Raju Palwal Wale: Palwal Rajma Sadar Bazar Gurgaon

Raju Palwal Wale (Palwal Rajma) has mixed and matched the rice dishes and been able to provide the best of both worlds in Gurgaon. One of the best dish to have on a lazy Sunday afternoon is thick gravy of red kidney bean along with the cumin seasoned white rice or in other words commonly known as “Rajma Chawal”. Turns out there’s no one way to make this dish and certainly no perfect way.

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Details of Raju Palwal Wale: Palwal Rajma

Location Near ST. Crispin’s School Gurgaon
Contact 9910620828
Google location https://goo.gl/maps/opGQpZCqHZN2
Speciality Rajma chawal
Opening hours 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Home delivery Not available
Price Approx. ₹100 for two people

Raju Palwal Wale: Palwal Rajma Menu Pictures:

Raju Palwal Wale: Palwal Rajma Sadar Bazar Gurgaon menu

More About (Raju Palwal Wale) Palwal Rajma:

The tiny place Palwal Rajma (Raju Palwal Wale) in Gurgaon serves the most authentic Indian dish and makes it hard to resist. Palwal Rajma(Raju Palwal Wale) gives you an option of having rice with kadi, choley and rajma. All the dishes are very Indian.

The best thing about Palwal Rajma(Raju Palwal Wale) is that it provides the complete plate full of one dish but also allows you to make a choice for the combination of two dishes or even all the three dishes in one plate.

The basic white rice served at Palwal Rajma (Raju Palwal Wale) is seasoned with cumin seed. The rice is served with various different platters. Amongst which the red kidney bean is the most popular one.

Usually, they are soaked overnight and made in a thick gravy with loads and loads of spices.

On the other hand, the kadi at Palwal Rajma (Raju Palwal Wale) is made with gram flour and yoghurt. Similarly, choley are made with black grams along with gravy and seasoning.

Raju Palwal Wale provides the most amazing dish with the pickle of green chillies that adds a bit amount of amazing spice to the dish. The quality of rice is quite notable.

Do not let the outer appearance bug you but the quality of the products used is really amazing. The seasoning has definitely some capacity to bring you back to the place and enjoy the dish one more time.

Palwal Rajma (Raju Palwal Wale), helps you to have a hassle free morning in the busy life of Gurgaon and not worry about what you gonna have for lunch. The all-time favourite rajma Chawal awaits you near Crispin Public School.

The takeaway facility is absolutely marvellous here. There is certainly no sitting arrangement available but it lets you enjoy the food while standing and gossiping about the work-related and family-related problems.  

Want to grab some rice? Palwal rajma awaits you.


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  1. shardha mehta Reply

    They provide different different dishes like chole chawal, rajma chawal and curi chawal. But raju palwal is mostly famous for his rajma chawal because of it’s special taste in rajma. I am a regular customer of palwal rajma food point and have magical taste in his rajma chawal. Please go and enjoy the taste of rajma’s.

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