Pappu Fish Corner, New Colony More Gurgaon

Whenever we crave for having seafood the best thing that comes to our mind is having fish. Pappu Fish Corner is the perfect place to satiate all the cravings.

Fish is considered to be a healthy snack for heart patients as well as help you sleep better leading to a significant reduction in the levels of depression.

With plenty of health benefits, Old Railway Colony brings you the best tandoori and fried fish.

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Details of Pappu Fish Corner, Sadar Bazar, Gurgaon:

Location New Colney Mod, Near Hotel Raj Mehal, Gurgaon
Contact 98918 57278
Google location
Speciality Tandoori and fried fish
Opening hours 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Home delivery Not available
Price Approx. ₹350 for two people


Pappu Fish Corner: Menu Pictures:

Pappu Fish Corner, New Colony More Gurgaon, menu

More About Pappu Fish Corner:

Pappu Fish Corner, with almost 40 years of serving customers is the perfect place for having the best fish. The perfectly seasoned fish blended and cooked that melts as soon as it gets in the mouth is a happy place for many people.

Tandoori Fish is usually made by marinating fish into a flavouful seasoning for a while. Then the fish is loaded with masalas and fried on the hot charcoal. The hot charcoal then does its magic and develops its flavors all over the fish that is already dissected horizontally.

The fish at pappu fish corner is available in two different forms that attract various consumers. It is perfect for someone wanting something fried or something tandoori or simply the garnish over it.

The topping on the dish is the main attraction of the place. The fish is very much important food in the cold months.

The marinated fish is cooked in tandoor and fried on the spot. Served along with the side of mint sauce, onions and radish is divide into pieces according to the requirements of the customers at Pappu Fish Corner. The fish slices are garnished with the masala full of tang along with the squash of lemon.

The rightly cooked texture is here to stay for both the dishes, tandoori as well as fried. Cooked in the tandoor made of mud definitely helps in getting the old authentic Indian flavours.  Other than these other dishes offered are tandoori chicken, fried chicken, and chicken Seekh kabab.

Certainly, there is no sitting arrangement but it is an amazing joint to catch up with friends or having a crispy snack on the way home from a long day at work. The quality and hygiene have not been compromised at any level at Pappu Fish Corner.

There are very few places in Gurgaon that offer a good collection of seafood so whenever you have a craving for it Pappu Fish Corner is the one to give a try.



  1. gunjan sharma Reply

    Hey … fish lovers during winter do you wants to taste a delicious servings of fish dishes so, pappu fish shop is for you i currently visited to this place, it was an amazing taste in fishes and varieties also tandoori fish, fried fish any kind of taste in fish you wants to taste you can have it here…so, please guys go and have an amazing fish outlets.

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