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Table tennis aka ping-pong is a two or four-player game with a hard table divided by a net. It has a light weighted ball and really small rackets.

The game requires a lot of practice and the constricted energy is difficult to achieve, hence it is part of many prestigious championships and games like Olympics, Commonwealth, etc

The academy claims that a person is never too old to learn a new skill set. Learning a game helps lighten the stress level and when coaches are this good there should be no excuse to not enrol yourself.

Ping Pong Academy was established in 2006 and is dedicating all their time to train the players well. The players here learn self-discipline and develop as better versions of themselves by developing social awareness and team spirit. The game helps to manage your energy and use it wisely as the game has a restricted gaming structure.

Ping Pong Academy Main Services

The academy trains the students considering their knowledge of the game along with their playing experience,

· Beginners Program: Ping Pong Academy know that when anybody starts new learning, the first point to understand is that they should develop a liking for it or else most of us just quit in the first few weeks.

So it is of utmost importance to them to help the new learners develop the same and teach some basics about the game, like tapping, ball control and balancing. They make you play against a robotic partner.

· Intermediate Program: Once you are past the first phase, they take you to learn new techniques with greater focus, better footwork and take on new challenges. At this level, students are exposed to local level tournaments.

· Advanced level: This level is for players at a competitive level, they are trained for state-level thereby undergoing rigorous and intensive training especially curated by national-level players now coaches.

· Table tennis is regarded as the fastest ball game and thus requires more concentration and different style of fitness regime which deals with fast reflexes and better hand-eye coordination with excellent footwork. Hence meditation plays an important part in training to improve concentration and mental ability.

· Psychological counselling sessions are held regularly to improve focus, confidence level simultaneously gets rid of anxiety and negative thoughts.

· Nutritional guidance is also provided to prospective players at Ping Pong Academy. Diet plays an important role in a player’s life irrespective of the sport he deals with. Expert guidance helps with keeping players in good shape and increases endurance.

· Video Counselling is another important feature, it helps you see your mistakes and learn from them.

· Organise Corporate events.

Ping Pong Academy USP

· Experienced coaches

· Specialised training

· Flexible timing to suit players time

· Frequent tournament exposure

· fitness regimes

· Spacious and well-ventilated rooms

· Friendly approach towards the students

· Students playing at every level, from beginners to rank holders

· Experience of more than 12 years makes the academy stand out from others and definitely has a better reputation than others.

· Robotic assistance to practice

· World-class level equipment

· Hygienic ambience

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Ping Pong Academy Contact Details & Locality

Address: BS-1049, Sector 15 part 2, Gurgaon, Haryana
Contact No.: 0124-403-7121
Email Id: info@pingpongacademy

The nearest metro station is Huda City Centre and it takes another 15 minutes by public transport to reach the destination.

Ping Pong Academy FAQs

What are the timings?
It is open all week from 6:30 am to 9:30 pm

Is there a facility to train young kids?
Yes, kids are given professional trainers understanding the kid’s mentality and keep the warmth intact to make them really comfortable first and then teach them.

How do you manage corporate events?
The solutions are customisable on the duration of preparation for a corporate event and team matches. Professional designs the training structure as per requirement and expertise in the game.

Who are the coaches here?
Coaches/trainers are national-level players with intense knowledge of the game.

What are the fees of ping pong academy?
It is around 8k for classes held twice a week for a month and currently, they are offering a 50% off for yearly packages.

How frequent are the classes held?
Classes are conducted twice, thrice and 5 days a week. One can choose a suitable plan for them.

Is a demo class available?

What are the payment modes available?
Cash, net banking and cheques are accepted.

Written By: Sonal Moga


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