Pani Puri Wala, Sec-46, Gurgaon

Can you imagine pani puri wala serving pani puri with 6 different kinds of water? I reckon no! This roadside stall in sec-46 market is famous for serving 6 different kinds of water along with the simple pani puri.

Video of Pani Puri Wala, Gurugram

Details of Pani Puri Wala, Sec-46, Gurgaon

Location 2449, Sector Main Rd, Huda Colony, Sector 46, Gurugram, Haryana 122022
Contact 8745870597
Google Location
Timings 5:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Speciality 6 different types of Pani Puri Water

More About Pani Puri Wala, Gurgaon

This pani puri wala is serving 6 different kinds of water each equally flavourful along with the simple traditional pani puri. People are coming more and more to this food stall to taste these wonderful and unique flavours.

It is surely a hit among the people who have been here. The branding of this stall is simply done through the word of mouth. The customers are so in love with it that they come back with their friends and loved ones.

Once a person has tried the pani puri from this Pani Puri Wala they can certainly not be satisfied with any other vendor. The tastes this Pani Puri Wala provides is hard to find anywhere else.

The customers are hooked on to its taste and are always craving for more. Different kinds of pani puri water here is Mint, Pudina, Khajoor, Lehsan pyaaz, Hing, Khatta Meetha, and the normal pani.

The khajoor ka pani was our personal favourite it was slightly sweet with a hint of acidity which really uplifts the taste. The spiced aloo and the crunchy sphere ball blended perfectly with this amazing Khajoor ka pani.

The Lehsan Pyaaz water was also equally good. The hint of fried onion along with the garlic blended water was outstanding and different. This is something you don’t get to try so often.

The mint and the pudina water is also very tangy and refreshing. There’s a blast of freshness in the mouth after having a Gol Gappa filled with these two types of water.

Pani Puri Wala serves six pani puri in one plate and ensures that the customers get to try every kind of water that he serves. This hidden gem at sec-46 market is truly unique in terms of taste, variety, and quality.

Another thing that really makes the whole experience more enhanced is the last “Sookha wala pani puri”. This is a normal puri which is covered with aloo, spices, and topped with lemon and finely chopped onion.

People eating from this Pani Puri Wala devour this last “Sookha Pani Puri” and diligently wait for it at the end.


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