happily going up for another round.

Oysters The Water Planet has a really cool section dedicated for the kids with some small slides to allow them to have the same amount of fun as the adults. These slides are the miniatures of the big ones and the kiddies are really fond of these slides which are a win-win for the adults as well.

If you are tired and exhausted after having a couple of rounds on these slides and going up and down you can relax at the LAZY RIVER *Yes people you get a separate river for your laziness this really is a dream come trueeee*.

You can get hold of a floater to lie down on it and just float around the river in absolute silence. You can even fall asleep while floating in the cold water. Just close your eyes, feel the coldness, and take a few moments to rest.

All the Happy feet get to show off their dance moves at the Water Keys. This area has multiple water spraying jets both on the ceiling as well as on the floor. These multiple water jets give you the feel of piano keys because as you take a step you would be greeted with water under your feet.

Groove to the amazing dance beats and shake a leg or two only at the Water Keys in Oysters Water Park Gurgaon.

One of Vlogit Gurgaon’s favourite attraction was the Wave Pool. Every day at a designated hour the pool on the Oysters The Water Planet is turned into a Wave pool by inducing artificial water waves to give its visitors the feel of them being in an actual beach and living up to the expectations of its name.

All the visitors swamp up inside of this pool and then move around with the waves. These waves are massive and one really gets thrown to the other side of the pool. *Yes you can experience the real ocean waves in your own city* This is another reason why more and more crowd is going to Oysters The Water Planet.  

Head out to Oysters The Water Planet or Appu Ghar Oysters Beach Water Park Gurgaon for a day filled with water and fun!


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