Sankalp South Indian Restaurant, Gurgaon

Sankalp group of the restaurant is a popularly known restaurant in whole Delhi. The Group opened its first restaurant – ‘Sankalp’ in 1980. Also, The inherent desire to give customers authentic South Indian cuisine led to the full establishment of Sankalp and gain its success.

With this approach the restaurant gained overwhelming customer response, the first restaurant was an instant success and Sankalp went on to become an established brand. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Sankalp is one of the leading chains of restaurants in India and is spread across 7 countries.

With that, the management team of the restaurant started increasing addition of innovative menus, regular food festivals, a determination to offer the very best in quality cuisine and to create an unmatched experience in family dining has helped build the brand. It enjoys immense goodwill today. Each restaurant replicates the taste, quality, services and ambience that have made Sankalp a household name.

Sankalp’s dynamism and innovative skills helped make it to the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ two times. In 1997, The Guinness Book of World Records awarded a Certificate of Commemoration to the restaurant chain for making a 25 Ft. long Dosa – the largest Dosa in the world.

In 2006, Sankalp broke its record by making a 30 Ft. long Dosa, earning yet another place in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2013, Sankalp set another record for the largest Dosa in the world by creating a 53.3 Ft. long Dosa.

While talking to the officials of Snkalp restaurant; they said that their main aim when Sankalp was first established from that day itself they have been aiming at for to provide the best possible food, service and ambience at affordable costs.

Today Sankalp Group has more than 150 successfully operating restaurants across the globe. It is a highly diversified entity with interests in Hospitality, Packaged Foods, Manufacturing & Distribution, Exports, Hoteliering and Real Estate.

Considered as one of the fastest-growing companies in India, the Group is spearheaded to becoming a major player in the economic scenario of India. Apart from India, it has a strong presence in countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., U.A.E, Australia. Ethical business practices have been our top priority at every step.

Talking about their cuisines; Sankalp restaurants are the providers for food varieties from South Indian, North Indian and Street Food as well.

Sankalp Ambience

If we talk about the Ambience of Sankalp restaurant; they have specially designed the restaurants to meet all of the requirements!

The atmosphere around the restaurant is highly concentrated to make places more suitable for all families, couple and also for a bachelor as well.

The staff’s members of Sankalp are so polite and interactive also they keep the utmost consideration to make you enjoy your southern food without any complaints.

If we talk about more facilities they provide, you should know that they also provide other services which include Indoor Seating, Table Booking, Home Delivery, Vegetarian only etc.

Reminder: If you are planning to visit the restaurant, you should be knowing that before you visit the place you have to reserve a table before. As Staffs of Sankalp are highly recommending to do so, it won’t take much time, you just have to make a call and inform them for the timing you wanted a table to be reserved.

Also, know that Sankalp restaurant is purely based on Vegetarian cuisine.

Sankalp Image

sankalp south indian thali

Sankalp Best Dishes

As we mentioned above they are well known for South Indian, North Indian and street food as well and all of these are Vegetarian based foods only.

Now, you must be wondering about the best food the restaurant provides then If you are a veggie food lover then you can go with Kesari Halwa, Paneer Dosa, Rava Masala Dosa, Panchavarna Uttapam, Panner Afghani Bhurji, Panner MEhti Garlic Masala, Veg Kadai, Veg Toofani, Veg Cheese Roll, Vegetable Seekh Kebab, Veg Augratin, Vegetable Pulao, Saffron Special Pulao, Cheese Pulao, Double ROst Topping, Cheese Madhurai Sandwich Uttappa, Chennai Pizza Uthappa and Southern Indian Platter.

If you are wondering about the best among the beverages, icecreams and desserts then you can go with Lassi, Ginger Tea, Neermor, Sizzling Brownie, Nutty Hot Fudge Sundae, Swiss Peak Tall Sundae.

These all best food, beverages, icecreams and beverages varieties were filtered out from various reviewing sites and also from few of the opinions sections of customers been there before.

How to Reach/Contact Details Sankalp

If you are looking to reach the restaurant then we will provide you with the address of their restaurant below you can go through it.

Address 1: R-5, 4th Floor, Ardee Mall, Sector 52, Ardee City, Gurgaon

Google map location

Address 2: Good Earth City Centre, Malibu Town, Sector 50, Gurgaon

Google map location

Address 3: SCF 93, 1st Floor & 2nd Floor, Main Market, Sector 14, Gurgaon

Google map location

FAQ’s regarding the Restaurant

How much will be the average cost spent for two people?

Exclusive of taxes for two people the approximate cost may go up to Rs. 700. Prices may differ from person to person, the price we have given is estimated you can also go low if you want. If you are looking for a great friendly pocket restaurant Sankalp would be a better choice for you.

Do they provide home delivery service?

They do provide Home Delivery service, through delivery providers like Zomato.

Are their service and food trustable?

Yes, Sankalp is famously known for its best service and food not only that they have also been certified to provide the best in class service to their customers, so there is no doubt regarding their service and food.

What are the working hours of the restaurant?

The swift starts at 11:00 AM and ends by 11:00 PM. You can contact them for reservations or other queries between the time frames of these two swifts.

Which is the nearest metro station from the place?

Sankalp restaurant is located near to Huda City centre so it could be the nearest metro station from the station you can take a cab and through Vikas Marg road you can reach out of the place easily.

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