Ram Bharose Golgappe, Sadar Market, Gurgaon/Gurugram

As an Indian, our weakness may have various types and names but the most common weakness is Gol Gappe. Ram Bharose Gol Gappe located in Sadar Market, Gurgaon is here to satiate every bit of hunger and cravings for Gol Gappe.

When it comes to having street food gol-gappe beats the competition once and for all. They adorn different names such as phulki, puchka, pani puri, patashi, pani ke pakode, pakodi, etc. are water dipped fried balls are soul food.

Video of Ram Bharose Golgappe, Sadar Market, Gurgaon:

Details of Ram Bharose Gol-Gappe, Sadar Market, Gurgaon:

Location Near Jain Mandir Sadar Market Gurgaon.
Contact 9891329316
Google location https://goo.gl/maps/Bd7C9AmRYxk
Specialty Gol Gappe, Tikki
Opening hours 4:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Home delivery Not available
Price Approx. ₹40 for two people

Ram Bharose Golgappe Menu Pictures:

Ram Bharose Golgappe, Sadar Market, Gurgaon/Gurugram menu

More About Ram Bharose GolGappe:

Ram Bharose Golgappe has been serving since 1957 in Gurgaon. The Golgappe and tikkis are provided at the evening time. Located near sadar bazar, Gurgaon perfect place to take out a few extra minutes out of your day and enjoy the treat of gol gappe. After all, one can never be too old to get some water balls.

Gol gappa has been famous for its crispy hollowness filled with potatoes and sweet and salty water. Various chutneys contribute to the sweetness and the spiciness of the gol gappe.

There can be various types of the same. The plain ones with only water without the filling, the only spicy one with only spicy water, the sweet ones with the sweet chutney and the complete fuller ones with both the filling along with chutney and spicy water.

At Ram Bharose Gol Gappe two different varieties of gol gappe served here. The wheat ones and the semolina ones. Both have different taste and both rock in their own game. The filling of potatoes and seasoning are very tempting.

The water is sour and adds an extra blend of flavor.

The tiki is also full flavors and comes along with green and red chutney with some onions on the top.

Another way of serving gol-gappe here are without water. These are full with the filling of potatoes, seasoning and curd. These term on a little bit of a sweeter end.

The treat isn’t fully complete without these ones.

Let’s have some Pani Puri.


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  1. charu teotia Reply

    Yipee…wow awesome it looks so yummy i will surely go there and have a bite of ram bharose golgappe. i am a big fan of golgappa’s and always crave for taste something new varieties in golgappa thanks volgit for this video.

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