Sahaja Yoga, Gurgaon

Sahaja yoga is a well-known name amongst one of the widely spread yoga centres all over India.
Sahaja is a Sanskrit derived word meaning spontaneous and yoga means union with God.
The process of Sahaja is spontaneous and natural. It aims at awakening the Kundalini shakti believed to be lying at the base of the spine of each human being.
The centre is founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

The centre roots for the importance of Meditation and believes that every human being is capable of attaining self-realisation, through the six chakras above the sacrum bone.
The followers of Sahaja yoga claim that the practice of Sahaja makes a person calm to cope up with the fast-paced life.
Founder and Pioneer, Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji was born on 21st March 1923 to Salve family who is the direct descendants of Royal Shalivahana Dynasty in Chindwara.
Her guidance has been a pillar of utmost strength for the centre and for the followers as well.
The trust one has in her is impeccable. She has been a great lady of values and had tremendous knowledge of what she preaches and believes.

Sahaja Yoga USPs

The first and the greatest USP is that the centre has received guidance from a very spiritual and well-known personality, Shri Mataji.
In a fast-paced life, where we are surrounded by noise all the time, yoga helps us get back to our roots which make every individual feel a sense of calmness and prepares for another workday in the city.
Today when everyone is preaching different forms of yoga, Sahaja has focussed on Meditation, because it is the only way to reduce anxiety and find peace of mind. It improves mental health, which in return benefits the person physically as well.
Their strong belief in their system and methods make it unique and gains trust from others to come and try the meditation process.
Finally, their centres are so widely known and have branches all over India and abroad, making it accessible to everyone who wants to take a step back from the chaotic lifestyle.

Events and Projects, Sahaja yoga

NGO project Vishwa Nirmal Prem Ashram, Greater Noida, U.P., aims at rehabilitation of orphan children and indigent women irrespective of their caste, religion or colour.

Sahaja yoga Health and research centre, it was accomplished on 31. Nov. 2010 and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi inaugurated the SAHAJA YOGA HEALTH & RESEARCH CENTRE at Greater Noida.

It proudly boasts about the record registration in their OPDs and is treated free of cost. Sahaja yoga also proudly conducts awareness sessions on Radio.

Testimonials, Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja has maintained its trust for quite a long time and its followers are from various well-known personalities and institutes,
IIM Indore,
Meditation session at SBI,
National Academy of Customs, Excise And Narcotics [NACEN]
New Delhi Municipal Council Palika Kendra: New Delhi Education Department
There are testimonials written by CRPF, Rajputana Rifles regimental centre and Army HQ.

Sahaja Yoga, Image Gallery

Sahaja Yoga, Gurgaon centre Locality

1. Sahaja Yoga Main Centre, Apeejay Stya University; PLOT No. 23; Sector 32 Opp. Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon
2. Sahaja meditation centre, 2134/3, Rajiv nagar, Sector 45, Gurgaon
3. Sahaja Yoga Dyan Kendra, Sheetla Colony, Opp Sheetla Mata Mandir Gurgaon, Haryana
Capt Rvinder Singh Panwar 9810197405 & Sh Anil Gupta,
Coordinator. – Brig (Retd) A L Sandhal : 9911925758, 9811282828

Sahaja Yoga FAQs

Is Sahaja Yoga a religion?
Sahaja is a sense of self-realisation. It is a practice to make our spiritual self better.

Who can practice Sahaja Yoga?
Everyone can practice this form of yoga. It helps calm down the nervous system making it easier to lead a blissful life.

What are the charges to apply?
There are no charges levied on the practice. Self-realisation is free.

Is practising Sahaja yoga difficult?
It requires practice to sit quietly and free yourself from all the thoughts, which may take a couple of weeks before showing results but the results are quite satisfactory.

Does Sahaja yoga need a lifestyle from the practitioners?
No, Sahaja yoga allows everyone to follow their faith and lifestyle. However, comfortable clothing and healthy eating habits benefit everyone.


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