Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care, Gurgaon

Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care is a popularly known playschool cum daycare centre! Their centre name has made a reputed name for the category as “The Best Play Schools and Activity Homes in Gurgaon”! Also, the school has a long bright history for completing decades of excellence in early childhood education topics.

Pumpkin House Play School & Day Care: How it started?

This popular organisation was established back in 1st September 2013 and intention for creating such a childhood place for kids was to create an interaction of dedicated organizers, enthusiastic parents and committed counsellors to nurture the children’s talents and distinctive qualities.

Pumpkin House Play School & Day Care Main Services

While discussing their centre they said that they have been considerably focusing on behavioural and motivational aspects of different age groups children! And also, they do various psychological and social assessments and especially see that childhood should not be lost by any aspects of mindset.

Also, the team of Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care centre care a lot about providing a loving comfortable environment for the children!

Pumpkin House has spread over an area of 1200 sq yards. This big space is divided into three floors.

Also, they consider to go a step ahead with their competitors by providing a big lush green lawn, a spacious playground area, air-conditioned classrooms, activity areas, computers and multimedia, latest audio-visual aids, splash pool, ball pool, safe and challenging outdoor and indoor play equipment, latest in toys and learning equipment, colourful books, storytime yoga, and lots more.

Also, one of their main services is to provide a teacher-facilitated and child-oriented curriculum to ensure the all-round development of each child being there.

Pumpkin House Play School & Day Care USP’s

The organization has been working perfectly with the help of a stronger team which includes lots of professionals! The whole big team of professionals is headed by the School Principal, Mrs Veena Khosla & Director Mrs Deepa Pal who are also the founder of this reputed school.

They also have some of the senior teachers who have been proving their service and helping the organisations for more than eight to nine years.

The management team in Pumpkin house takes to play as a mandatory aspect! Playing and learning go hand in hand, each building on the other and together they help children develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

They believe that playing makes the Learning to get easier when there is an emotionally safe and rich, stimulating environment.

The whole team also believes that the most important and decisive factor in promoting the concept of joy in all its endeavours- be they natural, mental, social or emotional which is required for the all-round development of a child.

They encourage all individual as well as team-based learning among the children.

To take learning to the next step they also provide activities like a sing-along, puppetry, storytelling, drama and role-plays, music and movement, storytime yoga, art & craft for teaching various concepts.

They also believe that with all these integrations can lead to developing different learning areas of language & vocabulary development, number skills and social sciences.

They provide community visits and interactive sessions with services like a doctor’s clinic, fire station, post office, mother dairy etc.

They also provide a few Educational field trips, like a visit to a supermarket, botanical gardens, transport museum etc and also they provide small visits to Mandirs for Janmashtami and a church during Christmas time for a better perspective of learning!

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Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care activity

Pumpkin House Play School & Day Care Achievements

The playschool named “Pumpkin House Playschool and Daycare” has been awarded for providing the “Best School for Future Readiness” in the 8th Zammit International School Awards held on October 19th, 2019.

Also, not only that Pumpkin House Playschool and Daycare has also gained a lot more positive reviews from many mothers and fathers who have trustfully led their children to study here!

However, with all these achievements made the playschool more successful and trusted by all other parents as well.

Most review sites and few consumers had a positive approach for Pumpkin House believing that a teacher-facilitated and child-oriented curriculum is best suited to prepare a child for the adventure of a lifelong love for learning.

Also, many parents appreciated that they have been believing in the fact they are involved in meaningful, challenging, enjoyable & goal-oriented activities in which they can be successful and thus develop positive feelings about themselves.

Many people had a positive approach as the staff in the playschool encouraged the young ones to find out answers themselves through the process of discovery which is a good and high-quality way of learning new things!

Pumpkin House Play School & Day Care Locality and Contact Details

Sounds like a good place to visit? Then you should be knowing that the school cum daycare is located in Gurgaon! Here are the address and contact details for Pumpkin House Play School & Day Care.

Phone: +91-124-4045179-80.

Email: pumpkinhouse2012@gmail.com

Telephone: 4045179-80.

Address: Opposite Traffic Tower, A Block, Sushant Lok-1, Sushant Lock Rd, Gurugram, Haryana 122009.

If you are looking to reach out of the place then we would suggest you use Metro service as your primary transport! As this way, you will be able to make an easier approach to the place. Getting to the nearest station; Huda City Centre is the nearest station from Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care.

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Pumpkin House Play School & Day Care FAQ

What are the timings of Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care?
The organization will be on working from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 5 PM and all Saturdays will be a holiday.

For how many days Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care stays open?
As mentioned above the organization will be on working from Monday to Friday and all Saturdays will be a holiday.

Which age group can take admission there?
The age group between 12 months to 5 years! They have different programmes for different child group people.

Is there anything else you would like parents to know about their centre?
The school has claimed that they believe that Parents play a crucial role in an overall child’s development. With this, they say that they encourage all parents to join us as partners in this exciting learning process.

Development of a child’s mind and exposing it to thrilling new experiences is a three-pronged effort involving the parent, child and teacher and it works best if we all pull in the same direction.

Which is the nearest metro station from the place?
However, as mentioned above; Huda City Centre is the nearest metro station from the centre.

From the station, you won’t be required to travel more as you just need to take a cab and follow the route over MF-Hussian mard road and then take a diversion to Hamilton City Road then, at last, you need to take a turn to St Mark Road and straight up will be your destination which is Pumpkin House Play School and Day Care.

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